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Despite the fact that Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona, the area exudes a confidence and inviting charm that makes it a completely first class destination. The most striking thing about Mesa is its stunning natural beauty that is created not only by its location in the desert but also by the surrounding rock formations along with the refreshing presence of the Salt River.

Speaking of that particular body of water, many of the city's locals as well as its visitors head to the Salt River to fish, boat or to take part in an unforgettable tubing adventure. And if it's adventure you seek, you can set out on one of your own on one of the area's many hike and bike trails. There is also plenty of activities with which you can treat your senses when you enjoy Mesa's glimmering nightlife. If you prefer to have the setting for your adventure a little more contained, step into any of the city's fine art galleries, museums and historical sites to get a more focused picture of the area's colorful past that strongly links it to all the excitement and promise of its very positive future.

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