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The city of Buffalo usually surprises visitors. This is a city with a tough exterior, but underneath the surface there is plenty of expressive charm that makes it a place most definitely worth exploring. Perhaps the first thing that will strike you about Buffalo is the fact that all four seasons are fairly aligned with the yearly calendar. The spring and summers are warm and inviting, and while the autumns bring the changing of the leaves and cooler weather, the Buffalo winters are legendary for testing anyone's physical limits. But that snow and ice never seems to stop the highly enthusiastic sports fans who live here, as they will brave any conditions to root for their football team, the Buffalo Bills. And while there's plenty of interest in sports, Buffalo also features a dazzling nightlife that offers everything from laid-back pubs and sports bars to glitzy dance venues and high-end supper clubs.

Buffalo also doesn't flinch at marking the area's cultural and artistic history through the impressive group of museums and historical places. And when the seasons do change, there always seems to be some great outdoor fun to be had on the nearby Lake Erie or Lake Ontario. The resilience of the people of Buffalo can be seen in many forms, but one of the most amusing is seeing the locals out water skiing in the summer and then snow skiing in the winter. It's that adaptability that truly embodies the spirit of Buffalo.

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