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in Detroit, MI (showing 1 - 9 out of 9)

Crain's Detroit Business

Crain's Detroit Business

1155 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48207   Directions

(877) 824-9374

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press

160 W Fort St
Detroit, MI 48226   Directions

(313) 222-6400

Mitch Albom: Michigan football beats down MSU in chippy, chirpy affair
10/21/2018 6:42am

Snuffed and chuffed. Michigans football team bulled past Michigan State in every way imaginable on Saturday in East Lansing.

2018 Detroit marathon: Live updates from race day
10/21/2018 6:42am

The 2018 Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon is under way Follow our live coverage of todays race throughout Detroit and Windsor.

Michigan, Jim Harbaugh find swagger and identity at Michigan State
10/21/2018 6:10am

The Michigan Wolverines answered a number of questions about their program Saturday at Michigan State. And all of them were positive.

Michigan doctor with cancer planned own death, 'shocked' to be alive
10/21/2018 5:53am

Now an outspoken stomach cancer advocate, Randy Hillard is also a psychiatrist at Central Michigan University.

With Ohio State's loss, Michigan football becomes Big Ten leader
10/20/2018 10:44pm

Just when you thought the Michigan Wolverines night couldnt get any sweeter, it did, when Purdue crushed Ohio State

Michigan Chronicle

Michigan Chronicle

479 Ledyard St
Detroit, MI 48201   Directions

(313) 963-5522

The Detroit News

The Detroit News

160 W Fort St
Detroit, MI 48226   Directions

(313) 222-2323

Heavy winds leave 35K without power
10/20/2018 6:08pm

A severe thunderstorm warning for effectSaturday in several Metro Detroit counties has been cancelled.

Detroit Marathon closes roads downtown Sunday
10/20/2018 9:26pm

The 41st running of the Detroit Marathon beginsat 7 a.m. on Fort St. in Downtown Detroit.

Detroit police find 63 fetuses in boxes, freezers of funeral home
10/20/2018 8:37am

Detroit police removed 63 fetuses Friday from a Detroit funeral home, as state inspectors shuttered the facility that is under investigation on allegations of mishandling remains and fraud

Health care issues dominate Longjohn-Rep. Upton's battle
10/20/2018 11:05pm

Health care is key issue in the fight between Republican Rep. Fred Upton and Democrat Matt Longjohn from the Affordable Care Act to medical titles

Michigan Lottery numbers for Saturday, October 20th
10/20/2018 10:46pm

These Michigan Lottery numbers were drawn Saturday



550 W Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226   Directions

(313) 222-0500

Winter Outlook: Not as Harsh
10/21/2018 6:00am

It is the time of year when everybody starts looking ahead, and not necessarily with optimism. Daylight is shrinking as nights get longer, and temps are dropping. Before we know it, the pitter patter of little snowflakes will arrive. So, the question youre probably asking is: How will this winter be That question is typically not easy to answer but, this winter, a clue has arisen that is providing some meaningful guidance. Before getting to the forecast itself, you need to know what El Nino is. A lot of people dont understand what El Nio and its sister, La Nia are and how they affect our weather.As you can imagine, the surface waters of our worlds oceans do not have the same temperature -- there are differences.In the Pacific, when prevailing winds push its warmer surface waters eastward, its called an El Nio.When those winds reverse and push those warmer surface waters westward toward Asia, its called La Nia.So whats the big deal about this Because there is a tremendous interaction between our oceans and the atmosphere -- more thunderstorms form where those warmer waters are, and that impacts the jet stream configuration. And, as weve explained many times in the past, the jet stream not only separates cold air masses from warmer ones, but its also our general storm track.In an El Nio winter, two things happen: The main Arctic jet stream tends to shift farther north, which limits Arctic air intrusions into our region. The farther north storm track sometimes gives us a drier than normal winter. El Nios also strengthen the subtropical jet stream, which creates a more persistent storm track across the south, and gives them a cooler, rainier winter in general.In a La Nia winter, the Arctic jet stream trends farther south, allowing more Arctic blasts into the Great Lakes. If the storm track is near us, that means more snow storms. Farther south, the subtropical jet stream is almost non-existent, so they have a drier, sunnier, more pleasant winter. If youre a snowbird, you like La Nia winters.Heres the NOAA forecast for the upcoming winter and, based upon what I explained above, you can easily see an El Nio influence on the expected general weather pattern across the country.As you can see, the NOAA winter outlook calls for above average temperatures for us, and below average precipitation. But there are some important caveats. First, remember that these are averages for the entire winter, and we dont necessarily know how that distribution of temperature and precipitation will play out. For example, lets say we have a really cold December followed by a milder January and February.That would average out warmer for all three months, even though we had a harsh December. Or, lets say we have a dry December, get slammed with snow in January, and then have a dry February. You might think it was a harsh winter based upon selective memory we always remember the days we were stuck in snowy rush hour traffic, not the nice days when, in actuality, most of it was benign.Also, keep in mind that this forecast does not mean that we cant get a big snowstorm. We can still have some of those biggies in an otherwise drier than average winter. Its sort of like Hurricane Andrew hitting south Florida in 1992 in a relatively quiet hurricane year.Another complication is that the El Nino this winter is expected to be a weak one. These winter forecasts are pretty easy when its a strong El Nino, like in the winters of 1982-83, 1997-98 or 2016-17.But when its a weak El Nino, then other ocean and atmospheric indicators such as the Arctic Oscillation, the Antarctic Oscillation, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, etc. become more important.

Chilly end to the weekend
10/21/2018 5:22am

Friday nights cold front, followed by a potent upper level disturbance Saturday afternoon, brought a variety of weather to our areafrom scattered severe thunderstorms to robust sleet showers and even some snowflakes. But all of that weather has shifted east, and we have a cool, dry Sunday ahead. Unfortunately, it appears that the overnight cloud cover will be slow to break up, so we wont be able to see the Orionid Meteor Shower, which peaks this morning before dawn. We should see breaks of sun develop during the day and, by the end of the day, skies should be mostly clearwhich will carry over into Sunday night. If youre up early to run in the Free Press / Chemical Bank Marathon, plan for temperatures in the 30s 1 to 3 degrees Celsius with wind blowing from the northwest at 10 to 15 mphperhaps a little more breeze than youd like, but most marathoners weve talked to say that this is much better than the 70 degrees 21 degrees Celsius we had at the start of last years race. Highs this afternoon will only be in the mid to upper 40s 7 to 9 degrees Celsius, and even cooler in the Thumb. Temperatures tonight should drop into the mid 30s 1 to 2 degrees Celsius. It appears that well be dry for the entire week ahead, so this is probably a good time to get the car washed if its dirtyyoull get good value out of that car wash. Well be partly cloudy Monday and Tuesday, and mostly sunny Wednesday and Thursday before becoming partly cloudy again on Friday. Highs all week long should range from the upper 40s to low 50s 8 to 11 degrees Celsius, with overnight lows generally not far from freezing 32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that our average high this time of year is near 60 degrees 15 to 16 degrees Celsius and our average low is 42 degrees about 5 degrees Celsius, so itll be another week with below average temperatures. Although the upcoming weekend isnt certain yet, it looks dry right now, but with less sunshine than wed probably like.

Man struck and killed by train in Royal Oak
10/21/2018 1:28am

An investigation underway in Royal Oak, after a man is struck and killed by a train.This happened late Saturday night in the area of West 6th Street and Main Street. Police say the man was attempting to cross the tracks when he was hit. He was pronounced dead on the scene.The victim is reportedly a 24-year-old man from Flat Rock. Police say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the crash.

Perry Funeral Home shut down after 63 fetuses discovered
10/20/2018 10:18pm

Perry Funeral Home is the second Detroit funeral home accused of mishandling infant remains.RELATED: Lawsuit filed against Perry Funeral Home, WSU and Harper Hutzel Hospital over infant remainsMore than 60 fetuses were found in boxes and freezers at the funeral home on Detroits west side.The investigation started when 11 fetuses were found at the shuttered Cantrell Funeral Home on Detroits east side.That discovery led authorities to Perry Funeral Home, which has since been closed as investigators try to identify the remains.Families want answers.I want my moms remains, said Vanessa McMath, a client of the Perry Funeral Home.With the funeral home shuttered, McMath is unsure if she can get her mothers cremains.There is little closure for dozens of parents who lost pregnancies at the Detroit Medical Centers Harper-Hutzel Hospital.I havent gotten a death certificate, said Micah Compton. I want to see where my baby was buried at.In a deposition, Perry Funeral Home manager Gary Deak said he stored the remains in a freezer at Perry Funeral Home. The parents never had any idea this was happening.Perry Funeral Home, Harper Hutzel Hospital and Wayne State are facing a civil suit over this as a criminal investigation unfolds for how those remains were handled by this funeral home.The law firm representing the Perry Funeral Home released this statement: Perry Funeral Home has been serving the Detroit community for decades and has been a reputable, reliable and caring member of the community. The allegations being made through the press are inaccurate. Perry Funeral Home has conducted itself within the confines of the applicable statutes. These allegations involve only unclaimed infant remains. Perry Funeral Home received these remains from local hospitals who had indicated to Perry that the remains were unclaimed by the parents. In other words, the hospitals had informed Perry that the hospitals had reached out to the parents by certified mail and/or by phone, and the families did not respond. We do not believe that any of these remains involve families that paid Perry for funeral services. In the case of unclaimed remains, a funeral home cannot bury remains without proper authorization, and the law in Michigan sets forth a hierarchy for authority. Perry relied upon and operated within that hierarchy, but Perry never received the legal authority necessary to conduct a final disposition of the remains. Perry Funeral Home had not been informed that the parents of any of the deceased had desired for the remains to be donated to the medical school. Again, Perry was told that the remains were unclaimed by the parents. It is still unclear why any remains intended to be donated did not go to the medical school. Perry was not involved in any way with the body donor program, which was a program strictly between the hospitals and the medical school. Perry has conducted itself within the law and has not committed any criminal offenses.

DTE working to address 42,000 power outages
10/20/2018 2:11pm

DTE is working to address an estimated 42,000 power outages.The power outages are scattered around. No one particular area has been identified as of now. DTE has restored power at some locations, however it is difficult to get crews out because of weather conditions. Crews are currently working to address the situation. A representative for DTE said they are expecting to have the majority of customers power restored by Sunday night.



16550 W 9 Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48075   Directions

(248) 552-5103



26905 W 11 Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48033   Directions

(248) 355-7000

Couple to marry halfway through marathon in Detroit
10/20/2018 9:55am

An engaged western Michigan couple plan to tie the knot halfway through a marathon in downtown Detroit and then complete the event as husband and wife.

Friday’s Michigan High School Football Scores
10/20/2018 7:58am

Two Detroit police officers accused of failing to report a car chase that led to a fatal crash have been sentenced to one-year probations.

No Mega Millions Winner, Jackpot Climbs to $1.6 Billion
10/20/2018 7:43am

No one won the latest Mega Millions drawing, meaning the jackpot climbs to a staggering $1.6 billion.

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $1.6B, Thanks to worsening odds
10/20/2018 7:31am

If it seems like lottery jackpots are getting larger and larger, its because they are getting larger and larger.

Michigan Lottery Results 10/19/18
10/20/2018 7:23am

These Michigan lotteries were drawn Friday, October 19, 2018.

WXYZ Channel 7

WXYZ Channel 7

20777 W 10 Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48075   Directions

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5750 New King Dr
Troy, MI 48098   Directions

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