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Local News
in Jacksonville, FL (showing 1 - 8 out of 8)

Beaches Leader

Beaches Leader

1114 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250   Directions

(904) 249-9033

Local craft spirit benefits women with breast cancer
10/25/2018 10:20am

A local restauranteur has launched his own brand of spirits to benefit women fighting breast cancer.

Leader features 'Salute to our First Responders'
10/17/2018 4:01pm

The Oct. 18 issues of The Beaches Leader and Ponte Vedra Leader feature Salute to our First Responders, a special supplement.

Terry Anderson honored
10/16/2018 8:36am

Beaches Exchange Club President Jeff Sneed recently presented a memorial plaque to Cindy Anderson and Navy Lt.

Museum board elects new officers
09/30/2018 6:57pm

At their September meeting, the Board of Directors of the Beaches Museum elected their 2018-2019 slate of officers Randy Hayes, president Susan Miller, vice president Jacqueline Williams, secre

Operation Shower
09/28/2018 10:54am

The Tour Championship hosted Operation Shower: Worth the Wait, a baby shower honoring military families held at One Ocean Resort and Spa in Atlantic Beach.

Florida Times-Union

Florida Times-Union

1 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 359-4111

Folio Weekly

Folio Weekly

9456 Philips Hwy #11
Jacksonville, FL 32256   Directions

(904) 260-9770

Hola Noticias

Hola Noticias

9831 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246   Directions

(904) 683-2198

WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX

WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX

11700 Central Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32224   Directions

(904) 996-0400



100 Festival Park Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 353-7770

China’s Building Spree In Poor Nations: Does It Really Help The Local Economy?
11/13/2018 11:16am

There are a lot of state secrets when it comes to the billions of dollars worth of roads, hospitals and more. Satellite images of night lights may offer some insights into their value.The post Chinas Building Spree In Poor Nations: Does It Really Help The Local Economy appeared first on WJCT.

Sri Lankan Supreme Court Blocks President’s Bid To Dissolve Parliament
11/13/2018 10:40am

Controversy has roiled Sri Lanka since Maithripala Sirisena fired his prime minister and suspended Parliament. He also aims to replace lawmakers entirely but Tuesdays ruling has stayed that plan.The post Sri Lankan Supreme Court Blocks Presidents Bid To Dissolve Parliament appeared first on WJCT.

How Big Is Amazon? Its Many Businesses In One Chart
11/13/2018 8:20am

Amazon means shopping. It also makes movies and smart locks, publishes books, operates stores, and helps other companies deliver packages and run websites. How many Amazon brands will you recognizeThe post How Big Is Amazon Its Many Businesses In One Chart appeared first on WJCT.

California’s Camp Fire Becomes The Deadliest Wildfire In State History
11/13/2018 8:00am

At least 42 people have died in the Northern California blaze that burned through the town of Paradise with shocking speed.The post Californias Camp Fire Becomes The Deadliest Wildfire In State History appeared first on WJCT.

CHART: Election Recounts Are Rare, Reversals Almost Unheard Of
11/13/2018 7:02am

The fact that Florida currently has three statewide recounts underway is exceptional in American politics. Between 2000-2015, only three races flipped after statewide recounts.The post CHART: Election Recounts Are Rare, Reversals Almost Unheard Of appeared first on WJCT.



4 Broadcast Pl
Jacksonville, FL 32207   Directions

(904) 399-4000

New equipment, old techniques help JFRD extricate driver from crushed car
11/13/2018 1:43pm

Both new and old equipment help keep Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department crews prepared for just about every situation, including Monday night when they extricated a driver from a car crushed by a concrete pole.It took more than 20 minutes to get the driver out of the vehicle after firefighters said the driver crashed into a concrete light pole and the pole fell on top of the car. The dramatic rescue along Gate Parkway near Southside Boulevard was captured on video, which was tweeted out from the JFRD Twitter account. Randy Wyse, president of the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, said the technical expertise of the Special Operations Team and new equipment helped crews get the driver out of a tight spot and quickly to a hospital. It has to be very slow because you have a patient underneath it, making sure you dont injure him even more, Wyse told News4Jax on Tuesday.He said crews also used some old techniques to lift the concrete pole. As you look at the video, youll also see they were using rope and pulleys and trying to get a mechanical advantage to move something very heavy, Wyse said. It took quite the team effort for this one. bebernitz MyJFRD JFRDJAX November 13, 2018 Many times, one of the emergency medical service team members will climb inside to start treating patients during the extrication process.No matter the situation, the JFRD team is prepared. One ladder truck downtown holds more than 100 pieces of equipment -- things as small as a windshield cutter to the large Jaws of Life, one of the newer pieces of equipment that is now battery-powered and easier to use to cut through a car. JFRD is good at what they do. Its team competed and won a national extrication competition last week at the Florida State College at Jacksonville Fire Academy. During the competition, members of the JFRD team met with other teams, learning new life-saving techniques that they will implement into their own response plans.Now, for the first time, the JFRD team will be competing at Worlds in Paris.

New tech credited for arrests in robbery stemming from Tinder date
11/13/2018 4:22pm

New technology is helping deputies nab suspects more quickly, the most recent being two people accused of an armed robbery that started with a Tinder date, according to the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office. The Sheriffs Office started using the license plate reader as a pilot program in January. It has been so successful, the law enforcement agency is keeping the program and expanding it.On Friday night, investigators said the new license plate reader technology led them to a football and soccer park by Fruit Cove Middle School on Race Track Road where they found Michael Wheeler and Lexis Triplett, along with an illegal gun. If its used properly, its very good, said Leo Coelho, who lives nearby. I am glad that they can use that technology to our advantage.Deputies said Wheeler, 26, and Tripplett, 20, both of Jacksonville, are charged with kidnapping and armed home invasion. Wheeler is also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Sheriffs Office spokesman Chuck Mulligan said Triplett met a Ponte Vedra resident on the Tinder dating app last week and she went to his house with Wheeler.According to Mulligan, Triplett and Wheeler bound the victim at gunpoint, using a sheet, and gagged him with a shirt. He said the pair then stole the victims bank account information, computers and cellphone.Investigators said they used forensic technology to match Tripletts cellphone to her license plate and Friday, the next time the two entered St. Johns County, deputies found them using the license plate reader. While the Sheriffs Office wont share exact numbers, it did tell News4Jax that the license plate reader is a success, saying the number of crooks arrested and the number of recovered stolen vehicles keep growing.According to the Sheriffs Office, the technology has been used to arrest homicide suspects from other states, arrest serial rapists from other states and locate missing people in Florida and beyond. We saw very quickly how much information came to us on criminal actions, Mulligan told News4Jax on Tuesday. We dont use the system for traffic. We dont use the system to determine if you have a drivers license that suspended.Investigators said they strategically locate the license plate readers across the county -- some move, some are permanent and some are attached to patrol vehicles.According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Wheeler was released from prison in June 2017 after serving six years for a home invasion convicted out of Duval County. Mulligan told News4Jax that law enforcement in another county linked the couple to a much more serious case, all thanks to the technology of the license plate reader. The details surrounding that case have not yet been released.

Embattled Broward elections chief may step down after recount
11/13/2018 2:05pm

At the center of Floridas vote recount storm is an elections supervisor with a checkered past whose Democratic-dominated county has been the target of protests and accusations, including by President Donald Trump, that something fraudulent is afoot.Lawyers for Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who is in a razor-thin Senate race with incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, claim Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes committed fraud without presenting any evidence. Trump has echoed those claims on Twitter.Nelson, whose campaign won a court challenge Tuesday giving neighbor Palm Beach County an extra five days to complete its machine recount, was back in Washington Tuesday as the U.S. Senate reconvened. But his fight to retain his seat was still top of mind.Sadly, its become clear that my opponent isnt interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted. Instead, hes been using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process. Hes thrown around words like voter fraud, with no proof, Nelson said.Scott didnt make any public comments Tuesday, but his campaign released a statement saying, in part: Senator-elect Rick Scott is gearing up for his first trip to Washington since winning the election for new-member orientation ... with plans to get started on his mission of reforming D.C. and making it work for Florida families -- not career politicians.Elections workers in Broward County were still sorting through all the ballots and didnt begin the recount ordered Sunday until late Tuesday morning.We will complete the recount. There has never been a deadline that we have missed, Snipes said Tuesday.But Snipes told reporters Tuesday that shes considering stepping aside as supervisor of elections after the recount amid a firestorm of criticism over how her office has handled recent elections.It is time to move on, Snipes said. I havent finalized that. Ill just check with my family. Theyll tell me what Im doing.Many Republicans, including former Gov. Jeb Bush who appointed Snipes in 2002, have called for Snipes to be fired in recent days. There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts, undermining Floridians confidence in our electoral process. Supervisor Snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts, Bush wrote on Twitter.Investigators say there are no indications of fraud in Broward Countys vote. Yet, Snipes, a Democrat, remains a GOP target.Snipes critics have pointed to an incident in 2016, where her office destroyed ballots in a congressional race against a judges order. Gov. Rick Scott has filed multiple lawsuits against Snipes office, saying Broward officials have not been transparent enough during the recount process.Broward County, a Democratic stronghold, has struggled to carry out the recount. Nearby Miami-Dade County was halfway recounting more than 1 million votes before Broward started counting ballots. Workers in Lauderhill were sorting and separating its 800,000 ballots until Tuesday morning.In Palm Beach County, Judge Karen Geivers has ordered that its election officials be given an extra five days to finish its machine recount to finish its machine recount. Palm Beach Countys supervisor of elections told news sources said she expects that ruling on a motion filed by Nelsons campaign to be challenged in federal court, where another Nelson lawsuit is due to be heard Wednesday.Outside the elections office, demonstrators from the Republican Party hosted a tailgate party of sorts, calling for an end to what they call corruption.Its been going on for years. Decades. And we need to clean it up because this is not fair to the voters at Florida, GOP demonstrator Sofia Manolesco said.A couple dozen yards away, faithful Democrats were pushing their agenda.We need to let every vote count and let the chips fall where they may, Carolyn Wilson said. This is America. We have to be fair.Charles Zelden, a political science professor at Nova Southeastern University who wrote a book on the 2000 recount between George W. Bush and Al Gore, said anything could happen.The likeliness is that Gov. Scott is going to win. The likeliness is that DeSantis is going to win. But likely doesnt mean it will happen, Zelden said. Just ask the Democrats what happened in 2016.

City of St. Augustine looks to revamp shipyard
11/13/2018 6:28am

The city of St. Augustine may annex land from St. Johns County to be developed as part of the Shipyard development.At Tuesdays city commission meeting, city leaders looked at several ordinances that would allow the annexation to move forward.According to one of the ordinances, the property owner of the land is asking the city to annex more than 20 acres of land in St. Johns County to the city of St. Augustine for future development.The land is adjacent to the St. Augustine Shipyard that was built roughly two years ago along the San Sebastian River. The Shipyard houses hundreds of boats and several businesses including a coffee shop and an embroidery store.A spokesperson for the Shipyard said that if the proposal for future development is approved down the road, plans include building hotels and restaurants on the property.The city commission reviewed the ordinances at its meeting Tuesday night.For more on the proposed development, click here.

Early recount totals in NE Florida show little change
11/13/2018 9:29am

While counties across Florida are rushing to finish recounting ballots before a Thursday deadline -- at least one saying it might not finish in time -- several Northeast Florida counties completed their machine recounts in one day with no fanfare.Supervisor of Elections Vicki Cannon posted Nassau Countys machine recount report online with a date stamp of 5:23 p.m. Sunday -- barely over 24 hours after the secretary of state ordered the process. Flagler County posted its results Sunday night.Alachua, Baker, Bradford and Columbia counties completed their machine recount results on Monday. St. Johns and Union counties begin recounting Tuesday and St. Johns finished its process before 4 p.m.Duval County, which began the recount process Sunday morning, hoped to complete its recount Tuesday evening. Clay County said it will start Wednesday and finish in one day. County-by-county machine recount status Point to county for update Bradford Countys recount found no change in any of the three races, while Nassau County found no change in the U.S. Senate or agriculture commissioner races, but did result in one more vote for Ron DeSantis for governor.Nassau County did identify more than 200 overvotes or undervotes in the Senate and governor races and more than 800 in the agriculture commissioner races. If the statewide margin of victory after the machine recount results are within one-quarter of 1 percent, a hand recount would proceed, and the election canvassing board would examine those overvotes and undervotes to try and determine the voters intent.We feel pretty certain were going to a manual recount, so were preparing for that, Cannon said.The most change was found in Alacua County, where the Democratic candidates picked between 20 and 25 votes while the Republican candidates lost from one to 11 votes.Scott recount attorney Tim Cerio said that, as of Tuesday afternoon, 25 counties had completed recounting, and the process had started in all but Clay County.Florida Division of Elections spokeswoman Sarah Revell said the recount numbers for all counties wont be posted for each county until after the Thursday deadline.We will post the second unofficial results all at one time on Florida Election Watch, Revell said.

WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC

WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC

1070 E Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 354-1212

FLORIDA RECOUNT: Where local counties stand
11/13/2018 4:55pm

Weve compiled a list of what counties completed the recount, when they expect to complete the recount and whether or not there were any changes to the results.

Sen. Nelson files federal lawsuit to extend deadline for Florida counties to finish vote recount
11/13/2018 4:13pm

Senator Bill Nelson has filed a federal lawsuit to extend the deadline for all Florida counties to finish recounting votes.

In Duval County, recount nearly complete
11/13/2018 4:30pm

Duval County election officials expect to finish on Tuesday their recount of ballots cast on election day for Florida governor, U.S. senator and state agriculture commissioner.

WEATHER: Record heat will now give way to the cold front
11/13/2018 3:13pm

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Record heat will now give way to the cold front. This front is producing showers and thunderstorms over southeast Ga.

Two men charged with burglary, possessing stolen credit cards in Atlantic Beach
11/13/2018 4:59pm

Two men were arrested Friday after police they swiped envelopes containing credit cards off porches in an Atlantic Beach neighborhood.

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