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Delta Farm Press
Delta Farm Press

Memphis, TN

(800) 441-1410


Afternoon Market Recap for Oct. 1, 2020
10/01/2020 2:40pm

Corn rally keeps rolling.

Senate elections hold fate of future democracy
10/01/2020 2:28pm

Changing to majority vote in Senate would eliminate important checks and balance of legislative branch.

Signup for CFAP expansion now in effect
10/01/2020 2:22pm

Big changes in second CFAP program.

U.K. beef bound for U.S.
10/01/2020 12:36pm

U.S. banned U.K. beef more than 20 years ago after BSE outbreak ban lifted earlier this year.

Wheat price increases 34 cents in one day
10/01/2020 11:16am

The U.S. may need more wheat planted acres.

Memphis Business Journal
Memphis Business Journal

651 Oakleaf Office Ln
Memphis, TN 38117   Directions

(901) 523-1000


DHL Supply Chain looks to hire more than 1,500 seasonal workers
10/01/2020 2:39pm

We are expecting a significant increase in volumes driven by the move to online shopping and the traditional peak surge between Thanksgiving and Christmas, MacDonald said.

Health Department discusses further easing restrictions on restaurants, sports
10/01/2020 2:33pm

After Gov. Bill Lees Sept. 29 decision to remove all COVID-related restrictions on businesses and gathering sizes for non-urban Tennessee counties, the Shelby County Health Department plans to further ease its rules.

Plant shop/makers market, Terra Cotta, to open on Summer Ave.
10/01/2020 1:59pm

Terra Cotta comes from the definition of terra cotta, which is a strong substance of the earth that is brownish in color. That describes Black people.

Meet the 2020 CFO of the Year honorees: Top financial execs in Memphis
10/01/2020 12:51pm

Announcing the 2020 CFO of the Year honorees the top finance execs at Memphis private companies, nonprofits, and public companies.

Super Women 2020: Morgan Schultz of FedEx Freight
10/01/2020 11:02am

Super Women 2020 honoree Morgan Schultz of FedEx Freight: I lead with positive enthusiasm and an empathic mindset.

Memphis Flyer
Memphis Flyer

65 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000


The Flow: Live-Streamed Music Events This Week, October 1-7
10/01/2020 1:04pm

With October here at last, it may be the ideal season for backyard hangoutswith a handy local live-stream musical event playing in the background. Try it out with some of these great artists, and be sure to throw a nickel their way REMINDER: The Memphis Flyer supports social distancing in these uncertain times. Please live-stream responsibly. We remind all players that even a small gathering could recklessly spread the coronavirus and endanger others. If you must gather as a band, please keep all players six feet apart, preferably outside, and remind viewers to do the same. ALL TIMES CDT Thursday, October 1 Noon Live DJ - Downtown Memphis Virtual Carry Out Concert Facebook 8 p.m. Devil Train - at B-Side Facebook Friday, October 2 11 a.m. Marcella & Her Lovers - Fridays in HSP Facebook 6 p.m. Optik Sink - Goner TV LP listening party, with live DJ & special guests Twitch Saturday, October 3 no live-streamed events Sunday, October 4 3 p.m. Dale Watson - Chicken $ Bingo Facebook 4 p.m. Bill Shipper - For Kids every Sunday Facebook Monday, October 5 5:30 p.m. Amy LaVere & Will Sexton Facebook 8 p.m. Chris Hamlett, Ryan Sisung, Madd Well, and Ben Ricketts - Memphis Songwriter Night Facebook 8 p.m. John Paul Keith every Monday YouTube Tuesday, October 6 7 p.m. Bill Shipper every Tuesday Facebook 8 p.m. Mario Monterosso every Tuesday Facebook Wednesday, October 7 8 p.m. Richard Wilson every Wednesday Facebook

Street Improvements Aim for “Better Jefferson"
10/01/2020 11:57am

The $4.2 million project will bring better access for cyclists, pedestrians. A two-mile stretch of Jefferson is targeted for a $4.2 million makeover to help increase transportation options in the heart of Memphis. The goal is to move Downtown, the Medical District, and Midtown together, according to the projects page on the city of Memphis website. To get there, city leaders are asking for opinions through an inclusive process of engagement to transform the street between Front and Cleveland. Better Jefferson will provide safety and mobility improvements for all users along this important corridor, whether walking, bicycling, accessing public transit, or driving, reads the citys page on the project. In addition to resurfacing and striping, proposed improvements include sidewalk and Americans with Disabilities Act ADA upgrades, enhanced pedestrian crossings, traffic signal modernizations, bicycle facilities, traffic calming, and landscaping elements. Nearly 60 people showed for a public input session recently that included a presentation on Better Jefferson from Kimley-Horn, the firm contracted to make changes along the two-mile stretch of road. Better Jefferson would get rid of the slip lane by Regional One Health. The small strip of curving asphalt makes it easier for motorists to turn at the light but breaks up the sidewalk for pedestrians. In 2018, StreetsBlog USA said slip lanes are very dangerous for pedestrians. Slip lanes dont belong in cities. The project will also include protected intersections that merge bike lanes into traffic lanes, changing some Memphis Area Transportation Authority stops for efficiency, and those ADA upgrades. The plan would also introduce two-way bike lanes on the north side of Jefferson leading through the Regional One Health complex. The $4.2 million dollar upgrade has a start date of early 2022. Commute Options Memphis COM has been banging the drum for projects just like Better Jefferson for some time now. Sylvia Crum, COMs project manager, says these projects are about more than new paint on streets. The crux of our mission comes from thinking about air quality, thinking about congestion, and how we can improve that by decreasing single occupancy trips, said Crum. COM has been around since 2016 and is funded through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant. The groups work centers around improving traffic flow and general environmental health of the city. Specifically, they work to inform Memphians on ways they can better utilize the citys bike routes and commuting options. There can be a lot of considerations and barriers for some, Crum said. When you are in the mindset of Ive got to get out the door, I dont know how I am going to carry all my things if I didnt have my car, the thought of using a different method to get to work can seem daunting. Though Memphis has a way to go in terms of catching up to other cities in the U.S., Crum said the Better Jefferson Project is a step in the right direction. I hope that projects like the Better Jefferson are a way for all of us, all of the players and stakeholders, to work together and see what happens when we make our streets more liveable and safer for all of the users of the road, Crum said. Memphians can find more information and leave comments on the project here.

The City's 'Best' Bartender Steps Away After 15 Years
10/01/2020 11:39am

If youve ever had a perfectly pulled pint of Guinness backed by a perfectly timed dad joke, youve been served at Celtic Crossing by Allan Creasy, easily one of the best bartenders in Memphis. Flyer readers have voted Creasy as the citys best bartender for several years in our annual Best of Memphis poll. He believes the honor should go to a slate of other bartenders, whose names he can reel off the top of his head. But our readers have put him at the top of the heap so many times, he mustve had some magic mojo behind the bar. Creasys 15-year magic at Celtic Crossing ended this past weekend. He stepped from behind the bar and into a new role at Future 901 to raise money for progressive political candidates in West Tennessee. The differences in the roles could seem stark if you didnt know that while at Celtic, Creasy ran twice for a state House seat for the 97th District. He didnt win but raised the debate on progressive topics here, and raised his own political clout. While his friends and regulars have commended him on getting a big-boy job, Creasy says no. Hes passionate about the restaurant industry and respects and cherishes his time there and those who work in it. We caught up with Creasy after his final weekend shifts. He talked about his service-industry career, what makes a good bartender, and his moves into a new career. Toby Sells Memphis Flyer: So, how were your last few shifts up there How was the weekend Allan Creasy: It was pretty phenomenal. My last day, I got surprised. D.J. Naylor, my employer, sent me a bagpiper who led me out to the patio and, you know, socially distanced gave me a going away speech, and they had cake. It was definitely not as big as sendoff as it might have been during other times. But it was really moving. It touched me, certainly, in many ways. MF: Did a lot of regulars show up and say farewell AC: I had a lot of folks who showed up. Theres only so many people you can allow in the building at a certain time, right I had all those tables adjacent to the bar with friends, regulars, and plenty of elbow bumps that symbolized hugs. Yeah, it was very touching. It was really moving. MF: How did you start working at Celtic AC: Well, way, way back in the day, I worked at Dan McGuinness Downtown. When I left there, a couple of folks who had worked at McGuinness had left to start at Celtic. At first, they didnt feel so right about hiring me because they didnt want to feel like they were stealing employees. But it was late night one night 1 in the morning and I was working on Beale at the time and a ran into the Celtic general manager at the time. He bought me a shot of whiskey and said, You want to come work for me I said yes. You know, restaurants are supposed to do job interviews between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. MF: laughing I guess they just shifted back about 12 hours given the nature of the work, right Did they did you start as a bartender AC: No, I started as a server and a barback. I just, basically, did whatever they needed me to do. For a while there, Id come in and open up as a barback. You know, Id sweep the floors, set up the dish room, get everything set up in the back of the house. Then, Id clock out as a barback and clock in as a server and wait tables for three hours. Id clock back out and clock back in as a barback and do dishes for a while. MF: Then, later on you got a shot and got behind the bar AC: As other folks moved on, I suddenly looked up and kind of realized that I was the one of the main folks there. The bartender job just kind of came slowly but surely over the years. By 2008-2009 I was behind the bar pretty much full-time. MF: Flyer readers have voted you as the best bartender for many years in our Best of Memphis poll. What do you attribute that to What makes a good bartender How do you approach your job AC: I think more than anything else it is listening to people. Its not done as much, and I dont think its appreciated. Thats a stereotype about bartending, but its damn true. I just try to listen to people. Youve got to listen to people, but you got to keep moving. Youve got to make that quick, one statement, and then you got to get out, get to that next person. You cant be trapped. To be honest with you when it comes to being a mixologist or anything like that Im a terrible bartender. David Parks Memphis Whistle, or Vincent Hale Dodici and Bari Ristorante, and the folks over at Bari, or the folks at Catherine and Marys, theyre much better at mixology. I was just the guy who could really quickly get you your draft Guinness, or your whiskey-Coke, and make a one-liner, and give you a dad joke you hadnt heard before. So, I always felt a little guilty when I would come ahead of folks like, you know, David Parks in the best bartender category or Vincent Hale, the folks who do things that Ive never had the ability to really do. Ive always kind of felt a little guilty about coming out ahead of those folks because its two different skill sets entirely. MF: Everyone knows youre a good damn bartender but probably not many folks know that while you were at Celtic you ran for office twice. The District 97 House seat, right AC: Yes, in 2018, and then 2020. In 2018, I was the first person in my party to have ever run in this district at that point in 16 years. No one had run either party, other than the incumbent for over a decade. So, there was a lot of ground to make up. But its all those things that you do as a bartender listen to people and try to come up with a solution for their problems its the same thing that needs to be done for people running for office. So, in 2018 there were 10,000 people voting for our campaign, and I think it was pretty incredible. I think we raised well over $100,000, too. I, honestly, got tired of being behind that bar. People would tell me their problems. It wasnt just about the girlfriend, or the boyfriend, or the ex. People worried because their kids school isnt doing well, or theyve been a victim of violent crime, or their record got so messed up because they got caught with weed years ago. It just felt like I needed to do something other than to just keep posting on Facebook. I started out volunteering as much as I could for local nonprofits, as a bartender. But that led to helping local political candidates as a volunteer. I would usually canvas as a door-knocker. Then, I was, basically, running field offices for local candidates on a special election. At that point, the executive political director of the state party said, You need to think about doing this for yourself. My response was, you know, Im just a bartender. His response was, Who the hell cares Go out there and do it. Even though we came up short in 2018, in 2020 we ended up in a primary against a really phenomenal candidate, Gabby Salinas. Im very proud of the campaigns that we ran, especially trying to run a campaign during the darkest days of COVID. As far as Xs and Os, its a loss. But I think in many different ways, its a win. Im really proud of that. MF: That kind of leads into your new job at Future 901. What do they do and what are you going do with them AC: What everyone thinks about someone running for office does happen, going to campaign events and giving some speeches. But thats the tip of the iceberg. What you really are doing for the majority of your time running for office is calling people and asking them for money. Youre telling them that your ideals are ideals worth investing in and that you have the ability to be in striking distance to win. A lot of folks still dont realize that when they first run for office. Working in the restaurant industry, I have no shame asking people for money while maintaining a sense of dignity. I lived off peoples spare change for a good while of it and pretty well for 23 years, 15 at Celtic. So thats what Ill be doing with Future 901 is helping them fund-raise and move our state legislature forward. Well be supporting candidates who believe in public education and not the movements to privatize it and destroy it with vouchers, and candidates who believe that when the federal government offers the state money to expand Medicaid and improve healthcare at a statewide level, you take it. Well support candidates who believe and respect a womans autonomy over over own body, and candidates who believe in and respect the rights of the LGBT community. Its important to have an organization that lets voters know that there are candidates who dont support Tennessee Governor Bill Lees plan for private school vouchers, or candidates who dont support the idea that victims of rape or incest have to carry a pregnancy to term. Those truths need to be out there. They need to be told to the voters of Shelby County. So Ill be doing my best to fund-raise for them so that those stories can be told about those candidates, like my former opponent, Gabby Salinas, and Jerri Green. MF: Is there anything that we left out or anything you want to add before we get off the phone AC: I want to thank my employers D.J. and Jamie Naylor and my co-workers for 15 long, damn-fine years that Im very proud of. Also, theres another thing. Ive had some folks try to congratulate me by saying, Congratulations on getting the big-boy job or the grown-up job. For me and for a lot of folks who work in that industry, that is the big-boy job. That is something I respect and cherish and there are plenty of us in that field who take that job very seriously and care an awful lot about what we do.

Active Case Count Continues to Fall
10/01/2020 10:32am

New virus case numbers rose by 103 over the last 24 hours, putting the total of all positive cases in Shelby County since March at 31,643. Total current active cases of the virus fell to 1,469 Thursday morning from the 1,526 reported Wednesday morning. That figure had dipped to 1,399 recently.The Shelby County Health Department recorded 2,722 tests given here in the last 24 hours. Tests given here now total 456,156. However, only278,480people have been tested in Shelby County.The latest weekly positivity rate fell slightly from the week before. The average rate of positive tests for the week of September 13th was 6.3 percent, down from the 6.5 percent rate recorded for the Week of September 6th.Seven new deaths were reported in the last 24 hours. Total deaths now stand at 469. The average age of those who have died here is 73, according to the health department. The age of the youngest COVID-19 death was 13. The oldest to die from the virus here was 100. There are 6,802 contacts in quarantine, down from the 6,859 in quarantine on Wednesday morning.

Shelby County Schools: You’re Doing It Wrong
10/01/2020 9:58am

Shelby County is asking too much of its students, their families, and their teachers. It is a few weeks into this very different school year, and I have a message for Shelby County Schools: You are asking too much. Too much from students, too much from teachers, too much from families. I understand concerns about lost learning. I can also imagine the difficulty of making sure that all students have access to devices, internet, supplies, and tech support, not to mention access to meals as well as support staff, like special education professionals. I know that there arent a lot of great options for this school year, that is, but SCS has nevertheless made several decisions about virtual learning that actually work against the districts goals of effective instruction for all children. I have been watching an SCS first grader in virtual learning, and here is what I see: A 6-year-old child who is normally excited about learning new things having to sit in a chair for six hours in front of a screen while she fidgets and struggles to pay attention. A busy screen full of children in the same boat some at home, some in care outside of the home, but all of them forced to sit there like they are in an actual classroom. Multiple technical glitches that require a tech savviness that some children and families dont have. Families who are spending time they dont have on figuring out what their kids are supposed to do each day, how to print and upload assignments, and how to assess their academic progress. Teachers who spend copious amounts of time online and likely have little planning time for a giant shift in their instruction. This summer, SCS had a chance to reimagine what school could look like this year and beyond. Instead, the district simply converted the school day to online and insisted on unnecessary rules, like having to wear shoes and universal bell times. Having spent more than 15 years in the field of early childhood education, I know that practically all the best research tells us that this kind of remote learning does not work. First and foremost, children should not be spending all day in front of a computer. This is true at any age, but especially true for elementary-age students whose brains and bodies can really only handle up to two hours of screen time a day. Second, there is a real danger of increased obesity and health issues, and behavioral and learning problems can also result from this setup. Third, teachers as well should not be spending all day in front of a computer. When they do, this increases emotional stress and physical tension while decreasing productivity, concentration, and creativity. Finally, the current remote learning plan ignores the reality that many, if not most, families in Shelby County are likely overwhelmed with day-to-day life: work demands, financial concerns, health and safety concerns, institutional and systemic racism, political unrest, traumatic loss, and the list goes on. What children, teachers, and families really need right now is flexibility and resources. I confess that even as an education professional and a mother of two, I do not have all of the answers. But I do have questions that I hope district professionals and policy makers will consider: Why do students need to be connected all day Is the concern about truancy, delinquency, lost learning Is there another solution for these concerns Is a universal remote learning structure for all grades and kids the same as an equitable learning structure Or does it put more pressure on families and kids with fewer resources How might classrooms for all ages be flipped A flipped classroom is where children watch short instructional videos and do work independently and then come to class synchronously or in person to check in, discuss, and extend the learning. What if children had short 1:1 check-ins instead of whole-group classes all day What if homework looked like play and opportunities to connect to the real world Why is there little understanding of current and previous trauma built into the school day What would our kids and teachers be capable of if given autonomy within more realistic boundaries I know this is a complex puzzle and that a one-size-fits-all solution isnt possible, but this is exactly what SCS is attempting to do. We know teachers and staff are working tirelessly under extraordinary conditions. Superintendent Ray has commented multiple times on the need for grace at this time. So, lets give everyone a break from nonstop virtual classrooms and rethink what virtual school can and should be. Victoria Kintner-Duffy, Ph.D., is a research and evaluation specialist at Teachstone and has worked in early childhood education for 15 years.

Memphis Magazine
Memphis Magazine

65 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000


Women’s Burdens — and Brilliance
10/01/2020 8:00am

May the stories of dynamic women guide us as we create a better, kinder world ahead.

The Peabody House Mystery
09/30/2020 8:00am

Everybody has heard of the Peabody The Souths Grand Hotel but where on earth was the Peabody House

09/28/2020 8:00am

A local publication seeks to put the focus firmly on Black-owned businesses.

Five Things To Do This Weekend in Memphis: September 25th-27th
09/24/2020 6:00pm

The Poetry of Horses and the poetry of Alice Walker highlight Memphis weekend events including a new outdoor cinema, car racing, and Latin awards.

The West Tennessee Home Building Association Celebrates 75 Years
09/24/2020 8:00am

After three-quarters of a century building homes, the WTNHBA is here to stay.

The Commercial Appeal
The Commercial Appeal

495 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 529-2345


The 901: Should Shelby County Schools reopen classrooms after fall break?
10/01/2020 12:00pm

Shelby Countys COVID-19 numbers are improving, so should the county reopen its public schools Well, that depends.

FedEx is hiring thousands in Memphis for the holidays amid volume surge, COVID-19 pandemic
09/30/2020 1:12pm

FedEx will again hire thousands in Memphis for the holidays, with the 2020 edition adding temporary pay bumps and changes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Memphis safety La'Andre Thomas not on Tigers' roster for undisclosed reasons
10/01/2020 2:04pm

Thomas started all 14 games last season but wasnt with Memphis for its season opener and is currently not on the roster

Memphis pop-up Salt | Soy finds a permanent home in former Lucky Cat Ramen location
10/01/2020 2:36pm

Pop-up Salt Soy finds a permanent home in Memphis Broad Avenue Arts District. The eatery is a collaboration between Nick Scott and Brad McCarley.

Bryce Corp. settles equal pay dispute after EEOC files lawsuit
10/01/2020 10:55am

Bryce Corp. will pay $50,000 and resolve an equal pay lawsuit brought against the Memphis packaging maker.

The Daily News
The Daily News

193 Jefferson
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 523-1561



485 S Highland St
Memphis, TN 38111   Directions

(901) 320-1313



7151 Cherry Farms Rd
Cordova, TN 38016   Directions

(901) 458-2521



1960 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38104   Directions

(901) 726-0555



803 Channel 3 Dr
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 543-2333


Woman accused of pulling gun during road rage incident ends up calling police for help
10/01/2020 12:38pm

Memphis police say road rage led to one woman pulling and pointing a gun at another driver. But as it turns out, it was the gun-toting woman who ended up calling for help.

West Memphis mother demands answers after video surfaces of her son's arrest
09/30/2020 4:41pm

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark, A mother from West Memphis is demanding answers after a video surfaced on Facebook showing West Memphis Police officers arresting her 14-year-old son. Krisheena Cannady accused WMPD of mishandling her son during the arrest Tuesday night. I thank God for covering my son, but I feel like I couldve lost my ...

Judge rules Ismael Lopez was protected under U.S. Constitution, denies dismissal of case
10/01/2020 10:54am

A U.S. District Court judge has denied a motion to dismiss the case against the city of Southaven and several officers in connection to the shooting death of Ismael Lopez.

UPDATE: Woman found shot to death on Lamar Avenue
10/01/2020 5:32am

Memphis police are investigating after a woman with no clothes was discovered dead on Lamar Avenue.

Tennessee House speaker looks to roll back power of health departments like Shelby County's
10/01/2020 11:52am

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton is looking to roll back the power of local health departments during the next legislative session.

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