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10 Best Landscaping Ideas in the Rio Grande Valley

The right plants and gardening methods will allow you to create the perfect landscape in the Rio Grande Valley. Learn more from

By: Jamie Eden | Oct 2019

Nicely Lanscaped Yard Nicely Lanscaped Yard photo by csp_fotomine

The Rio Grande Valley in Texas is known for its high temperatures and water limitations. People who like to garden or work with landscaping are well aware of the challenges these two conditions create.

Through xeriscaping, areas can be beautifully landscaped by using plants and methods that are native to the area. Because they are already well adapted to the climate, no extraordinary methods are needed to help them thrive. The following list will help you choose the best plants and accents to create the perfect landscaping for your home.


Succulents include most types of cactus and will provide beautiful blooms in addition to a rich array of greens, grays, and purples. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed almost anywhere to add a touch of texture and color.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress is an upright tree that will add depth to your landscaping and an abundance of green for a beautiful backdrop.


Topiaries are ornamental bushes that have been trimmed into various shapes. Leyland cypress, roses, olives, Texas pistachio, and yellow plumbago are just a few of the most common shrubs that can be used for this unique addition to your yard.

White Sage

If you want to add a bit of ground cover, white sage works very well and will also add a touch of color and fragrance. It spreads easily and doesn't require a lot of moisture to thrive.

Rock Rose

Rock rose is another type of ground cover that can be used to fill in gaps or surround statues. It is easily guided and can be directed to grow where it is most needed and their delicate blooms come in a variety of colors.

Decorative Grasses

Adding traditional or decorative grasses to your landscape can add both color and depth. Placing the taller grasses, like fountain grass or giant reed grass, at the back of your landscaping will add depth and make a small garden look much bigger than it actually is. Texas bluegrass and buffalo grass can also be added for a touch of rich, green color.

Tier or Shelf Design

Creating a tier or shelf design within your yard will add more space as well as provide a sense of depth. Tiers are a great idea for people who have limited space but still want to maintain a decorative, landscaped area that adds a touch of color. This is also a good idea for growing vegetables in a small area.

Ornamental Stone

Ornamental stone comes in a variety of colors and can be used in place of mulch. It won't absorb the moisture that is intended for your plants and won't be carried away with heavy rains. Ornamental stone can be used to create designs and patterns.

Statues, Benches, and Pathways

In addition to the plants and shrubs, include a few decorative statues, benches or pathways. Statues create ideal focal points, while benches and pathways can divide up large areas.


Backlighting will showcase your landscaped areas after the sun goes down. Different colored lights can be used, and, when properly placed, will provide added security.

The Rio Grande Valley may pose challenges to gardeners, but they are easy to overcome if you understand the limitations and how to accentuate the positives. Find expert landscaping services in the Rio Grande Valley at

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