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Mobile is a city that has upheld its longstanding tradition of celebration. That legacy reaches all the way back to 1703. That is when the very first Mardi Gras celebration was held in the United States. Perhaps most people would associate that significant event with New Orleans, but Mobile was in fact the first site of that now-iconic party. Interestingly, that celebratory flair has become part of several other aspects of life in Mobile.

For example, the city's excellent museums and historic sites celebrate all that came before by masterfully connecting those events to the city's present and future. The many outdoor and family attractions celebrate both nature and its inextricable link to familial bonds. And of course, Mobile celebrates the art of celebrating with not only its impressive schedule of yearly events and festivals, but also by its dizzying variety of activities that make up its arts, music and entertainment scene. So, if you're out to visit a city that truly celebrates life, go Mobile!

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