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The northern Florida city of Jacksonville is located on what is known as the First Coast of Florida, along the banks of the gorgeous St. John's River. Jacksonville's beaches are abundant and located in the epicenter of town. The bohemian laid back lifestyle and the busy metropolitan area intermingle and create a unique city lifestyle that is unique to Jacksonville.

This is no small city either. Jacksonville's population is nearly 1 million people. Recent improvements to the downtown area has revitalized the port and harbor sections, where recreational boats and shipping companies enjoy a brisk and bustling environment.

The economy thrives on banking, insurance, and healthcare, along with a booming tourist industry.

There are plenty of suburban areas for families to locate, and the downtown has also seen new development with refurbished lofts and luxury apartments for young, urban professionals.

The city underwent a total revitalization effort with its Better Jacksonville Plan. The plan is a blueprint for Jacksonville's future, and includes major infrastructure improvements, environmental preservation efforts and a spate of improved public facilities. Its forward-thinking mentality has earned Jacksonville a reputation as a national leader in managing development.

Balmy weather and an enclave of historic and new neighborhoods also motivates out-of-towners to relocate to Jacksonville.

The city ranked 11th in Inc. magazine's list of "Best Cities for Doing Business" and is consistently rated one of the "Hottest Cities in America" for business expansions and relocations.

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