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Delta Farm Press

Delta Farm Press

Memphis, TN

(800) 441-1410

NMSU to host beef cattle artificial insemination course
01/18/2019 3:25pm

Two-day course to be held in Quay County.

Wrapping up a busy year
01/18/2019 3:34pm

Despite tough weather, Scott Farms is wrapping up cotton harvest a bit early with techs help

AgriLife Research institute to address chronic disease epidemic
01/18/2019 3:14pm

Through precision nutrition, institute will connect agriculture, dietary health and food

Can EPA's Wheeler deliver on E15?
01/18/2019 3:19pm

Holding year-round E15 hostage to RIN reform provisions counterintuitive at best, and cynical at worst, RFA said.

Grain market week in review – Jan. 18, 2019
01/18/2019 3:15pm

A quiet week at USDA wasnt so bad for commodities.

Memphis Business Journal

Memphis Business Journal

651 Oakleaf Office Ln
Memphis, TN 38117   Directions

(901) 523-1000

FedEx offering employee buyouts to save up to $275M in 2020
01/18/2019 4:51pm

FedEx is trimming its employee roster with buyouts to reduce costs.In a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission late Jan. 18, FedEx Corp. announced it has begun offering eligible U.S.-based employees voluntary cash buyouts. FedEx expects costs related to the voluntary buyouts to range from $450 million to $575 million in pre-tax expenditures, according to the filing. The costs will depend on the acceptance rates by employees. FedEx expects the costs to mostly occur during the fourth

Before suit, Downtown Sheraton pitched renovation, addition of 300-room JW Marriott
01/18/2019 2:43pm

The Sheraton Memphis Downtown, knowing the city wanted a new convention center hotel, pitched a renovation, an expansion, and even a new brand.

Top of the Market: Multiple million-dollar homes sold
01/18/2019 2:31pm

In Januarys second week, two Shelby County homes sold for more than $1 million, with a third selling for $950,000.The top home, which sold for $1.2 million, is located on Monterey Road in Eads ZIP 38028. Built in 2016 on 12 acres, the house holds five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms in 6,300 square feet. The No. 2 sale was a 1950 home on St. Andrews Fairway in East Memphis ZIP 38111. Selling for a little over $1 million, the house holds five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms in

First Horizon CFO sees 'great buying opportunity' for stock
01/18/2019 2:00pm

We see ourselves as being on sale.

Triple-A National Championship will cross home plate at AutoZone Park this year
01/18/2019 12:57pm

A major sporting event is coming to Downtown Memphis in late summer 2019.The Memphis Redbirds announced Friday that AutoZone Park was selected to host the 2019 Triple-A National Championship baseball game.The game will be played at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 17, and will be nationally televised, according to the Redbirds. Craig Unger, president and general manager of the Redbirds, said an announcement about who will broadcast the game will be coming soon.The championship game will pit the winners

Memphis Flyer

Memphis Flyer

460 Tennessee St
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000

Haslam Grants Clemency to 23 on Last Day
01/18/2019 12:18pm

On Friday his last, full day on the job Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam issued clemency grants to 23 Tennesseeans, including three convicted in Shelby County. These individuals receiving pardons have made positive contributions to their communities and are worthy of the forgiveness that may help them restore their rights or obtain employment, Haslam said in a statement.Clemency requires attempting to balance mercy and justice, and my legal team and I have taken this responsibility seriously during a thorough review of many cases. Haslam pardoned these three convicted in Shelby County: Leah Margaret Foy for her 2003 theft conviction. She has been recognized for her significant involvement with military-related and childrens charities and received a unanimous, positive recommendation from the Tennessee Board of Parole, Haslam said. Shea Langs for his 1992 drug-related conviction. He has obtained higher education degrees and works as a veterans justice outreach coordinator, Haslam said. Michael Lee Ridley for his 1972 drug-related conviction. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran and received a unanimous, positive recommendation from the Tennessee Board of Parole, Haslam said. While in office, Haslam has granted a total of 9 commutations, 35 pardons, and one exoneration.

Join the Women's March and Rally
01/18/2019 9:49am

What is the Memphis Womens March It began in 2017, with an almost spontaneous uprising, an estimated 9,000 women and some men came to downtown Memphis to lift each other up. They chanted and marched in peaceful protest. Adrienne Bailey told the crowd, You are continuing the fight, continuing the struggle. The signs said love Not Hate Makes America Great, My Body, My Choice, Equality, Diversity, Unity, and The Future isFemale. This last sign seems most prescient. The 2017 March led to 2018s Power to the Polls Rally held in First Congregational Church that featured 11 candidates for office, six of whom were women speaking to a crowd of about 1,000. Of those six candidates five of them won their state and local races. In November 2018, Memphis had its own version of a womans wave with Raumesh Akbari, State Senator from District 29 leading the way.Akbari wowed the crowd last January with one of her favorite quotes from Shirley Chisholm: If they dont give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair. And on MSNBC she told Trymaine Lee, In Shelby County, we sprinkle black girl magic all across the field, everywhere. Katrina Robinson and Tami Sawyer also inspired the crowd and went on to win District 33 State Senate and Shelby County Commissioner seats, respectively, and two judges, Yolanda Kight and Jennifer Johnson-Mitchell, began their road to underdog victories of Shelby County judgeships. Gabby Salinas, Danielle Schonbaum, and Racquel Collins all made solid showings in squarely Republican districts. This year, the marchs third, we have evolved to organize two events a March held on January 19th and a Legislative and Action Rally on January 26th. Why two events Because the energy is there and we cant miss an opportunity to celebrate women, our progress and our potential, in this new movement. Amber Sherman, the Womens Caucus Secretary of the Young Democrats of America, saw a need for the march and seized the day for a renewal and refocus of energy. On January 19th, Memphians will speak on topics ranging from reproductive rights to diversity and inclusion to empower and activate the crowd and to harness the political power of diverse women to create transformative social change in community with the National Womens March mission.The Legislative and Action Rally the next week, on Saturday, January 26th, will be held at Clayborn Temple, a fitting setting for an activist movement. Speakers will talk about statewide legislative activity, health care for all, common sense gun reforms, immigration, and city and county actions coming up this year. Local progressive groups including Planned Parenthood, Moms Demand Action, Midsouth Peace and Justice, Latino Memphis, and many others will be on hand to sign up rally participants for actions.There is a lot of talk about momentum in Memphis, in downtown development, yes, but also in projects like Crosstown, Indie Memphis, Shelby Farms, MLK50, and wait for it progress in social justice. The past two years have seen the confederate statues come down, blackgirlmagic win local elections, NAACP and SCDP win a case against the Shelby County Election Commission to keep early voting sites in majority black districts open, and Mariposa Collective come together to feed, clothe, and comfort, immigrants coming through Memphis.Much work remains. What is the Memphis Womens March A movement that celebrates all women, of every race, color, gender, and religion, all of us. Have chair, will travel. Please join us.Tricia Dewey is Co-coordinator of the Memphis Womens March.

A Visit to the B-Side Memphis.
01/18/2019 9:30am

The winds of change have blown through the Memphis bar and restaurant scene over the past couple of years. Some old favorites have closed or, more appropriately in the case of the Buccaneer, been burned and razed. From the ashes rises B-Side Memphis, opening in the seemingly unlikely location of Minglewood Hall. Minglewood has been home to a random hodge-podge of businesses over the years, but not many of them have been a beacon shining bright to the crowd that now finds its way to B-Side. It hasnt been for lack of trying on Minglewoods behalf: We are just naturally skeptical of ample parking and clean toilets. These amenities are outside of our comprehension when coupled with our treasured local acts. Were doing music every night, general manager Brad Boswell says. The focus is on Memphis music. In a market that hasnt always been kind to out-of-town bands, this makes sense. Boswell books B-Side himself and stacks each bill with those treasured local acts. He explains that B-Side isnt just a restaurant or a bar, but a place to go check out music. The focus on Memphis doesnt end with the tunes, either. The bar serves Panchos cheese dip, hummus, and feta dip from nearby Casablanca, kolaches from Howards Donuts, and meat pies made by local musician, tattoo artist, and apparent meat pie connoisseur Mark Svetz. Boswell and his brother, Ben, have a full menu planned for the spring, but honestly, can it get any better There is no stopping you, dear patron, from dipping your locally sourced meat pie in the Panchos. As if B-Sides focus on Memphis music and beloved local dips wasnt enough, Boswell also corralled some familiar talent. His staff is full of former employees of both Old Zinnies and the Buccaneer, so pounding beers at B-Side will feel, for many of us, just like home. B-Side has a happy hour starting when they open at 3 p.m. each day and running through 8 p.m. It features $1 off of everything, excluding the already-affordable High Life pony bottles. On Saturdays and Sundays, they open at 6 p.m. Each night of the week, theyre open until 3 a.m., allowing for maximum hell-raising and music-listening. B-Side itself isnt the cramped, grubby bar that weve all embraced in the past. Its ceilings are high, its bar long, its floors hardwood. Its a space that finally affords us the square footage to rock without fear of the walls caving in or the floor giving way. Boswell wasnt kidding about the whole its a place to see music thing. While there are plenty of tables and booths, there is way more emphasis on space to stand, inviting us to actually pay attention to whats on the stage. On the night that I went, the crowd stood quietly, enraptured by the peaceful sitar-playing of Naan Violence, the first of a four-band, all-Memphis bill. Each Monday, Devil Train takes the stage, yet another tradition borrowed from bars long gone. And yeah, its an actual stage A dedicated space that doesnt require moving tables or stacking chairs Is this where we are now, Memphis Have we finally traded in and traded up Have we finally gotten what weve long deserved This is a bar that has finally answered to all of us who have grown up. Weve long stood in puddles of bodily fluids in the dive bars of Memphis, smoked in spaces without fans or ventilation, suffered a from-behind soaking from a domestic beer. Weve gabbed loudly through sets, stumbled into restrooms with no toilet paper, and hugged walls stained with years of sweat and smoke. B-Side has taken all of us in, shown us the light, and graced us with its actual adult bar presence. We loved our falling-apart-at-the-seams dives, and we still love the ones that remain. B-Side Memphis, however, is the beautiful new bar that has all the feel and all of the people of the good old days with less of the trash and germs. Weve arrived, guys, and there are plenty of meat pies and parking spaces here.

Listen Up: Bailey Bigger
01/18/2019 9:06am

Bailey Bigger wrote her first hit song - Best Small Town - when she was 12. It was a hit in her home town of Marion, Arkansas. Theres still a music video that my brother made for it on YouTube, she says. Its about Marion. It blew up in Marion. And I became the little girl that sings, I would get gigs at Big Johns Shake Shack. Thats a local spot. So, everyone was there. Bigger, 18, currently is working on her second EP. The recording, which is slated to be released in April, is on the Blue Tom Records label at University of Memphis, where Bigger is in the music business program. She recorded her first EP, Closer to Home, at singer/songwriter/producer Drew Erwins studio, The Cabin. The late John Denver was why Bigger begged her parents to let her take guitar lessons when she was nine years old. I would listen to John Denver all the time. Like Rocky Mountain High and all that. And I was like, I want to play this When her guitar teacher asked her what she wanted to play at her first guitar recital, Bigger said, I want to play my song. I dont want to play any one elses song. She played The Field, one of her originals. I guess Ive never really doubted who I was. I think music had a lot to do with that. It gave me an identity at an early age. And it was something to do that just came naturally to me. Like I didnt really have to work at it. It felt like a part of me already. She liked to listen to music by country singers, including Brad Paisley. He would do instrumental hymns on his albums. He did What a Friend We Have in Jesus for just the guitar. I thought that was so beautiful. Her singing notoriety began after she wrote Best SmalL Town. They had me play it at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and they adopted it as Marions theme song. They put it on the website and stuff. I was officially known as the musician. Like, Bailey. Shes the singer. And I loved that. Her favorite line in the songs is, Everybody knows everybody and youre living in a fantasy. And I cant get away with anything cause somebodys always watching me. Bigger, who describes her voice as a front porch voice, recalls a competition she was in when she was 15. In Nashville outside of Franklin at the Pucketts Grocery in Leipers Fork. I remember one of the judges came up to my parents afterwards and said, Have you ever put her in voice lessons And they said, No. And she said, Good. Dont. She began playing gigs through her friendship with singer/songwriter/sound engineer Kris Acklen, who originally got her to open for him at his show at Otherlands Coffee Shop. Bigger played mostly originals, including Winter Wheat, which was about her first boyfriend. She met him her first year of high school and they dated for about a year. He worked on his dads farm. So, when we met, he was working on the Winter wheat. And then when we broke up, he was starting to harvest again. So, basically, its a metaphor for how feelings change and crops change. Its still one of my favorite songs Ive ever written. Bigger, now a student at University of Memphis, met Mark Parsell, who does a monthly Songwriters Night at South Main Sounds. He got her gigs at the Green Beetle, Halloran Centre for the Performing Arts and the Farmers Market. She went to Erwins show after reading about him on the Memphis Flyer website. I Love You Goodbye, the most popular song on the Closer to Home EP, is about a guy Bigger fell in love with. We worked on a farm together in Arkansas back in this past Fall. He was there for about two months and then he moved to South Carolina for another job. Wildflower is about her first summer love. We worked at a summer camp together. Were still friends, though. He goes to UT Knoxville. He called me his wildflower. Hes a forestry major. He always played Wildflowers by Tom Petty. A recurrent theme in some of her songs is the love you kind of had to leave behind, but didnt go away. She entered Wildflower in an online competition sponsored by the Memphis Songwriters Association and was selected as one of eight finalists who were invited to perform their song live at Galloway Methodist Church. The song won the Memphis Songwriters Association Memphis Best Song of the Year in 2017. U of M music professor Ben Yonas was one of the judges. Thats how he noticed me and was like, Come to U of M. Bigger was looking at Middle Tennessee State University, Belmont University and Appalachian State University, but she chose U of M. I feel like the music scene here is very authentic and very raw. And we have so much history and so much culture and soul. I feel like I could stand out here better than I could in Nashville because Memphis is on the rise. Music is all encompassing at this point. In addition to writing and recording her music, Bigger performs several times a month around town. I never really thought about anything else. I feel like once I started doing it and making money off of it, I was like, Well, this is it. Its not a hobby anymore. Its my life. And, she says, I dont have a plan B. To see where Bailey Bigger will next be performing, go to

Midtown Donuts Opening February 1st
01/17/2019 4:37pm

Midtown Donuts, at the site of Donalds Donuts, is set to open February 1st, according to ownerLy Touch. Touchs family runs Howards Donuts on Summer, but Touch says that Midtown Donut will offer more than Howards Donuts. Touch says that Midtown Donuts will offer the samedonutmenu as Howards Donuts, but also offer breakfast sandwiches, salads and sandwiches for lunch. There will also be iced coffee drinks as well. The space will offer outdoor seating. The inside looks similar to Donalds. Theres definitely more seating. Midtown Donuts will be open from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Memphis Magazine

Memphis Magazine

460 Tennessee St
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000

Gronklin Trouble
01/18/2019 2:00am

Januarys Very Short Story Contest Winner

Five Things To Do This Weekend in Memphis: January 18th-20th
01/17/2019 8:00am

Service, science, and song during Memphis weekend events.

Wining and Dining
01/16/2019 6:00am

Vintage901 hosts its 3rd Annual Wine & Food Festival in March.

Street Style / January
01/16/2019 2:00am

Sartorial storytelling on the streets of Memphis.

Remodel Memphis
01/16/2019 2:00am

Your 2019 Guide to Making the Most of Your Space

The Commercial Appeal

The Commercial Appeal

495 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 529-2345

County Attorney, DOJ monitor’s emails address missing report on racial bias
01/18/2019 6:26pm

County Attorney Marlinee Iverson, a former juvenile court judge, advised DOJ monitors that it would violate an agreement to file reports with the Shelby County Commission.

Memphis basketball to wear throwback uniforms Saturday vs. SMU
01/18/2019 12:56pm

Memphis will wear throwback uniforms against SMU Saturday, according

1,000 Memphis IRS workers ordered back to the tax processing center on Getwell Road
01/18/2019 1:45pm

About 1,000 furloughed IRS Memphis workers were recalled to prepare for the crush of tax forms coming in for the new tax filing season.

Game Recap: Boston Celtics 122, Memphis Grizzlies 116
01/18/2019 8:30pm

The Memphis Grizzlies their best offensive performance in weeks against the Boston Celtics. But Kyrie Irving spoiled their fun.

Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley, Marc Gasol address owner Robert Pera's visit
01/18/2019 10:15pm

Grizzlies franchise cornerstones Mike Conley and Marc Gasol talked Friday night about owner Robert Peras visit to town this week.

The Daily News

The Daily News

193 Jefferson
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 523-1561



485 S Highland St
Memphis, TN 38111   Directions

(901) 320-1313



7151 Cherry Farms Rd
Cordova, TN 38016   Directions

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1960 Union Ave
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803 Channel 3 Dr
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(901) 543-2333

Kyrie Irving too much for Grizzlies to handle in loss to Celtics
01/18/2019 11:00pm

Kyrie Irving nearly posts a triple-double in win over Grizzlies.

Netflix to reboot ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ to ‘haunt a new generation’
01/18/2019 10:18pm

Netflix is rebooting the show Unsolved Mysteries, the streaming service announced Friday. According to Netflix, the original creators of the show have teamed up with the producers of Stranger Things for a modern take on the series. As with the original series, investigators will be looking to the viewers for help in solving cases. According to the Hollywood Reporter, unlike the original series, each episode will focus on a single case rather than multiple cases. The original series debuted in

Day care provider found guilty after infant beaten with ‘extreme violence’
01/18/2019 9:12pm

OLATHE, Kan. An unlicensed home day care owner accused of severely injuring a 4-month-old boy was found guilty in a Kansas courtroom Friday. Paige Hatfield was found guilty on charges of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, a felony, and operating an unlicensed daycare, a misdemeanor.Kingston Gilbert had been in Hatfields care for just 11 days in 2017 when he was severely beaten, leaving him blind and suffering from brain damage. On January 31, 2017, Hatfield called 911 because

At scene of fatal crash, neighbors say speeding is out of control
01/18/2019 9:05pm

MEMPHIS, Tenn. A deadly crash Thursday night in East Memphis brings attention to a larger issue: the need for speed along a busy Memphis streetQuince Road. The spot on Quince where drivers often mash on the gas pedal happens to be right across the street from a middle school and in the middle of a neighborhood. Two people, 31-year-old Lauren Brown and 30-year-old Alex Parker, died Thursday when their car crashed into a tree. This was not the first

$1 home deal leaves Italian mayor ‘flabbergasted’ by response
01/18/2019 7:52pm

SAMBUCA, Italy Tempted by the deal offering homes for just over $1 in the town of Sambuca on Italys island of Sicily You and everyone else. SinceCNN Travel broke the newsabout the 1 $1.14 offer aimed at revitalizing a beautiful but depopulated community, theres been a stampede to buy. Within 48 hours of the story going live, the town has been inundated with tens of thousands of inquiries from people hoping to grab their piece of the rural Italian

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