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The small, peaceful city of Cheyenne is actually the capital of Wyoming, as well as the state's most populous city. Next to Crow Creek and Dry Creek, this Magic City of the Plains was established in 1867 with the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad and Fort D.A. Russell. Named after the Cheyenne Nation, one of the most prominent Great Plains tribes, this city acted as a gateway for westward expansion. Unsurprisingly, it's role earned Cheyenne the nickname Frontier City.

The driving force behind the city's economy remains both military and political. Not only does the government still convene in the original Wyoming State Capitol, just one of the many architecturally amazing historic buildings still standing and in use, but the US Air Force also remains in the renovated and renamed Fort Russell, now Francis E. Warren Air Force Base. Other major economic players include Great Lakes Airline and Taco John's.

Developments in the field of wind energy are also making great progress in Cheyenne. Thanks to the abundance of Chinook winds from the Rockies, Frontier City has plenty of this renewable resource. Additionally, these winds help raise the temperature of this semi-arid city during the winter and keep the thick snow from lingering too long.

This is a great boon, because warmer temperatures allow residents and visitors alike to take advantage of Cheyenne's many beautiful parks. Aside from good roads and bikeways, as well as a healthy public transportation system, the elaborate Greater Cheyenne Greenway connects these parks as well as different areas of the city to one another. The abundance of greenery and pathways led to Frontier City being named "Trail Town USA" in 1996.

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