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Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage’s mission is to bring professionalism, credibility, compassion, integrity, respectability, privacy and honesty to the debt collection industry in Alaska. Servicing businesses in Alaska since 1974, we always strive to help both the debtor and the client to achieve the best goal possible. We specialize in the medical field; however, we offer collection services in a wide variety of other fields. All of our skilled team members are highly trained in collections and our proven approach can assure you a certain percentage of all collections. We will provide you with status reports and monthly remittance reports along with total debt collection help. We will show you that with the right words and the right approach almost anything is possible. We can truly say that we have worked with some of the most stubborn debtors in all of Alaska and have almost never let our clients walk away empty handed. Call the pros at Financial Collection Agency of Anchorage today for fees and a consultation.

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Things To Do in Fairbanks, AK

University of Alaska Museum of the North

Preservation is raised to art form–literally–when you visit the University of Alaska Museum of the North. While there are many dramatic exhibits to take in and absorb, the biggest attraction here is a meticulous presentation of a 36,000-year-old mummy. Other equally captivating exhibits include those that highlight Alaska's five major geographic regions that include artifacts, important objects and other items of interest from each region. In addition to research-based projects, the museum offers a wide variety of educational programs.

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Large Animal Research Station

Some of the best attractions in Alaska are the natural kind, and you can see them up close when you take time to visit the Large Animal Research Station in Fairbanks. This is actually one of the more popular attractions in the area, as the facility has thousands of visitors each year. The large number of people who walk through the doors of the Large Animal Research Station is understandable as they all look forward to seeing such indigenous creatures as muskoxen and caribou at a dramatically close distance.

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Fairbanks Ice Museum

The season of winter isn't restricted to the months of the year, as visitors are always in for a cool experience when they visit the Fairbanks Ice Museum. Marvel at the life-sized ice sculptures carved by local artists. These incredible, finely-detailed works are all displayed at the historic Lacey Street Theater. There are also some equally impressive multimedia exhibits and attractions that are just as enthralling. Come and experience Alaska's winter all year long!

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World Ice Art Championships

The World Ice Art Championships take place in Fairbanks every March. The competition is held over the course of eleven very dramatic and excitement-filled days. The event attracts the best ice sculptors in the world as they display their considerable talents in various competitive classes. Among the many categories, two of the most popular are abstract and realistic ice sculptures. The public is invited to watch the sculptures being created during the first two weeks in March and then to view the finished work during the last two weeks of the month. The festival is held at Ice Alaska's Ice Park which not only features the competition but also offers a kids' park with rides and other attractions.

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