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Plan for something nice during your next vacation, or maybe next time someone comes for a visit. Surprise your guests – or your traveling buddies – with professional tours of the area. Get to know the latest and greatest venues or historical spots, or maybe get a specialized tour and hit the best areas in the city.

Check out our list below to see everything that’s available in the area. Find their name, address, phone number, website and driving directions – and start your next adventure!
Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site
Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site

(701) 328-2672

Bismarck, ND

The stories, traditions and culture of the area's Native Americans are treasures too precious and rare to lose. That is why there are places like Bismarck's Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site. In the wake of Louis and Clark's expedition and the eventual takeover of the land by settlers, groups like the Sioux Indians held on to their claims as much as they could, and this site stands as a reminder of their 3,000-year old Mandan Indian Village that remains a significant part of their history. Take a self-guided tour with the help of information provided by the Bismarck Convention and Visitors Bureau to get the whole story of this fascinating area.

Former Governor's Mansion State Historical Site
Former Governor's Mansion State Historical Site

(701) 328-9528

320 E Ave B
Bismarck, ND 58501   Directions Website

Get a taste of what life was like for the various individuals who served as North Dakota governor when you spend some time at the Former Governor's Mansion State Historical Site in Bismarck. This impressive mansion and museum was originally built back in 1884 as a private residence by Asa Fisher. It remained the governor's residence from 1893 until 1960. Those years are detailed through the use of vintage items, personal effects, exhibits, documents and photographs that all go to tell the story of what life was like for the man who had the responsibility of holding the highest political office in the state of North Dakota.

Lewis and Clark Riverboat
Lewis and Clark Riverboat

(701) 255-4233

1700 N River Rd
Bismarck, ND 58503   Directions Website

Satisfy your adventurous nature by hopping aboard the Lewis and Clark Riverboat for an unforgettable day of exploration. You will cruise through the picturesque Missouri River on this state-of-the-art 150 passenger riverboat. This is an all-weather paddlewheeler and it docks at Port Bismarck. There are various packages to enjoy that include excursion cruises, moonlight treks, and dinner cruises, as well.

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame
North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

(701) 623-2000

250 Main St
Medora, ND 58645   Directions Website

If you think that the concept of the cowboy was invented by John Wayne-types, Bismarck's North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame will challenge everything you think you know about cattle rustlers from the past. This attraction is an interpretive center for the history of Native Americans, and you will see the dramatic link between their culture to various “western” traditions like the rodeo, ranching, and the rustic “cowboy” lifestyle that owes much to the tribes that first inhabited the land.

Steamboat Warehouse
Steamboat Warehouse

(701) 328-2666

Bismarck, ND

Hark back to a time when steamboats ruled the country's waterways as the chief means of transportation. Those mighty vessels had to be constructed, and it was no easy task! Learn about the fascinating and sometimes complicated story of how steamboats were built when you take a tour of the Steamboat Warehouse. This State Historical Marker is located on the east bank of the Missouri River in Bismarck across the road from the water treatment plant and it stands to commemorate the Northern Pacific Railroad warehouse where the steamboats were originally constructed.

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