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Bismarck is not only the capitol of North Dakota, but it also is the state's epicenter for many other reasons. This charming city is a place that is always pushing forward while never forgetting the scope or importance of its vibrant history. The most obvious cultural tie with the past is one that is inextricably liked to the Native Americans who inhabited the area centuries ago. Their influence is still very much alive in the art and history that are dramatically highlighted in Bismarck's museums and historical sites.

Additionally, the array of Bismarck's of arts and entertainment and yearly festivals and celebrations is equally impressive. And if you're wanting to take the family out for a day of fun, there's no better destination than the Dakota Zoo, which is not only one of the most popular attractions, but is also the largest zoo in the state. Clearly, Bismarck is one of those cities that proudly looks back at its impressive history while maintaining a sharp focus on the future, and that is something that is obvious to anyone who spends some quality time here.

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