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Delta Farm Press
Delta Farm Press

Memphis, TN

(800) 441-1410


Afternoon Market Recap for Aug. 5, 2020
08/05/2020 2:45pm

Midweek markets turn in mixed results.

Study: Forest thinning boosts downstream water availability
08/05/2020 11:26am

New research from UC Merceds Sierra Nevada Research Institute provides the tools to help estimate and verify those changes.

CDFA awards over $500,000 for Proactive IPM Solutions grant
08/05/2020 11:14am

The project will be completed over three years.

Growers juggle harvests, pandemic precautions
08/05/2020 10:59am

Producers say they could use help with faster test results, isolation of ill workers.

Johnsons named Alabama’s 2020 Outstanding Young Farm Family
08/05/2020 10:54am

Some of Alabamas best and brightest young farmers were honored Aug. 4, despite restrictions which forced competitive events to be held via livestream.

Memphis Business Journal
Memphis Business Journal

651 Oakleaf Office Ln
Memphis, TN 38117   Directions

(901) 523-1000


U of M football given green light, other fall sports schedules TBD
08/05/2020 2:30pm

The University of Memphis football team has been given the green light to compete, while the other fall sports still await plans. Following an announcement today, Aug. 5, by the American Athletic Conference on fall sports schedules, U of M athletic director Laird Veatch said in a statement that the schools staff continues to work with health, city, and stadium officials to develop plans for socially distanced fan attendance at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. He also explained that more information

AutoZone to dole out $600M in notes, MAA to issue $450M
08/05/2020 2:05pm

In early April, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread rampantly across the nation and littered the market with uncertainty, AutoZone drastically boosted its liquidity. The auto parts retailer opened a 364-day, $750 million credit line. It reported a sale of notes worth $500 million, due in 2025, and a sale of notes worth $750 million, due in 2030 essentially selling $1.25 billion in bonds.Now, its doling out more. According to two Aug. 4 filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission

U of M, UTHSC collaboration selects COVID research projects to fund
08/05/2020 1:47pm

A collaboration between local universities has selected pandemic-related research projects to fund. In July, the University of Memphis U of M and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center UTHSC announced a joint effort to facilitate SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research projects. Now, nine projects involving more than two dozen principal investigators will receive a collective total of $450,000 in one-year pilot funding. Each project team will receive $50,000, which is funded in

New owners plan to replace Summer Ave. church with gas station, retail
08/05/2020 1:18pm

The United Methodist Church sold the property to the Khmous brothers in late July.

St. Jude Ironman 70.3 Memphis triathlon canceled, rescheduled for 2021
08/05/2020 11:31am

The famed long-distance triathlon series Ironman will no longer come to the Bluff City this year due to the global pandemic.Ironman organizers issued the following statement on Wednesday, Aug. 5, about the cancellation of the Memphis triathlon:An Ironman representative had recently told the Memphis Business Journal in a July 30 email that Ironman 70.3 Memphis was scheduled as originally planned for Oct. 3. However, COVID-19 had already caused several North American Ironman 70.3 events to either

Memphis Flyer
Memphis Flyer

65 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000


SCHD Reports 194 New COVID-19 cases, 7 New Deaths
08/05/2020 11:30am

As of Wednesday, August 5th, the Shelby County Health Department SCHD reported 194 new COVID-19 cases. That brings the countys total number of confirmed and probable cases up to 22,317. The most recent 7-day rolling positivity rate data from July 30th puts the positivity rate at 10.6 percent, with a 7-day moving average of 239 cases. New case counts in each SCHD graph usually lag by four to five days. The overall positivity rate of Shelby County, however, now stands at 10.6 percent. To date, the county has performed 210,903 tests. There are currently 4,758 active COVID-19 cases. SCHD also reported seven new deaths, bringing the number of fatal cases up to 293. Below is case demographic data provided by SCHD.

Has the Bubble Popped for the Grizzlies?
08/05/2020 8:42am

The Memphis Grizzlies entered the NBA Bubble sitting nicely in position for the 8th seed. They were ahead of the other Western Conference teams volleying for the final playoff spot by 3.5 games. Players such as Brandon Clarke and Grayson Allen, who had been sidelined with injuries before the season was put on hold, returned from the hiatus healthy and ready to play. Trade deadline acquisition Justise Winslow was said to be healed and ready to be put into rotation. So, entering the bubble, the squad was healthy, hungry, and ready to compete for their playoff spot. Things were looking up for a change, and the immediate future for the young Grizzlies appeared bright. Unfortunately, it was not to be meant to be. Much like the year 2020 itself, things have rapidly gone from bad to worse, health-wise, for this team. Not Great: First, there was Winslow re-injuring himself in practice and once again landing on the injured list. When he was signed, it was already expected that Winslow would not hit the court in a Grizzlies uniform until next season. Injuries always suck, and by all accounts, Winslow had been playing well in resumed practices. However, as disappointing as it was, it did not leave the Grizzlies any worse off than they were when the season was put on hold back in March. Next came the series of scrimmage games, the Bubbles version of a preseason. In those three scrimmage games, the Grizzlies finished 1-2. Again, not great but could be attributed in part to rust from the long hiatus. Bad: On July 29th Grizzlies PR informed us that guard Tyus Jones was experiencing knee soreness. The Grizzlies went on to play the first of eight seeding games on July 31st which they lost to the Portland Trailblazers in overtime. This loss can be attributed largely to poor decision making down the stretch and missing free throws. Game two was a loss against the San Antonio Spurs. Game three was an even bigger loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. Sensing the pattern here yet Hint: Its not winning. The Worst: Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks have both struggled with shooting in the games played so far. In fact, it has been Jaren Jackson Jr. who has been the biggest standout through the first three games. In a heartbreaking turn of events, it was revealed that Jackson Jr. had suffered a season-ending injury in Sundays loss to the Pelicans. There are still five games remaining in the season, in theory still time to stack some wins and hold on to their playoff spot. But the loss of Jaren Jackson Jr. might be too much for this young team to overcome. The odds are not in the Grizzlies favor.

Try Not to Cringe
08/05/2020 4:01am

Try not to cringe. Weve all had those moments times when we said or did something that causes us, perhaps even years later, to wince inwardly or take a sharp breath at the thought of it: An email sent to the wrong person. A not-so-white lie exposed. An embarrassing party video. A mistake so dumb, the memory of it still makes you ... cringe. Sometimes we cringe for other people, especially for someone who might be making a fool of themselves usually because of their cluelessness but is totally unaware of it. Bless their heart, you think. Better him than me. If you havent seen Axios reporter Jonathan Swans interview with President Trump on HBO, please check it out. I havent cringed so much in years, mostly in a kind of weirdly sympathetic way for Trump, who is clearly suffering from some sort of mental disability that renders him incapable of hearing a factual statement or question and responding to it in kind. Swan points out the high death numbers from COVID-19 in the United States. Trump responds: Our death rate is one of the lowest in the world and pulls out some simple-looking bar graphs to prove it. Swan looks at the graphs and says, in effect, Oh, I see. Youre pointing out that the rate of death per case in the United States is fairly low. Im talking about the fact that the United States has by far the highest number of deaths in the world per person. No we dont, says Trump. Swan points out that South Korea, with 51 million people, has 300 deaths. How do you know that says Trump. By this point, Swan is trying to swim through the murk of Trumps brain. The United States is losing 1,000 people a day, he points out. The number of deaths per capita is the highest in the world, by far. No. That numbers going way down, says Trump. No, its not. Its going up. Youre wrong, Trump says. Look at the manuals. Look at the books. What manuals What books At this point, Trump is in so far over his head, so cringey and dense, I could barely watch. I imagine, for a brief moment, being a member of his staff charged with showing him proof of his magical thinking. He doesnt want facts. He wants evidence, no matter how absurd, that backs up his point of view. Its frightening that the president of the United States thinks this way that facts and statistics and scientific research are all considered nothing but malleable fodder, subject to debate and ideological manipulation. Dont think, just listen to me is Trumps real message. Trump says open the schools, and all across the country, cities and counties are striving to make that happen, despite the obvious dangers. But Trumps childs private school and his grandchildrens private schools will be closed. Trump says we should have fewer COVID tests, yet he and his staff and everyone who comes near him is tested every day. Trump says voting by mail is corrupt, yet he and his family vote by mail. His echo chamber on Fox News says wearing masks is silly and we need to get back to normal, yet all of them are still broadcasting from their homes. Dont think, just listen to me. And millions do just that: The fools who gathered at a Missouri county fair by the hundreds this week to sing along to country music. The morons who hang out in clubs on Broadway in Nashville and on Beale Street in Memphis, partying like nothing has changed. The 77 seniors who posed close together and maskless for a class picture on the first day of school at Etowah High School in Georgia. Magical thinking. The disease only happens in cities or to old people. Masks are for scaredy-cats. The flu is worse. Tell that to Herman Cain. Or John Prine. Or 160,000 other dead Americans, and counting. The pandemic has made one thing quite clear: There is a lot of ignorance proud and belligerent ignorance in this country. And Im afraid Trump is as much a symptom as a cause. Its enough to make you cringe.

The Eternal Champion: Charlize Theron Comes Out Swinging in The Old Guard
08/05/2020 4:00am

In the early 1960s, writer Michael Moorcock created Elric of Melniborn. The albino emperor of a dying kingdom, he is weak and sickly until he acquires Stormbringer, a black sword that transforms him into a near-immortal hero. But the cost is great. The life energy Stormbringer grants Elric is drained from the people he kills, and the sword is always hungry for more blood. Constant death is the price for eternal life. As Moorcocks writerly fame grew, he expanded Elrics world into a multiverse, eventually revealing that the antihero was an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, a supernatural warrior fated to incarnate and kick ass when the cosmic balance tipped too far off plumb. It was not a new idea. General George S. Patton believed he was the reincarnation of a Roman legionary and a Napoleonic soldier. The idea that immortality would be more curse than blessing goes back to the Wandering Jew, a man present at the Crucifixion cursed to live long enough to see the Second Coming. Despite being hugely influential on modern fantasy, Moorcocks works havent gotten the film adaptation treatment. The closest weve come is Highlander, a franchise responsible for both some tasty 80s cheese and the worst film ever made. Highlander II: The Quickening is the answer to the unasked question, What would it be like if an insurance company made a movie Enter The Old Guard. Based on a comic series by Greg Rucka and directed by Love and Basketball helmer Gina Prince-Bythewood, the Netflix film introduces Andromach of Scythia Charlize Theron, a nigh-immortal warrior who has been taking names for several thousand years. She impersonated the goddess Athena, rode with the Mongol hordes, and advised General Grant at Vicksburg. Andromach Andy to her friends has assembled a tight-knit group of fellow long-lived freelance sword-swingers to take on good causes. But after centuries of intervention, Andy has come to believe its all in vain. Shes coaxed out of retirement by CIA agent James Copely Chiwetel Ejiofor to help rescue a group of trafficked Sudanese kids in the sprawling Juba refugee camp. But when Andy arrives, she finds a setup: Someone has gotten wind of their immortality, a secret they try very hard to keep. They cant be killed, but immortality has its own drawbacks, like being locked in a prison cell for decades. Or even worse, trapped at the bottom of the ocean, drowning afresh every few minutes like Andys first partner Quynh Veronica Ngo, the victim of a Puritan witch hunt. Copely is in league with pharma CEO Steven Merrick Harry Melling, who wants to study the immortals and sell their secrets of instant healing. As Andy and her friends Nicky Luca Marinelli, Joe Marwan Kenzari, and Booker Matthias Schoenaerts regroup, they are bombarded with psychic visions from Nile Freeman KiKi Layne, a Marine who wakes in Afghanistan after being pronounced dead from a mortal wound. The companions must save Nile from the clutches of the military industrial complex while keeping a step ahead of Merricks private army. The good news is, The Old Guard is better than Highlander II but thats true of literally every movie ever. Mostly, thats due to the presence of Furiosa. Theron is among our finest actors, and while not every film can be Monster or Mad Max: Fury Road, she needs material worthy of her gifts. This aint it. I would have settled for another Atomic Blonde, a Theron-led beat-em-up which at least showed some stylistic panache. Instead, The Old Guard is mostly a slog. It wants desperately to appeal to the John Wick cult, serving up long sequences of Andy and company shooting and slicing their way through legions of faceless security contractors. Staging and editing action sequences is an exacting art. Im on record as Wick-skeptical, but I admit the Keanu Reeves vehicle delivers the goods. If pop-soundtracked ultraviolence is your thing, youll recognize that The Old Guard is not top flight. Prince-Bythewood gives over to the temptation of using every angle she can shoot. The John Wick movies at their best shoot their stunt performers like dancers in a Gene Kelly movie long takes of full-bodied frames, so you can appreciate the athleticism. Sadly, this is what we get instead of An American in Paris. The Old Guard takes four cuts to show our heroes simply walking down a hill. In the occasional emotional moment, Prince-Bythewoods talents become more apparent. Therons Andy is soul-sick from the constant killing. Nicky and Joe are lovers, and they get a nice moment professing their love while chained in the back of a police van. But then, theres the inevitable non-ending designed to set up a lucrative franchise, and it all kind of feels pointless. In a world plagued by too much mortality, the problems of immortals seem very remote. The Old Guard is streaming on Netflix.

Early Voting Numbers Skew Democratic, Black, and Older
08/05/2020 4:00am

Some fun facts: According to the calculations of Election Commissioner Bennie Smith, astatistician and professional elections analyst, some 81,000 voters took part in the early voting period in Shelby County, and the voting skewed Democratic, female, African-American, and relatively elderly. The final voting figures as of Saturday, August 1st, were 54,400 Democratic, 25,800 Republican 50,500 female, 30,500 male 34,400 Black, 26,200 white, and 26,200 other. Of the 81,000 voters, some 69,900 were over the age of 50. That last figure illustrates the disproportionatetendency of older voters to take part in elections, inasmuch as the over-50 segment of the society as a whole is only 45 percent. The average age of an eligible voter in Shelby County is 48.20. The eligible voting population comprises roughly 331,000 females and 240,000 males, a split of 57.97 percent to 42.03 percent. Ethnically, the voting population includes 199,000 African Americans, 139,000 whites, and 233,000 who consider themselves other. As the last week of the August 6th election round began, candidates were putting their best surrogates on display hitchhiking, as it were, on other, better established, or more well-known political figures. In the case of Tom Leatherwood, a Republican running for re-election to the state House of Representatives from District 99 Eads, Arlington, eastern Shelby, the doppelgnger was Governor Bill Lee, down from Nashville. The two held forth to a sizable late-Monday-morning crowd at Olympic Steak and Pizza in Arlington, while partisans of Leatherwoods GOP primary opponent, former Shelby County Republican chairman Lee Mills, picketed outside. A little later on Monday, U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi, a Nashville physician and Republican newcomer who styles himself Dr. Manny, hit the stage of another well-attended event at The Grove in Cordova. He had in tow U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sethi, who is opposed by former Ambassador Bill Hagerty, a Trump endorsee, fairly quickly disposed of any idea that he might be the moderate in the race. Im tired of this coronavirus, arent you Sethi said, addressing a seated crowd of which roughly a third were maskless. Lets fire Dr. Fauci he continued, going on to endorse the glories of hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug President Trump has touted as a potential antidote to COVID-19. James Mackler, a Democratic candidate in the Senate race, has condemned Sethis position as one making him unworthy of serving in the Senate. Sethi is one of two physicians in the Senate race. The other, Republican George Flinn of Memphis, has denounced Trumps response to the coronavirus pandemic as being woefully insufficient.

Memphis Magazine
Memphis Magazine

65 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 521-9000


“Action Is In Our Name”
08/05/2020 8:00am

MICAH brings people together to change Memphis for the better.

Memphis Neighborhoods: Soulsville
08/04/2020 12:00am

Memphis historic neighborhoods infuse our community with vitality and vibrance. Meet longtime residents who made these places as instantly recognizable as they are.

Photo Essay: Marching for Black Lives
08/03/2020 2:00pm

Memphis takes to the streets.

Introducing Our August Issue
08/03/2020 8:00am

From the peaceful protests on our streets to the insistent music on our speakers, this city is a place where, in our best moments, change is not just possible but welcomed.

Introducing Our August Cover
07/31/2020 8:00am

Illustrated by Mia Saine, the cover of our annual City Guide issue reflects Memphis in the summer of 2020.

The Commercial Appeal
The Commercial Appeal

495 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38103   Directions

(901) 529-2345


Grizzlies vs. Jazz: Game score, live updates, TV info
08/05/2020 1:27pm

Without Jaren Jackson Jr., can the Grizzlies find a win against Mike Conley and the Jazz

The 901: Competing visions of Memphis policing clash in City Council vote
08/05/2020 11:21am

The Memphis City Council voted to scrap a referendum that could have loosened residency requirements on new police officers and firefighters.

As the South's Confederate monuments come down, where will they end up?
07/30/2020 9:17am

As a movement to remove Confederate monuments from government and public ground takes hold, the debate continues on where the symbols should be based.

Penny Hardaway challenges Ja Morant, Tracy McGrady, Yo Gotti and others to 'pledge to vote' in November
08/05/2020 11:12am

Penny Hardaway took to social media Wednesday to announce his partnership with When We All Vote.

5 things Grizzlies need to fix from three-game losing streak inside NBA bubble
08/04/2020 1:30pm

After three losses, there are five glaring issues the Grizzlies need to fix ahead of Wednesdays game vs. the Jazz.

The Daily News
The Daily News

193 Jefferson
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485 S Highland St
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7151 Cherry Farms Rd
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1960 Union Ave
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803 Channel 3 Dr
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Bystander jumps into action to save teen shot at Memphis gas pump
08/04/2020 9:32pm

A woman with no medical training relied on her instincts to save an 18-year-old man who was shot at a northeast Memphis gas station Friday night.

East Memphis man accused of sexual relationship with underage neighbor
08/05/2020 8:00am

An East Memphis man was arrested after police say he was caught having a sexual relationship with an underage neighbor.

Two dead, one injured after accident on US-51 in Mississippi
08/05/2020 12:23pm

Two people were killed and another injured after an accident on US-51 Tuesday evening.

MLGW reports suspending $5 million in late fees during pandemic
08/05/2020 10:31am

Memphis Light, Gas and Water announced it has suspended millions in late fees for customers during the pandemic.

St. Jude IRONMAN 70.3 Memphis triathlon at Shelby Farms canceled for 2020
08/05/2020 11:23am

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Organizers of the St. Jude IRONMAN 70.3 Memphis triathlon have canceled the event for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The inaugural event which was scheduled for October 3 at Shelby Farms Park has already been rescheduled for October 2, 2021. In what has been a continually evolving and challenging

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