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Right here in your city, we have a broad selection of local news organizations and stations reporting on the daily happenings throughout the area, from charity events to crime, and so much more. Everyone has their favorite local news provider, but now you can explore all the local news offerings throughout the region in one convenient location.

Our directory has compiled a full list of local news stations and organizations. We have included the address, phone number, website, and driving directions of each station in the region. When you need to report on a story, learn about upcoming events, or simply want to catch up on the latest news in your community, we make finding the information easier than ever before.

To use our directory, click on the local news category and then find the station that interests you most. If you click the business name, you’ll be redirected to their profile, where you can find contact and location information in greater detail.

If you operate a local news station or organization, reach out today. We would be happy to add your information or update existing information in the directory. We actively help consumers find your local news more easily!

Beaches Leader

Beaches Leader

1114 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250   Directions

(904) 249-9033


Catty Shack Ranch expanding facilities
03/30/2019 8:02am

The Catty Shack Ranch is expanding. The expansion will add new veterinary facilities and an education center with an observation deck that looks over the park.

Ocean County remembered
03/29/2019 6:52am

Bill Gulliford, outgoing Jacksonville City Councilman, long-time Rotarian and speaker at the Rotary Club of Jacksonville Oceansides meeting, presented a vintage Ocean County T-shirt to Chris Hof

Paid parking in Jacksonville Beach is back
03/29/2019 3:17am

Jacksonville Beach has begun its annual paid parking program and, this year, there are changes in how the payment operates and the costs.

Neptune Beach Police Department salutes active duty officers
03/28/2019 9:13am

In honor of Womens History Month, the Neptune Beach Police Department NBPD salutes the three active-duty officers currently working for the agency.

How Florida’s saltwater fishing management boundaries came to be
03/13/2019 8:00pm

When you are on a boat, its hard to imagine boundaries. The sea is the sea. Wave after wave, it all looks the same. Above-water landmarks are few and far between.

Florida Times-Union

Florida Times-Union

1 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 359-4111


Folio Weekly

Folio Weekly

9456 Philips Hwy #11
Jacksonville, FL 32256   Directions

(904) 260-9770


Hola Noticias

Hola Noticias

9831 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246   Directions

(904) 683-2198


WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX

WJAX-TV 47 - CBS and WFOX-TV 30 - FOX

11700 Central Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32224   Directions

(904) 996-0400




100 Festival Park Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 353-7770


Yellow Vest Protesters Fueled By Anger Over Notre Dame Funds March In Paris
04/20/2019 12:12pm

Protesters set fires in eastern Paris as they marched for the 23rd Saturday in a row. They say the efforts to restore the damaged Notre Dame cathedral are eclipsing their demands.The post Yellow Vest Protesters Fueled By Anger Over Notre Dame Funds March In Paris appeared first on WJCT.

Northern Ireland Police Arrest 2 Men In Shooting Death Of Journalist
04/20/2019 9:26am

Authorities say they arrested an 18- and 19-year-old under the U.K.s controversial Terrorism Act and took them to the Musgrave Serious Crime Suite, a police station in Belfast.The post Northern Ireland Police Arrest 2 Men In Shooting Death Of Journalist appeared first on WJCT.

The Tell-All Book That Could Trump Them All: The Mueller Report
04/20/2019 9:13am

Few authors get to pick who will provide the exclusive first review of their work, and Mueller didnt either. That choice was made by the principal character in the story, the president himself.The post The Tell-All Book That Could Trump Them All: The Mueller Report appeared first on WJCT.

Congress Considers Making College More Accessible To People In Prison
04/20/2019 9:00am

A bipartisan group of lawmakers across the House and the Senate introduced a bill that would allow people in prison access to federal Pell grants to pay for college.The post Congress Considers Making College More Accessible To People In Prison appeared first on WJCT.

Reach Out: Ways To Help A Loved One At Risk Of Suicide
04/20/2019 9:00am

What can you do when you fear someone you know may be considering suicide It can feel daunting, but suicide prevention experts say we all can help someone at risk by reaching out and showing we care.The post Reach Out: Ways To Help A Loved One At Risk Of Suicide appeared first on WJCT.



4 Broadcast Pl
Jacksonville, FL 32207   Directions

(904) 399-4000


Are you sure you can recycle that?
04/22/2019 5:00am

Earth Day reminds us of the importance of taking care of our planet. Many people recycle to reduce the amount of harmful gas released from the trash that ends up in a landfill. But a lot of the items people put in their recycling bins cant actually be recycled in our area -- and many dont realize theyve got it wrong.A recent trip to an area recycling plant revealed the biggest mistakes many would-be recyclers are making.During a tour of the plant where all recyclables from Duval County and the beaches are sorted, Jason Graves, division manager of Republic Services in Jacksonville, said the No. 1 residential recycling mistake is grocery bags. Anything made of flexible plastic, like grocery bags, Target bags or Walmart bags, should not be added to a home recycling bin, Graves said.You can take them to Target, Publix or any of the big stores. They have collection boxes, but we cannot take them in your residential stream, he said. Any plastic you can poke your finger through is not recyclable here. He said thats because the bags get caught in the machines at the facility and can cause extensive damage. Along with grocery bags, some of the most common plastics that are not recyclable are: Garbage bags Bubble wrap Pet food bags Shrink wrap, like whats used around cases of water Here are some other recycling tips from Republic Services, which also contracts with parts of St. Johns, Nassau and Clay counties. Styrofoam Graves said Styrofoam is another misconception, because its not accepted in any form at the Republic Services plant.Even so -- we get a lot of egg cartons, Graves said. Graves said egg cartons and the Styrofoam used as a bottom plate on meat purchased from a store can be recycled at a grocery store, but they are considered contaminants at the recycling plant and must be pulled from the plants stream and thrown away.Republic Services uses a gigantic machine made of several conveyor belts that sorts the recyclables at the Northside plant. Dozens of workers also pull the contaminants from the stream of items. They have to be sorted out because Republic Services contracts with domestic and international carriers who buy the recycled goods and repurpose them into other reusable items. If there are too many contaminants in a single bale of the material, the entire bale has to be thrown away. Cardboard Another common mistake is when cardboard boxes are thrown in residential recycling bins with the plastic bubble wrap still inside. Plastic envelopes, like ones that come in the mail, are also not able to be recycled at the plant. Graves said the plant receives and processes from 325 to 350 tons of disposables a day. But 20 of it cannot be recycled and has to be sent to a landfill. Cardboard is recyclable as long as it does not have any food or grease, like from pizza, that has contaminated it. If there is food or grease on the bottom, I rip off the bottom and throw that in the garbage, but you can recycle the top, Graves explained. Liquid contaminants Holding a half-full sports drink bottle, Graves said people might not realize the damage a small amount of liquid can do.If anything gets wet from a half-full water bottle or other liquid, it ruins all the clean paper in the truck, Graves said.He said bottles with liquid should be left out of the recycling bin, even with the top still on the bottle.He said if the bottle gets crushed or the top comes loose, everything that the spilled liquid hits has to be thrown away. All bottles should be emptied and dried as much as possible before being tossed in the bin.Plastic tops can remain on bottles as long as they are screwed on tight. We cannot recycle anything smaller than a credit card, he said. Another option is to throw the plastic top in the garbage and just recycle the bottle.Still have questions about what can be recycled in Northeast Florida by Republic Services Check out this checklist:

Man bitten by shark is in stable condition
04/21/2019 10:00pm

A man was bitten by a shark around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue. Authorities said that the man was bit on the leg by the shark. They said he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. No other details were given at the time.

DeSantis pushes for lowering cost of prescription drugs
04/21/2019 8:58pm

Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Floridians.Right now, U.S. consumers pay some of the highest drug prices in the world. Florida legislative staff say we pay as much as 30 percent to 190 percent more than other countries.DeSantis is pushing for a new House bill that would drop costs by bringing in drugs from Canada.The plan is meeting heavy resistance. Political ads have begun flooding the airwaves arguing against the push, saying this could bring dangerous drugs into Florida.Critics are saying there are serious dangers that come along with importing drugs For example, counterfeits and not knowing where the drugs are really coming from. The ads say some could come from China, but theres no mention of that in the House Bill.If its passed, the bill would allow imported prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies in Canada.Drug companies sell the drugs overseas for far less than they sell them in the U.S., and they are basically piggybacking off of government funded research and ripping off the taxpayers, said Richard Allen, who supports the bill.Everyone we spoke with agrees we pay too much for prescription drugs.Whats really unsettling is today I could pay $200 for a drug and tomorrow I could pay $300 for the drug. The prices go up exponentially overnight which is very disturbing, said Giovanna Sparagna, who doesnt support the bill.If you cannot ensure the quality of the drugs that are coming into the country, well, you dont know if they are sold from Canada, or are they sourced from Canada, said Sparagna. DeSantis says the imports would only include FDA approved drugs from across the northern border.

Solar power industry sees rays of growth in Georgia
04/21/2019 8:32pm

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy last week released Solar in the Southeast 2018, its second annual report on solar expansion.Solar growth continues in the Southeast adding 65 percent in 2018, the report states. The region will surpass 10,000 MW in 2019. SACE now anticipates 19,000 MW by 2022, up from our prior projection of 15,000 by 2021.The nonprofit compared the amount of solar installed by each utility relative to the number of customers it serves, a measure described as watts per customer.This analysis in our second regional solar report shines a light on the utilities and states that excel in smart solar growth and demonstrates the enormous potential that remains in the Southeast for increased solar development, said Stephen A. Smith, executive director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.Using the unbiased watts per customer metric, we are also able to see which states and utilities are continuing to fall behind and need a serious course correction to avoid denying customers the economic and environmental and benefits of clean solar power. We hope that the facts presented in this report will continue to serve as a helpful tool as utilities and regulators throughout the region advance in their renewable energy planning.Georgia and the states largest utility, Georgia Power, are still regional leaders in solar, but other states and are catching up and some are pulling ahead. For example, the states watts per customer solar ratio last year of 280 is higher than the Southeast average of 269, but will require additional ambition to avoid falling below average by 2022, they report.The alliance suggests the Georgia Public Service Commission could demand additional solar development in the Georgia Power 2019 Integrated Resource Plan, a required three-year plan that regulators began hearings about last week, and sustain Georgias solar leadership.Georgia Power came up fourth among the large utilities in the region with 426 watts of solar installed per customer. Thats down from third last year. In first place is Duke Energy Progress with 1,625 watts per customer.While reports show our dominance in solar slipping by 2021, I anticipate the Public Service Commission adding a gigawatt, possibly two gigawatts, keeping us near the top of the list, Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols said.The leading utility, Duke Energy Progress, has been aided by North Carolina laws along with favorable regulatory terms required by the North Carolina Utilities Commission for independent power providers. In Georgia, the push has been a regulatory one from the PSC.The PSC directed Georgia Power to develop an Advanced Solar Initiative in 2012, which led to the development of more than 700 megawatts of solar. Georgia Power also collaborated with the Department of Defense to develop 166 megawatts of solar on military bases. An agreement with the PSC in 2016 led the current plan to add 1,600 megawatts of solar, wind, and/or biomass resources by 2020.The PSCs model favors utility-scale solar over residential rooftop. But the clean energy goals of Atlanta and Athens may be shifting that stance.I would like to see more rooftop solar in Georgia -- particularly in Atlanta and Athens to help with their 100 percent clean energy goals, said Echols. We could help these cities by raising the limit of both array size and buyback price for rooftop solar in their jurisdictions.Georgia Power is proposing in its 2019 IRP to add 950 megawatts of utility scale and 50 megawatts of distributed rooftop solar, said PSC Chairman Lauren Bubba McDonald.I predict there will be a bit more solar than what Georgia Power suggested, said McDonald, an early solar champion who at 80 has said he will not seek reelection in 2020 but will serve out his term. There will be a greater effort to expand the distributed generation. To what level I dont know.Echols said he plans to support any measure McDonald puts forward in both distributed generation and utility scale.The newest commissioner, Jason Shaw, who was appointed after Doug Everett resigned before the end of his term in November, said hes keeping an open mind on solar.At this point, we have heard from Georgia Power Co. and look forward to hearing more from the various interveners, he said. Georgia has been a leader in the solar market and I look for that to continue as long as it makes sense for ratepayers.SACE supports utility scale, as well as mid-size community or industrial solar -- like the ground-mounted array at the Sea Point industrial park on East President Street where 4,000 solar panels were installed earlier this year -- and rooftop.But Georgia also doesnt have a policy champion for rooftop solar. Without proactive policies like net metering, it takes homeowners longer to get their return on rooftop solar.Other states support distributed generation solar more vigorously. Legislation pending in South Carolina will extend net metering, SACE reports. The Florida Public Service Commission approved solar lease designs to promote further growth and opportunity. Florida utilities are also advancing shared/community solar programs to expand access for customers interested in solar.

Divers return to see Maple Leaf shipwreck artifacts after 30 years
04/21/2019 10:09am

A historic civil war era shipwreck in the St. Johns River was discovered in the late 1980s and excavated in the 90s. The team that was responsible for the discovery got a chance to revisit many of the artifacts for the first time Friday since they removed them from the mud nearly 30 years ago.In 1865, the Maple Leaf, a steamboat carrying supplies for the Union army, hit a mine in the St. Johns River and sank into the muddy waters below.And the hull is in an intact U-shaped time capsule, said Dr. Keith Holland, president of St. Johns Archeological Expeditions.With the help of a team of divers, the wreck was discovered more than 100 years later, and researchers were able to recover more than 6,500 artifacts, mostly personal items, that were trapped inside.It was just literally groping and feel, where we would reach into the mud and find an object, said diver Larry Tipping.The items inside were preserved almost perfectly.Even letters that were received and written. Its just a human element thats there and theres not another site like it anywhere, said Holland.Now, primarily stored in the state archive in Floridas capital city, the original team returned for the first time to visit the artifacts since they were brought up from the mud in the 1990s.I think its important to know our history and you know, of course, looking at the artifacts that were part of history really just kind of continues that, said Tipping.Its believed the excavation in the 90s only scratched the surface of what remains on the ship. The items recovered represent only 0.1 of the ships cargo, according to researchers.The discovery of the Maple Leaf was so significant the site of the wreck is now designated as a national historical landmark.Ensuring the wreck and its cargo are still around for future generations is a responsibility shared by all in the state, Holland said. And were going to do everything we can to educate students and people of all ages about Maple Leaf and not let her just drift back into obscurity. If the site is protected properly, divers said it will keep open the possibility of future excavations to recover some of what is still buried in the mud.While the items in the state archive are not readily accessible for viewing by the public, many of the artifacts recovered from the Maple Leaf shipwreck are loaned out to museums across the state, including the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville and the Museum of Florida History in the States Capital City.

WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC

WJXX-TV 25 - ABC and WTLV-TV 12 - NBC

1070 E Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202   Directions

(904) 354-1212


Man fatally shot in the Lackawanna area
04/22/2019 5:40am

People in the area say they heard over a dozen gunshots, a woman screaming, and other male voices.

4-year-old is best friends with the janitor who cleaned his hospital room
04/21/2019 10:20pm

Cooper Baltzell bonded with Gregory Watson during walks to the hospital popcorn machine.

Police: Man bit by shark at Jacksonville Beach
04/21/2019 10:09pm

The incident happened at around 5:30 p.m. on 30th Ave. S., according to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

If my measles shot was years ago, am I still protected? 5 questions answered
04/21/2019 9:47am

Given all the attention around measles, heres what people who believe they have been vaccinated should know.

'I just wish I had made a better decision' Family says mechanic didn't fix car
04/21/2019 10:07pm

Moore explained hes out nearly $900 for work he paid for his car to be fixed to which we received a text reply from the mechanics cell phone explaining that he never worked-on the Moores car rather agreed to just pick up a motor.

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