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Plan for something nice during your next vacation, or maybe next time someone comes for a visit. Surprise your guests – or your traveling buddies – with professional tours of the area. Get to know the latest and greatest venues or historical spots, or maybe get a specialized tour and hit the best areas in the city.

Check out our list below to see everything that’s available in the area. Find their name, address, phone number, website and driving directions – and start your next adventure!
Alaska Railroad Corporation
Alaska Railroad Corporation

(907) 265-2300

327 W Ship Creek Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501   Directions Website

The Alaska Railroad Corporation is a great starting point for your journey. Alaska Railroad is the most scenic way to enjoy the 500 miles that stretch from Seward to Fairbanks up north. Buy your tickets for pre-planned tours or maybe customize your trip through your travel agent. Either way, before you get on board, check out the historic photos and other attractions and artifacts that are on display in the Depot. And don't forget to get a look outside at an authentic totem pole and a locomotive built in 1907.

Denali Park Train Tour
Denali Park Train Tour

(907) 264-7983

720 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501   Directions Website

Alaska's railroads played a pivotal part in the state's history and economic development. To get a more dramatic picture of how it all came to be, get on board for the Denali Park Train Tour. The tour is operated by Gray Line of Alaska and along the way you'll stay informed thanks to the professional narration that's powered by a sophisticated GPS device. Meals are served in the lower level of each rail car as the tour progresses. The upper level of each rail car is a seating area with a small bar, assuring your comfort as this tour progresses through some of Alaska's most picturesque scenery.

Guided Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Anchorage
Guided Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Anchorage

(907) 277-4321

Anchorage, AK

For a more low-key and intimate tour while in Anchorage, opt for the impressive Guided Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Anchorage. This tour features guides who have obviously done their homework, and it shows as their extensive knowledge and casual demeanor make for a relaxed, friendly tour that is as entertaining as it is informative. You'll be taken back to the city's beginning as a railroad town in 1915 and from there learn how that industry to form the city's economic, social, and industrial identities.


(907) 272-2777

4346 Spenard Rd
Anchorage, AK 99517   Directions Website

There's nothing like the roar of the motor as you take on the world from behind your sunglasses and helmet when you rev up your motorcycle for a specialized tour courtesy of MotoQuest. The company offers motorcycle rentals, tours and self-guided adventures that will allow you to explore some of Alaska's most stunning terrain from an entirely new perspective.

Nova Alaska Guides
Nova Alaska Guides

(800) 746-5753

38100 W Glenn Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99674   Directions Website

Getting into nature's beauty is one thing, but being a part of its very real adventure is something that you can experience by braving the elements on a Nova Raft and Adventure Tour. Nova has been leading rafting trips since 1975, and that distinction makes them Alaska's most experienced wilderness guide company. And it really doesn't matter if you prefer to brave the unrelenting white water or choose instead to paddle along, Nova has a trip that's perfect for you. The daytrip packages are usually four or five hours, and some include glacier hikes. Special overnight excursions are also available.

Phillips 26 Glacier Tour
Phillips 26 Glacier Tour

(907) 276-8023

519 W 4th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501   Directions Website

The Phillips 26 Glacier Tour is nearly as formidable and impressive as a glacier itself. This incredible seven-hour tour allows you to get really up close and enjoy views that you may not get on any other tour. The tour travels over 135 miles into Prince William Sound where you will see 26 named glaciers as well as many more unnamed ones. You encounter these glaciers from the vantage point of a three-deck catamaran which allows you to cover many miles of scenery on this incredible, unforgettable tour.

Portage Glacier Cruise
Portage Glacier Cruise

(907) 783-2687

401 Portage Lake Loop
Girdwood, AK 99587   Directions Website

Portage Glacier Cruise makes it possible for you to get up close and see a glacier from a vantage point that would otherwise be nearly impossible. Get ready to visit the sheer, crystalline surface of an Alaskan glacier. This one-hour cruise has many highlights, including the opportunity to stand just 300 yards from a relic of the Ice Age. The water is quite calm even though you may see pieces of the glacier break off and drift away. The guides are well-informed and friendly and they also allow you time between their descriptions for you to just take in the natural beauty of these majestic, icy works of art. Tours must be booked at least 7 days in advance.

Wings Aero Tours
Wings Aero Tours

(907) 441-5736

12901 Gail St
Anchorage, AK 99515   Directions Website

Sometimes, a bird's eye view is the best way to get a look at an area as picturesque and expansive as Alaska. The Wings Aero Tours allows you to get that perspective on a flying tour of the area. Some of the many highlights include soaring over Mt. McKinley, Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords, glaciers, mountains and valleys. You'll see all of these natural wonders and more from the comfort of an Alaskan Floatplane. Don't forget to look for some of the area's incredible wildlife like Dall sheep, moose, bears, birds, marine wildlife and more among the many rivers, lakes and dense forests.

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