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Aside from having the distinction of being Alaska's largest city, Anchorage benefits from all of the natural beauty that is both within it and around it. The city sits in the middle of six mountain ranges, and the highest point of all of them, Mt. McKinley, can be seen from downtown on clear, crisp days. Another excellent view would be the more than 60 glaciers that are a mere 50 miles from the city.

Anchorage's frosty forecasts don't seem to matter much to the locals who still spend a good deal of time outside enjoying various forms of exercise like canoeing, kayaking, skiing and walking and running on the city's many trails. One of the most popular, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, traverses through town and gets its name from the former mayor of Anchorage and governor of Alaska who always took pride in staying fit. But it isn't just all outdoor fun and games, as the city keenly observes its native culture and art through various annual celebrations and events. Also, the cultural makeup of the area is well-preserved and highlighted at the various museums and historical sites around town. Anchorage offers a dramatic climate, a brilliant melding of cultures, and people who carry both the inward trait of acceptance and the outward pride in staying fit. When combined all together, they all embody the very spirit of this amazing city.

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