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Beaches Leader
Beaches Leader

1114 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250   Directions

(904) 249-9033


St. Johns County Beaches open to swimming and on-beach driving
08/04/2020 8:23am

St. Johns County Beaches open to swimming and on-beach drivingNews StaffTue, 08/04/2020 - 09:23 am All Tropical Storm Isaias-related prohibitions on swimming at St. Johns County beaches, including the Fort Matanzas National Monument beaches, have been lifted today, August 4. Beach visitors are asked to exercise caution when swimming.In addition, on-beach driving was anticipated to be reinstated at 8 a.m. however, gate openings may be delayed due to tidal flooding. For the most up-to-date information on beach access and driving conditions, download the Reach the Beach Mobile App or visit the SJCBeaches Facebook and Twitter.For more information, visit www.sjcfl.us/beaches or call 904-209-0331.

St. Johns County providing free sandbags to residents
08/03/2020 7:48am

St. Johns County providing free sandbags to residentsNews StaffMon, 08/03/2020 - 08:48 am St. Johns County is providing free sandbags at six locations throughout the county in preparation for Hurricane Isaias. The sand and the bags will be provided free of charge to residents. Residents must provide their own transportation and shovels, and will be responsible for filling their own bags. There is a maximum allocation of 20 bags per person. Windswept Acres Park - 5335 SR A1A South. Sims Pit - 536 S. Holmes Boulevard. Hastings Community Center - 6195 S. Main Street, behind the building. Mills Field - 1805 Race Track Road, in the overflow parking area. Palm Valley - Under the Palm Valley Bridge on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway. North Beach Park - 3721 Coastal Highway at the walkover.The sand and bags will be available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily for the duration of the storm, or until conditions deteriorate and the operation must cease for the safety of the public and staff. For additional information, call 904-824-5550. Section News

St. Johns County encourages hurricane preparedness
07/30/2020 8:54am

St. Johns County encourages hurricane preparedness While monitoring potential tropical cyclone nine News StaffThu, 07/30/2020 - 09:54 am St. Johns County Emergency Management is actively monitoring potential tropical cyclone nine for local impacts that could occur as early as Sunday, Aug. 2. Emergency Management is encouraging residents to evaluate preparedness plans, know evacuation routes and zones, assemble or review supply kits, and prepare homes for potential tropical storm or hurricane weather events.Evacuation information is available at www.sjcemergencymanagement.com/evacinfo.html, and a supply kit checklist can be found at www.sjcemergencymanagement.com/hurrcklist.html. Residents can also find weather updates at www.weather.gov/jax.For more information, call the Emergency Operations Center at 904-824-5550. Section News

Teacher works to develop inclusive curriculum at Mayport Middle School
07/29/2020 2:03pm

Teacher works to develop inclusive curriculum at Mayport Middle SchoolNews StaffWed, 07/29/2020 - 03:03 pm A Beaches area teacher is working to ensure the stories of community members, past and present, are taught.John Meeks, a 17-year civics and law studies teacher at Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School, has created a fellowship to promote inclusiveness and diversity in how social studies is taught to his students.When we were wrapping up for the summer, I consulted with my team and my administrator on the need to update our curriculum for the 2020-21 school year, said Meeks, and over the course of the summer, I saw the need to expand and enrich our curriculum.The summer break is often the time for curriculum writing as educators plan their year. Such curriculum writing includes standard-based plans for units, lessons, assessments and resources to guide instruction and learning throughout the school year.The current economic situation, however, means that funding is scarce for such projects, Meeks said. He chose to chart a new course for his students.Working with his schools 501c3non-profit organization, Friends at Mayport for Education FAME, he created the Rodney Lawrence Hurst Sr. Fellowship.I chose to name the fellowship after Mr. Hurst because he epitomizes my mission as an educator, said Meeks. Once upon a time, he was the middle school student who took his learning and transformed it into something greater than he ever imagined.When Hurst was a student at segregated Isaiah Blocker Junior High School, his teacher, Rutledge Pearson, taught him to look beyond the textbook for his learning. Pearson taught his African American students about the history that was not as readily accessible.Beyond the classroom, Pearson encouraged Hurst to join the Jacksonville Youth Council NAACP. This is where Hurst and a generation of young African Americans became part of American history with the events surrounding Axe Handle Saturday in August 1960.Meeks, himself a lifetime NAACP member, invited Hurst to speak at his school and was inspired by how Hurst connected learning with citizenship.Mr. Hurst inspired me to expand our curriculum, said Meeks, to make our civics and law studies lesson more relevant and practical for all of our students. This summers curriculum writing project became something greater in part because the public is indeed becoming more aware of the importance of representation and visibility in social studies.Meeks created the Rodney Lawrence Hurst Sr. Fellowship to support such planning and resources. The fellowship, for example, is directly funding the work that is going into planning a years worth of units and lessons that would have been done off the clock without funding.The planning is being done with an eye on representation and visibility and state law, said Meeks.Florida law now mandates that we teach about the Ocoee massacre, in which untold numbers of black Floridians were killed for trying to register to vote.I believe that our summer work allows us to mindfully create these lessons and more for student engagement and learning and not just compliance, he said.I have the added benefit of having served on various state and district committees responsible for planning civics and law studies curriculum and assessment, said Meeks. This is integral to ensuring that our learning is not only relevant, but appropriate to our curriculum overall.Meeks pointed out other lessons which are in the works covering A. Philip Randolph, Harry T. and Harriett Moore, Stetson Kennedy, Mary McLeod Bethune, Bob Martinez, and others who contributed to Florida history.Far too many of us have grown up believing that the civil rights movement took place somewhere else, Meeks said, and what could be more empowering for our young people to know that the First Coast has been an engine of positive change and can be.Knowledge helps us transform action into power.When asked how such inclusion and diversity would help students in general, Meeks cited It Was Never About A Hotdog and a Coke, a book written by Hurst, stating, Studying American history without also explaining the contributions of blacks yields an undesirable consequence: If you have no clue about the historical contributions made to this country by my ancestors, you have a lack of respect for me as a black person.In the absence of funding, Meeks said, he is grateful for the support that he has received from the community.I am especially grateful to Mr. Hurst, said Meeks, for supporting me in this endeavor, because he taught me that there is a great deal of history that has yet to be told. And if not us to tell it, then who willThe Rodney Lawrence Hurst Sr. Fellowship is now taking tax-deductible contributions. A donation of $1,000 was made from an individual donor, and work on law studies curriculum is in progress.For more information aboutFriends at Mayport for Education, visit friendsatmayport.org or write to Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School, 2600 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach, Fla. 32233, Attn: Rodney Lawrence Hurst Sr. Fellowship. Section News

Community shows support after officer-involved shooting
07/28/2020 1:19pm

Community shows support after officer-involved shootingNews StaffTue, 07/28/2020 - 02:19 pm By Liza Mitchell, Contributor The first officer-involved shooting in 20 years occurred in the city of Atlantic Beach July 16. Since the event, the community has rallied in support of the police department, delivering meals and cookies, and raising more than $21,000 in an online fund-raiser.An unnamed officer responding to a report of an individual harassing employees of Panera Bread at 899 Atlantic Blvd. was left critically injured after he was attacked by the suspect. The officer was beaten unconscious and the suspect continued to strike the downed officer as he lay face down in the parking lot.A second officer responding to the call for back-up fired a single shot to disable the 19-year-old suspect, identified as Jaden Perkins. Perkins was absentee booked by the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office and charged with attempted second-degree murder. The injured officer is recovering at home and is scheduled to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.Last Thursday in Atlantic Beach, a typical summer morning was interrupted by shocking news that quickly reverberated throughout our community and touched us in deep ways. News that one of our police officers was down and a back-up officer arrived in time to save his life, said Mayor Ellen Glasser in a July 20 social media post. News that the back-up officer subdued a dangerous suspect, protecting his life and those of his fellow officer and stunned onlookers. And all in the Panera Bread parking lot.The initial call came in at 5 a.m. about a suspicious person in the parking lot of the Panera location. When the first officer arrived at the scene, he engaged in a physical confrontation with Perkins who knocked the officer unconscious and continued to stomp on his head and hands.According to the police report, Perkins made a statement to the back up officer that youre going to have to kill me before approaching. The officer gave verbal commands to Perkins to stop his approach and while he initially appeared to comply, he got off the ground and attempted to grab the officers weapon. That officer fired a single round at Perkins who fell to the ground and continued to be combative before being transported to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.That back up officer had no choice but to fire one round and try to stop that person from attacking him. The suspect was struck one time and fell to the ground where he continued to be combative on the ground. The officer talked to him and told him Were trying to help you. Stay down, dont get up again. Medical was requested with JFRD to assist our first officer and the suspect had been shot. He was still being combative. Fire rescue did arrive and was able to render aid to that individual.This is a terrible thing to have happen in Atlantic Beach. We are typically a quiet community. We have not had an officer-involved shooting in over 20 years out here so we are deferring to the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office who works our officer involved shooting investigation to make sure there is a full and transparent investigation, said Interim Chief Vic Gualillo. I want you to know that the ABPD is committed to getting all the facts in this case.Gualillo was able to visit with the officer in the hospital and he anticipates a full recovery, though he is unsure when the victim will be able to return to work.The officers involved in the incident are excellent examples of the professional and caring individuals that make up the Atlantic Beach Police Department. They were responding to a request for help from a member of our community as every. Officer across our nation has done and will continue to do as long as our profession exists, said Gualillo. This call was however one of those that all cops know can happen but we all pray will never occur on our watch. Thats what makes those who serve and First Responders amazing humans, they know what the frightening possibilities are but they still volunteer day after day to step back into the arena because they believe they can help someone else, despite the personal cost.Glasser urged citizens to continue its show of support for Atlantic Beach Police and all law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep their communities safe.Here in Atlantic Beach, we have a strong, positive relationship with our police. But, as we all know, we live in tense times, and it is more difficult than ever to be a police officer in America. So, we should support our good officers whenever and however we can, she said. They are the ones who come when we call for help. They are the ones who are expected to leverage all injustices in our society and make perfect, split second decisions. They are the ones who know the risks of the job yet accept them day after day to serve on our behalf. They are the ones whose loved ones pray not to get phone calls like the ones they received last Thursday. Last Thursday, we were reminded of what service and bravery look like in our community. I thank God it wasnt worse.I have been humbled by the amount of support and genuine love that has been shown by our citizens, partners in Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, government officials and retired officers who live across the country. They have all been calling to check on officers who work for us to make sure they were okay, said Gualillo. I have received many personal communications of every sort conveying support, prayers and admiration for our officers and all LEOs and I know there have been a lot more sent directly to our department. Section News

Florida Times-Union
Florida Times-Union

1 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 359-4111


Folio Weekly
Folio Weekly

9456 Philips Hwy #11
Jacksonville, FL 32256   Directions

(904) 260-9770


Hola Noticias
Hola Noticias

9831 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246   Directions

(904) 683-2198


WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX
WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX

11700 Central Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32224   Directions

(904) 996-0400



100 Festival Park Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 353-7770


St. Johns County Precinct Finder
08/03/2020 9:19am

RETURN TO THE ELECTIONS HOMEPAGE How to use this page: Type in your house number. As you enter your street name SLOWLY, the system will prompt you with the valid street names found in St. Johns County. When the computer gives you street names, select yours from one of the options. You cannot copy and paste the address. It must ...

Nassau County Precinct Finder
08/03/2020 9:05am

RETURN TO THE ELECTIONS HOMEPAGE How to use this page: Type in your house number. As you enter your street name SLOWLY, the system will prompt you with the valid street names found in Nassau County. When the computer gives you street names, select yours from one of the options. You cannot copy and paste the address. It must be ...

Your Baker County Sample Ballot
07/29/2020 2:56pm

RETURN TO THE ELECTIONS HOMEPAGE The information on this page is from the Baker County Supervisor of Elections.

Your St. Johns County Sample Ballot
07/29/2020 2:44pm

RETURN TO THE ELECTIONS HOMEPAGE The information on this page is from the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections.

Your Clay County Sample Ballot
07/28/2020 1:25pm

RETURN TO THE ELECTIONS HOMEPAGE The information on this page is from the Clay County Supervisor of Elections website.


4 Broadcast Pl
Jacksonville, FL 32207   Directions

(904) 399-4000


WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC
WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC

1070 E Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 354-1212


Storms cause flooding, lightning, hail Tuesday night
08/04/2020 9:00pm

The First Coast Weather team says parts of the Westside saw egg-sized hail.

'We have lost the benefit of herd immunity:' Jacksonville doctor says measles outbreak a real possibility
08/05/2020 6:29am

The CDC has reported a drastic decline in the number of children vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella during the pandemic.

Roof collapses at Cassat Avenue Dunkin', Baskin-Robbins following strong storms
08/05/2020 4:13am

The business was taped off with police tape, but tile was visible across the parking lot and the collapsed roof was visible through the windows.

Video shows angry passenger ripping out Lyft driver's plastic partition, attacking him
08/04/2020 6:34pm

Deputies say before Travis Smith, 36, attacked the driver, he first ripped out the plastic partition in the vehicle after becoming angered by it.

DeSantis appoints Jacksonville woman to special committee after she took dishwashing job to see husband with Alzheimer's
08/04/2020 7:55pm

Since her story went viral, Daniel has been adamant about wanting to meet with Gov. DeSantis to discuss a list of proposals that would make visitation easier.

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