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African American Museum of Dallas

African American Museum of Dallas

3536 Grand Ave
Dallas, TX 75210   Directions

(214) 565-9026

Explore the detail and richness of African masks, sculptures, gold weights, and textiles at the African American Museum. The museum also showcases exhibits that explore African and African-American artists.

The African American Museum in Dallas is unique both in its collection of African-American artistic and cultural materials, along with its status as the only museum of its kind in the Southwest.

The museum was founded in 1974. It was recently relocated to a new, $7 million facility in order to house what is now the largest collection of African American Folk Art in the United States.

The new 38,000-square-foot African American Museum is built in the shape of a cross and constructed of ivory stone. Architectural details and building materials make use of design elements that harken to pre-industrialized cultures of Africa.

Four vaulted galleries provide a stunning backdrop to the museum's collection of African American Art and historical items. The permanent collection include African art; African American fine art; magazine, historical, political and community archives.

Works by Clementine Hunter, David Butler, and George White are among the pieces in the African American Folk Art collection. The museum also curates a music collection, including notable artifacts that chronicle the Jazz Age.

The museum also encourages education and appreciation of the works of African Americans. It promotes an active schedule of education and entertainment presented in its educational plaza, which includes a theater and classrooms.

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American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

4601 Hwy 360
Fort Worth, TX 76155   Directions

(817) 967-1560

Learn the history of the airline industry at the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum. You'll learn about the beginning of American Airlines in the 1930s and see how it developed through the years. Spectacular aerial photography and a DC-3 on site are just some of the attractions that make this an exciting adventure.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

3501 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107   Directions

(817) 738-1933

View American contemporary art in one of the finest settings at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth. Rare and illustrated books, paintings and photographs are the main focus of the collection. You'll also view stunning examples of Remington and Russell pieces that define the American West.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

4572 Claire Chennault St
Addison, TX 75001   Directions

(972) 380-8800

Don't just view the fighter aircraft at Cavanaugh Flight Museum, go for a ride! That's right, you can step up to be a passenger on any of the daily flight outings. Unusual helicopters and other machines of flight are on display and available for rides, too.

Dallas Holocaust Museum

Dallas Holocaust Museum

211 Record St
Dallas, TX 75201   Directions

(214) 741-7500

Learn how history is shaped by upstanders and bystanders at the Dallas Holocaust Museum. The institution strives to educate the public so that mistakes of the past are never repeated.

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

1717 N Harwood St
Dallas, TX 75201   Directions

(214) 922-1200

Set aside an afternoon to explore the Dallas Museum of Art, which houses a collection of more than 23,000 works of art from around the world ranging from ancient to modern times. You'll see extensive representations of African, Asian, Contemporary, Pacific Islands and European art.

The Dallas Museum of Art is an internationally recognized institution, showcasing an extensive collection that includes more than 23,000 works of art.

Founded in 1903, the Dallas Museum of Art has built its reputation through unprecedented public support and patronage from the well-established arts community in Dallas.

The museum is located in the downtown Arts District, in a $24.8 million facility that has expanded several times to its current size of 350,000 square feet on 8.9 acres.

The Dallas Museum of Art has collections in a variety of areas, most notably:

African Art – The pieces featured focus on sub-Saharan art that includes both sculpture and fine art.

American Art – Pieces date from the colonial period to World War II, and include paintings, sculptures and works on paper. Regional art comes from the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Ancient American Art – This collection comes from 12 countries and spans 3,000 years. Rare items include ceramics from the southwest, gold from Panama, ceramics and sculpture from Mexico and textiles and ceramics from Peru.

Ancient Mediterranean Art – Features breathtaking artifacts from 3000 B.C. to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Asian Art – Artwork with a religious point of view from Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Items represent the 2nd to 4th centuries, up to 19th century pieces.

Contemporary Art – Works from 1945 to the present are represented. The museum's collection focuses on three major German artists: Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, and Anselm Kiefer.

Decorative Arts & Design – This collection includes more than 6,000 objects created with a variety of media. The highlight of the decorative arts collection is a fine representation of 19th and 20th century American silver.

European Painting & Sculpture – Iconic pieces such as "Dancers on the Stage" by Degas are among the collection of 18th, 19th and 20th century pieces.

Pacific Islands Art – Sculpture and textiles represent the various islands, highlighting use of regional media for expression. Works are from the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumba, Flores, and the Southeast Moluccas

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Frontiers of Flight Museum

Frontiers of Flight Museum

6911 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX 75209   Directions

(214) 350-3600

Take off on an exhilarating tour of aviation history at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The tour starts in the 1920s during the "Golden Age of Flight" and progresses to the jet and rocket age of today.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum boasts an amazing collection of aviation history, from the early days of flight to advances by today's modern military, commercial and aerospace vehicles. Founded in 1988, the museum was created in honor of legendary aviation historian George E. Haddaway.

Visitors will walk through a thrilling time-line of aviation history, starting from the time of the early pioneers who persisted in the face of danger to realize their dreams of flying. During what is known as the "Golden Age of Flight" in the 20s and 30s, aviators were known for daring and landmark flights to promote aviation and America's appreciation of the innovation happening at the time.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum also honors the pivotal role of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, known as the Aviation Capital of the World.

Displays include a World War I biplane, models, uniforms, decorations, engines and propellers. The museum displays the largest unburned piece from the "Hindenburg" tragedy in 1937.

More than 200 models representing nations involved in World War II are also on display.

After World War II, aviation advances literally took off. The museum chronicles the advent of the P-51 "Mustang" aircraft, which reached speeds of 450 mph. Less than 15 years later, the military produced the SR-71 "Blackbird," which cruised at a cool 2,100 mph.

The tour appropriately ends with a close-up look at today's space program and includes artifacts from the Space Shuttle Borgiter, which weighs more than 12 jumbo jets. The museum emphasizes that aviation is only an 80-year-old science, with amazing advances since the Wright brothers first flew their biplane 120 feet at 7 mph.

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George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

2943 SMU Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205   Directions

(214) 346-1650

The permanent exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum explores important issues and events of the Administration of President George W. Bush as framed by four themes: freedom, opportunity, compassion, and responsibility.

The Library is the repository for textual, audiovisual, and electronic Presidential records created or received throughout the Administration of President George W. Bush as well as other donated collections.

Over 70 million pages of textual Presidential materials are housed at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Learn more about the Library’s textual holdings and explore the document gallery.

In January 2009, the White House archived its website as a way to preserve the online presence of the Administration of President George W. Bush.

The Presidential records include the audiovisual materials from the White House Photo Office. Learn more about the Library’s audiovisual holdings, find out how to place an order, and view the photograph galleries.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum holds approximately 80 terabytes of electronic records - the largest electronic records collection of any Presidential Library.

Learn about the official gubernatorial records of Governor George W. Bush and how to submit a public information request.

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Mary Kay Museum

Mary Kay Museum

16251 Dallas Pkwy
Addison, TX 75315   Directions

(972) 687-5720

Visit the Mary Kay Museum, as much a testament to the hard-driving founder as it is to the legions of women who sell Mary Kay products around the globe. Tour the lobby and the office used by the founder, located on the 13th floor. The number 13 was Mary Kay's lucky number, and she founded the company on Friday the 13th.

Meadows Museum of Art

Meadows Museum of Art

5900 Bishop Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205   Directions

(214) 768-2516

Visit one of the finest collections of Spanish art at the Meadows Museum of Art on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Works date from the 15th to the 20th century, including pieces by Spanish masters from the Golden Age of Spanish painting.

Museum of Biblical Art

Museum of Biblical Art

7500 Park Ln
Dallas, TX 75225   Directions

(214) 368-4622

View religious art of all denominations at the Museum of Biblical Art. With a special focus on art history, the museum exhibits decorative art from Israel and the Holy Land.

Museum of the American Railroad

Museum of the American Railroad

6455 Page St
Frisco, TX 75034   Directions

(214) 428-0101

National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame

National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame

1720 Gendy St
Fort Worth, TX 76107   Directions

(817) 336-4475

Old Red Museum

Old Red Museum

100 S Houston St
Dallas, TX 75202   Directions

(214) 745-1100

Rediscover Dallas history at the Old Red Museum, the architecturally significant and fully restored former Dallas County Courthouse. Built in 1892, the building now conducts tours and houses historical artifacts from fossils and war weapons to sports paraphernalia.

At the crossroads of the southwest and American History, the city of Dallas has earned the status of requiring a museum to tell its extensive history. The Old Red Museum does just that, chronicling the history and culture of the Big D with fascinating historical artifacts, exhibits, touch-screen displays and four mini-theaters.

The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture is located in the 1892 Old Red Courthouse, now fully restored to its original glory. Cultural, economic, political and social history is on display. The courthouse also stands at the crossroads of historical events in the city. It is next to the JFK Memorial and Dealey Plaza, across the street from a replica of Dallas founder John Neely Bryan's cabin and a block from the historic West End of Dallas.

Exhibits include the Early Years Gallery, the Trading Center Gallery, the Big "D" Gallery and the World Crossroads Gallery.

The following is a list of artifacts and items on display at each gallery:

In the Early Years Gallery:A mammoth tusk, ammonite and shark teeth

John Neely Bryan´s original plat of Dallas

In the Trading Center Gallery:

One of the county´s first water utilities, a wooden water pipe

A high-wheeled bicycle

A World War I-era gas mask

In the Big "D" Gallery:

Clyde Barrow´s gun

A "flapper" wedding dress, purchased at Neiman Marcus in 1925

A banjo used by blues musicians in Deep Ellum

The first traffic light in Dallas County

In the World Crossroads Gallery:

Dallas Cowboy's Coach Tom Landry´s trademark fedora

Handcuffs worn by Lee Harvey Oswald

J.R. Ewing´s famous Stetson hat from the popular television show, Dallas

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

2201 N Field St
Dallas, TX 75201   Directions

(214) 756-5751

Make a day of discovery at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Eleven permanent exhibit halls with many programs and events for all ages. Get ready to amaze your brain through hands-on learning experiences.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

411 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75202   Directions

(214) 747-6660

Experience the end of Camelot at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. The self-guided tours of what was once the Texas School Book Depository will take you to the room and window where President John F. Kennedy's assassin fired the fatal gunshots.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza seeks to inform visitors about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963 as his motorcade drove through downtown Dallas and turned the fateful curve of Dealey Plaza at midday.

Located on the sixth and seventh floors of the old Texas School Book Depository, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza opened on Presidents Day in 1989.

The self-guided tours include viewings of the most famous amateur film of the entire Kennedy assassination, known as the Zapruder film. The other film on display, the Orville Nix film, depicts the assassination from a reverse angle, showing part of the grassy knoll in the background.

Besides the films, the Sixth Floor Museum includes photography collections by Jay Skaggs, who took photos just before and after the assassination as he followed investigators around the plaza.

In addition to visual photography and film, the Sixth Floor Museum has artifacts on display from the Kennedy funeral, including funeral cards, notes by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and other items.

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Stockyards Station

Stockyards Station

130 E Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76164   Directions

(817) 625-9715

Eat, shop and enjoy the Stockyards Station in historic downtown Fort Worth. More than 25 shops, art galleries and restaurants line the area. After you finish shopping and exploring, check out fun attractions like a twice-daily cattle drive, an old time photography studio, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and entertainment at the North Forty.

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