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What Are the Duties of a Property Manager in Jacksonville, FL?

Learn more about the duties of a property manager in Jacksonville, FL, including collecting rent, maintaining records, supervising, and attracting tenants.

By: Jamie Eden | Aug 2019

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A property manager in Jacksonville, Florida, is usually a third party hired by a property owner or landlord to manage daily operations at their property. There are a wide variety of duties that can be performed by a property manager, but the tasks can typically be broken into these seven different categories.

Rent Responsibilities

Property managers are often responsible for dealing with rent issues. They may also set the initial rent level that tenants agree to, so it’s important they have an understanding of both the Jacksonville housing market and what kind of tenants are attracted to that property. Property managers will also collect rent to ensure optimal cash flow and enforce late penalties. Property managers can also adjust the rent and increase or decrease it as dictated by law.

Attract Tenants

Vacancies are supposed to be filled by the property manager, and it’s their role to find tenants that are a good fit for the building. Property managers need to be prepared to show off the space efficiently and show prospective tenants the benefits of the property. They will advertise the rental and create a compelling ad. They need to know what attracts tenants so they can also offer tips to renovate the property to attract better tenants.

Screening Tenants

In addition to finding tenants, property managers need to screen tenants when they apply for residence. The screening process can differ depending on the property and can include credit checks and checking references.

Repairs and Maintenance

The property manager needs to keep the property safe and in a livable condition. This includes repairs, maintenance and updating facilities, such as parking or laundry. Property managers will either need to perform routine maintenance, such as landscaping and trash removal, or hire out to take care of these tasks on a regular basis. If renovations or repairs are needed, property managers need to fix these issues or hire someone else to do the work. Many property managers will have a team of reliable plumbers, electricians, and contractors to do the job.

Knowledge of Tenant Laws

Property managers can be the first line of contact if there is a dispute or eviction. Property managers should know the legal process for screening tenants, handling security deposits, ending leases, eviction, and more. Property managers will need to carry out responsibilities in compliance with the law.

Supervising Responsibilities

If there are other employees on the property, such as security, the manager will need to make sure they are doing their job. Property managers will usually set salaries for other workers and can hire and fire them as needed. In addition to supervising other employees, property managers may also need to look after vacant properties to perform maintenance and make sure there isn’t any vandalism. If there are any contractors working to complete renovations, property managers need to make sure work is done in a timely manner.

Budget and Maintaining Financial Records

A property manager is responsible for managing the budget and maintaining and building important records. Managers will need to operate within the set budget for the building and, in an emergency situation, use judgment to order repairs. Property managers also need to keep records regarding the property. This will include expenses and income, inspections, maintenance requests, complaints, repair records, and repair and maintenance costs. Property managers may also need to file taxes for the property.

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