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Andersonville National Historic Site
Andersonville National Historic Site

(229) 924-0343

760 POW Rd
Andersonville, GA 31711   Directions Website

History buffs who take a special interest in the Civil War will want to make plans to visit the Andersonville National Historic Site. This is the prison camp that became the deathbed for 13,000 Union soldiers who were prisoners of war and suffered extreme neglect that lead to their deaths. The National Prisoner of War museum is also located here. This historic and dramatic attraction is only one mile north of the city of Andersonville, which itself is in close proximity to Macon.

Douglass Theater
Douglass Theater

(478) 742-2000

355 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Macon, GA 31201   Directions Website

Revisit the site of some of Macon's most classic performances when you step into the classic beauty of the Douglass Theater. This venue and attraction dates all the way back to the 1920s when it was an African-American movie and vaudeville hall. Later, in the 1960s, such iconic performers as Otis Redding and Ray Charles graced its impressively large stage. Amazingly, the theater is still in operation and takes great pride in maintaining its role in promoting the African-American experience in the areas of music, film and theater.

Hay House
Hay House

(478) 742-8155

934 Georgia Ave
Macon, GA 31201   Directions Website

At Macon's Hay House, a significant and stunning piece of history still stands in a most spectacular way. This incredible 18,000-square-foot antebellum mansion was originally built in 1855 and amazingly survived the War between the States. Its Renaissance Revival style is completed by several notable details that include carved plaster adorned with 24-karat gold leaves and colorful stained glass windows. Tours of this historic attraction are available year round at the top of the hour between 10am and 3pm. Call ahead or check the website for times or to make special arrangements for larger tours.

Museum of Arts and Sciences
Museum of Arts and Sciences

(478) 477-3232

4182 Forsyth Rd
Macon, GA 3121   Directions Website

Take advantage of the fact that your kids are naturally curious by giving them plenty to be curious about when you bring them to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon. This impressive museum can be considered a type of window to the world with all of its educational and highly entertaining exhibits and attractions. The recently-added third floor brings even more exploratory fun, as it features an artist's garret, humanist's study, scientist's workshop and an enclosed animal habitat.

Museum of Aviation
Museum of Aviation

(478) 926-6870

1942 Heritage Blvd
Robins AFB, GA 31098   Directions Website

Let your love of military history and aviation take flight when you visit the Museum of Aviation. This attraction is located on the Robbins Air Force Base. You will find more than 89 military aircraft on display that include an F-15 Eagle, P-40 Warhawk, and an SR-71 Blackbird, which holds the distinction of being the fastest plane on earth. Informative movies produced by the Smithsonian are screened hourly. There is also a museum shop and cafe on the site as well.

Ocmulgee National Monument
Ocmulgee National Monument

(912) 752-8257

1207 Emery Hwy
Macon, GA 31217   Directions Website

Explore some of Macon's most dramatic history when you take the kids out to experience the stories and conflicts that make the Ocmulgee National Monument such a compelling place to visit. This attraction is an incredible slice of history that documents over ten millennia of Southeastern Native American culture. Features of the monument include major earthworks built over 1,00 years ago, a great temple and other highly impressive structures that the kids will love learning about.

Tobesofkee Recreation Area
Tobesofkee Recreation Area

(912) 474-8770

6600 Moseley Dixon Rd
Macon, GA 31210   Directions Website

It doesn't matter if you want to teach the kids about the finer points of fishing, how to swim or if you just want to get them out of the house for awhile. What does matter is that when you take the whole family to the Tobesofkee Recreation Area, there will be plenty of fun waiting for them. Fishing for largemouth and striped bass is reason enough to get excited about your visit, but so are the inviting shoreline areas, the swimming and water sports that are available, as well as the large picnic areas that double as comfortable places to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Tubman African American Museum
Tubman African American Museum

(478) 743-8544

310 Cherry St
Macon, GA 31201   Directions Website

Georgia's history is deeply entwined with several pivotal points in African-American history, and that connection is made to great effect at Macon's Tubman African American Museum. Art, history and culture all convene to create a compelling focal point that is underscored by the facility's 14 galleries, a library and a museum that are all dedicated to spotlighting African-American achievements. One of the most noteworthy attractions is a tribute to the museum's namesake, Ms. Tubman who was known as “The Black Moses” as well as one of the leaders of the underground railroad during the Civil War. Among the many fascinating items and exhibits, the museum is home to one of the country's most extensive collections of historical African memorabilia.

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