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RVA Magazine

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Richmond Free Press
Richmond Free Press

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Richmond Times-Dispatch

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Style Weekly

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Raising the Bar
07/18/2019 3:00am

For some weird reason, ever since I was 12, I wanted to open my own cafe, says Aimee Biggerstaff, one of those people whose passion for her work is palpable. She could wax poetic all day about crafting and drinking the perfect cup of coffee, and after more than 15 years in the industry, shes well on her way to living out those plans she detailed in her middle school journal. Along with business partners Russell Durfee and Jack Fleming, whos also her romantic partner, Biggerstaff is in the process of building out the space for Recluse Coffee Bar and Roastery, a European-style coffee shop in Scotts Addition. It wont be the cozy, Friends-style venue with plush couches and communal coffee tables Biggerstaff envisioned in the 90s, but it will be something Richmond hasnt seen before. Called a coffee bar, Recluse will be exactly that a bar, but with coffee. Guests will sidle up to the semi-circle-shaped counter and order the same way they would at a traditional bar. Baristas will interact directly with guests, much like bartenders, using multiple tablets to run cards instead of a stationary cash register. Seating will be minimal, with standing room only at the bar and a couple high tables next to the windows. We wanted to see if we could do something different, have things set up in a way where if it was a quick takeaway service itll be fast and out the door, but also offer someone a beautiful service for here, Biggerstaff says. You can stand at the bar and read the paper, or stand there and have a conversation with someone else whos at the bar. We want to try to create a space thats more about engagement. Biggerstaff says she and her partners were inspired by cafes they visited in their travels, and theyve seen this approach work in cities all over the world. Its this throwback, that simple idea of walking up to a bar and the bartender greets you, without this whole to-do of lining up, she says. We also know, having been in the industry for so long, that its hard to break customers of habits. Weve been taught to line up, so its going to be on us and our experience to really confidently guide people through the space. The goal is for the bar, at 2904 W. Moore St., to open its doors in September. The owners are doing the hands-on work themselves Biggerstaff learned to pour concrete a few hours before interviewing for this story while still roasting and distributing coffee around town. Bags of Recluse Roasting Project beans are available online and at local retailers such as the Butterbean Market and Cafe, Union Market and Outpost Richmond, and you can find brewed cups of coffee at Pomona Plants and Sugar and Twine. The team also sells beans, beverages and Recluse merchandise at the pop-up farmers market at the Veil Brewing Co. theyll be there every other Sunday from July 28 to September 22. Recluse Roasting Project 1310 Altamont Ave.recluseroastingproject.com

Dwight Yoakam Show Announced for the National, Nov. 7
07/17/2019 3:00am

Cool country musician Dwight Yoakam will be performing a rare show at the National on Thursday, Nov. 9. Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 19 and will run you $45 or $52.50 on the day of the show if it doesnt sell out, which is unlikely. Yoakam has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide and has won multiple Grammy awards, with nine platinum or multi-platinum albums. He released his first ever bluegrass album, Swimmin Pools, Movie Stars .. in 2016 which included a cover of Princes Purple Rain.Hes also a pretty damn good actor with strong supporting performances in films such as Slingblade, Panic Room, Three Burials of Meqiades Estrada and Logan Lucky.

Week of July 17
07/17/2019 3:00am

ARIES March 21-April 19 An Aries reader sent me a boisterous email. I was afraid I was getting too bogged down by my duties, he said, too hypnotized by routine, too serious about my problems. So I took drastic action. He then described the ways he broke out of his slump. Heres an excerpt: I gave laughing lessons to a cat. I ate a spider. I conducted a sneezing contest. I smashed an alarm clock with a hammer. Whenever an elderly woman walked by, I called out Hail to the Queen and did a backflip. I gave names to my spoon Hortense, the table Beatrice, a fly that was buzzing around Fallon, and a toothpick Arturo. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, Aries, youd be wise to stage a comparable uprising.TAURUS April 20-May 20Welcome home, homegirls and homeboys. After observing all your homesteading in homes away from home, Im pleased to see you getting curious about the real home brew again. I wonder how many times Ill say the word home before you register the message that its high time for you to home in on some homemade, homegrown homework Now heres a special note to any of you who may be feeling psychologically homeless or exiled from your spiritual home: the coming weeks will be a favorable time to address that ache and remedy that problem.GEMINI May 21-June 20The world is full of eternally restless people who seethe with confused desires they dont understand. Fueled by such unfathomable urges, they are driven in unknown directions to accomplish fuzzy goals. They may be obsessed in ways that make them appear to be highly focused, but the objects of their obsession are impossible to attain or unite with. Those objects dont truly exist I have described this phenomenon in detail, Gemini, because the coming months will offer you all the help and support you could ever need to make sure youre forever free of any inclination to be like that.CANCER June 21-July 22What would you say if I asked you to tell me who you truly are I wouldnt want to hear so much about your titles and awards. Id be curious about your sacred mysteries, not your literal history. Id want to know the treasured secrets you talk about with yourself before you fall asleep. Id ask you to sing the songs you love and describe the allies who make you feel real. Id urge you to riff on the future possibilities that both scare you and thrill you. What else What are some other ways you might show me core truths about your irrepressible soul Now is a good time to meditate on these riddles.LEO July 23-Aug. 22Isaac Asimov wrote a science fiction story about a physicist who masters time travel and summons William Shakespeare into the present time. The Bard enrolls in a night school class about his own playsand proceeds to flunk the course. Modern ideas and modes of discourse are simply too disorienting to him. He is unable to grasp the theories that centuries worth of critics have developed about his work. With this as a cautionary tale, I invite you to time-travel not four centuries into the future, but just ten years. From that vantage point, look back at the life youre living now. How would you evaluate and understand it Do you have any constructive criticism to offer Any insights that could help you plan better for your long-term futureVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22The coming weeks will be a favorable time for you to buy yourself toys, change your image for no rational reason, and indulge in an interesting pleasure that you have been denying yourself for no good reason. In addition, I hope you will engage in at least two heart-to-heart talks with yourself, preferably using funny voices and comical body language. You could also align yourself gracefully with cosmic rhythms by dancing more than usual, and by goofing off more than usual, and by wandering in the wilderness and seeking to recapture your lost innocence more than usual.LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22Although youll never find an advertisement for Toyota or Coca Cola or Apple within my horoscope column, you will find hype for spiritual commodities like creativity, love, and freedom. Like everyone else, Im a huckster. My flackery may be more ethical and uplifting than others, but the fact is that I still try to persuade you to buy my ideas. The moral of the story: Everyone, even the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, is selling something. I hope that what Im saying here purges any reluctance you might have about presenting yourself and your ideas in the most favorable light. Its high time for you to hone your sales pitch to explain why your approach to life is so wise to be a forceful spokesperson and role model for the values you hold dear.SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21You are growing almost too fast, but that wont necessarily be a problemas long as you dont expect everyone around you to grow as fast as you. I suspect that you also know almost too muchbut I dont anticipate that will spawn envy and resistance as long as you cultivate a bit of humility. I have an additional duty to report that youre on the verge of being too attractive for your own goodalthough you have not yet actually reached the tipping point, so maybe your hyper-attractiveness will serve you rather than undermine you. In conclusion, Scorpio, I invite you to celebrate your abundance, but dont flaunt it.SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21The snow leopards of Central Asia crave a lot of room to wander. Zoologists say that each male prefers its territory to be about 84 square miles, and each female likes to have 44 square miles. I dont think youll require quite that vast a turf in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. But on the other hand, it will be important not to underestimate the spaciousness youll need in order to thrive. Give yourself permission to be expansive.CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19I want to do things so wild with you that I dont know how to say them. Author Anas Nin wrote that in a letter to her Capricorn lover Henry Miller. Is there anyone you could or should or want to say something like that If your answer is yes, now is a good time to be so candid and bold. If the answer is no, now would be a good time to scout around for a person to whom you could or should or want to say such a thing. And if youd like to throw in a bit more enticement, heres another seductive lyric from Anas: Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18Did you hear the story about the California mom who started a series of forest fires so as to boost her sons career as a firefighter She is an apt role model for behavior you should diligently avoid in the coming weeks. Its unwise and unprofitable for you and yours to stir up a certain kind of trouble simply because its trouble that you and yours have become skilled at solving. So how should you use your problem-solving energy, which I suspect will be at a peak I suggest you go hunting for some very interesting and potentially productive trouble that you havent wrangled with beforesome rousing challenge that will make you even smarter than you already are.PISCES Feb. 19-March 20 The heroine of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is curious, adventurous, and brave. First she follows a well-dressed rabbit down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe. Later she slips through a mirror into yet another parallel reality. Both times, with great composure, she navigates her way through many odd, paranormal, and unpredictable events. She enjoys herself immensely as she deals with a series of unusual characters and unfamiliar situations. Im going to speculate that Alice is a Pisces. Are you ready for your very own Alice-in-Wonderland phase Here it comes

Richmond Folk Festival and Spacebomb Announce Live Compilation Album
07/16/2019 5:30am

Richmonds Spacebomb Records and the Richmond Folk Festival announced today the first single from a special live compilation album celebrating the 15th anniversary of the festival. The 10-song album, All Together Now, will be released on Oct. 11, the first day of this years Folk Fest, and includes select tracks recorded live since the National Folk Festival first came to Richmond in 2005. The release will be available on CD, digital download and vinyl Including an orange and green tie-dye pressed vinyl collectors edition. All proceeds from sales go directly to support the Richmond Folk Festival. The CD will also feature extra tracks see below.Those interested can download the single and pre-order the record now at https://shop.spacebombrecords.com/music/categories/richmond-folk-festival or at any of these local record store locations: Plan 9, Deep Groove, Steady Sounds, 6131, Small Friend Records & Books. And below you can check out the first track, Lulo Reinhardt and Daniel Stelters Swing 2012.We were absolutely floored when Spacebomb reached out to us about producing the album, said Venture Richmond Director of Events Stephen Lecky in a press release. I have had the pleasure of working with them on various events like TEDxRVA and Fall Line Fest, but this is totally different than anything we have done before.Lecky describes it as a thrilling experience, but also incredibly daunting to curate a shortlist of performances. Were so grateful to our partners at the National Council of the Traditional Arts for their thoughtful guidance on the track selection, he added. NCTA Artistic Director Julia Olin undertook the task of searching through 1,300 hours of archived recordings, with a focus on reflecting the diversity of musical traditions presented at the festival. I must have been crazy, Olin said in the release. There were so many magical live performances that I couldnt resist pulling over eight hours of material even though only a fraction of it could be included in this project. It was incredibly hard to choose we wanted to share it all.CDs and standard black vinyl will be available for sale on-site at the festivals merchandise tent, according to the release. Richmonds musical footprint is growing nationally and internationally and the Richmond Folk Festival is an important part of the citys musical story, Spacebomb Records CEO Ben Baldwin said. Were proud to be working with the Richmond Folk Festival to release an importantmusical document covering the first 15 years of the festivals history.And now, what youve been waiting for, here is the track list below, including the extra tracks on the CD:Track list for All Together Now:1. Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band, Feel the Spirit2. Lulo Reinhardt and Daniel Stelter, Swing 20123. Maggie Ingram & The Ingramettes, Family Prayer4. Lunasa Ryestraw medley: The New Day March/Reystraw/An Old Woman Would5. Nathalie Pires - Loucura Madness6. The Holmes Brothers, Baby What You Want Me To Do 7. Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band -Dont Ask Me Why8. The Quebe Sisters Speed the Plow Medley: Speed the Plow/The Maid Behind the Bar/Temerance Reel9. Altai Kai - My Native Land, Altai10. Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano - Mxico lindo/Viva MxicoAnd here are some bonus tracks on the CD: 11. Sona Jobarteh - Mamamuso12. Dale Watson and His Lonestars - Real Country Song/A Nashville Rash13. Rare Essence - Overnight Scenario14. BeauSoleil Trio - Le Sud de la Louisiane15. Sammy Shelor and Kirk Sutphin - Angeline the Baker16. Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Son de Corazn

Stairway to Legend
07/16/2019 12:00am

Jeff Krulik discusses his documentary that seeks to prove the lowest paying gig for Led Zeppelin happened at a youth center in Wheaton, Maryland. Give me a filmmaker with real passion about a subject and chances are much better that an interesting movie will be playing on the wall or in your hand, or the back of the car headrest, or wherever the hell theyre played nowadays. Filmmaker Jeff Krulik has always been passionate about the rock concert industry as well as the personalities and machinery behind its emergence in the 1960s. Having grown up in Maryland during the age of 70s arena rock, Krulik loves to explore the Washington areas place in musical history and lore, including the lives of music obsessives, collectors and nostalgia hounds. Theyre his people. Hes one of them.If youre familiar with his name, its likely because youve seen his cult classic short made with John Heyn, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, an endlessly watchable, hilariously spot-on expose of the parking lot scene at a 1986 Judas Priest and Dokken concert held at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland. Once called the Citizen Kane of wasted teenage metalness, this time capsule became an underground sensation, played on countless tour buses by bands like Nirvana, and screened at events such as our own James River Film Festival, where one of the films real-life characters, Graham Of Dope Owens, showed up to hawk his own book published 30 years later. Fewer are aware of Kruliks other efforts to chronicle the cultural landscape of his home region, including a trilogy to commemorate the Ambassador Theater Psychedelic Dance Hall, the Alexandria Roller Rink in Northern Virginia, and his full-length 2013 documentary, Led Zeppelin Played Here, which will finally be screened in Richmond at the Visual Arts Center on Friday, July 26. Described as a Rock-and-roll Roshomon by the Washington Post, the film is a fascinating and frequently funny attempt by Krulik to prove that Led Zeppelins first Washington-area concert was held at a youth center in Wheaton, Maryland, before 50 kids on the snowy night of Jan. 20, 1969 the same night as Richard Nixons first inauguration.Style Weekly spoke with Krulik by phone, after somewhat of a Larry David moment that found him yelling hilariously about a scooter that was blocking traffic. Editors note: this interview has been condensed and edited for clarityStyle Weekly: So this started out as a documentary about the Laurel Pop Music Fest, how did it switch to focusing on this Led Zeppelin urban legendJeff Krulik: Yeah, so I originally wanted to profile this kind of forgotten pop festival. A lot of my projects are motivated by my own curiosity. Youre going to be living with this material, you really need to be interested in it. So I was always fascinated by the idea that this big two-day rock festival with iconic names Led Zeppelin, Sly and the Family Stone, the Mothers of Invention took place right here a month before Woodstock. I wanted to know more about it. I was going to call it Marylands Woodstock. But then I found myself tracing Led Zeppelins rise, because prior to Laurel Pop they were at Merriweather Post Pavilion opening for The Who, and that was well documented and remembered. And they had played in Baltimore with Vanilla Fudge. Then I went into the Wheaton Youth Center, on a whim, and I was astonished because it was so frozen in time. It looked like it did the day the building opened in 1963. I couldnt believe it. And I knew a lot of these bands had played this building because the DJs were de facto promoters and would shoehorn them in. Bands like the Stooges played there, all sorts of national acts. Immediately I was like, This building could be a character in my film. Im a fan of historic architecture and I thought the building could help tell this story, so thats where it really changed for me. As I say in the movie, the film started off as a nostalgia trip but became this mystery: Did they play there or notAnd youre not even really a huge Zeppelin fan are youYeah, I dont dislike them. I had one record, the fourth album, growing up. Now I have all their music, all the CDs, and like them quite a bit. But they became the hook to tell a story which is really, I feel, about the emergence of the rock concert industry as well as a meditation on memory and other academic interpretations, I guess. Im just thrilled people like it. Ive screened it all around the country, and you dont have to be from this part of the country to enjoy it. Theres something archetypal in this that resonates, which Im very happy about. In a lot of ways, this is a love letter to where Im from. Places like Joes Record Paradise. I wound up including a lot of people I knew. I like to play around with the medium, put myself in there. You have a background at the Discovery Channel rightYeah, I spent about five years working there from 90 to 95. I wasnt a producer though, I was reviewing programs for acquisition. But it was still a network. And prior to that, I was in public access television for five years, which is really like an extension of college radio laughs. So thats where I got behind the camera, cut my teeth.Ive been a freelance producer and independent filmmaker since 95. I do a lot of archival footage research still and other producing gigs. I just worked on Chasing the Moon by Robert Stone on PBS American Experience. Did the eyewitness accounts from people who say they were at the Wheaton show corroborate each otherI think they do to some extent. But whats interesting is local DJ and alleged promoter for this gig Barry Richards always changes his story, hes not stopping to connect the dots. Thats just his patter as a former DJ. I like oddball stories and eccentric characters. Im one of them. I wish I had a collection like some of these people do. I was more of a hoarder. I still have all my records but dont have a record player. People like Atlantic Records promoter Mario Medius, hes the star. I love him. I have almost three and a half hours extras of him talking about stories. He ended up with Emerson Lake and Palmer as the president of their label. Hes just got an incredible saga. I do enjoy getting to know the people and gaining their trust. Making a documentary is like a puzzle for me. I work, in a lot of ways, by the seat of my pants. What are some of the interesting reactions at screeningsWell, it still astonishes me. I wanted to make this film to present convincing evidence, but there still is no hard proof this concert happened to this day. At screenings I always take a survey of who believes it happened. It tends now to be more people believe it, but theres always people who dont. I was at a screening at the University of Maryland, my alma mater, with academics. And academics were like, We want proof A lot of them refused to believe it happened. I dont want to give too much away, but theres a great moment where you come face to face with Jimmy Page on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center in 2012. And Dave Grohl as well, who says he will talk to them backstage and get back to you.That was a total fluke opportunity that just presented itself, that Zeppelin was being honored. I was on the clock for Extra and I went rogue. I was working for them, which I did do. But they just wanted sound bites and Led Zeppelin was not their demo. And no, Dave Grohl never did get back to me. In fact, I dont think Ive done anything for Extra since then laughs. Presented by the James River Film Society, Led Zeppelin Played Here with guest director Jeff Krulik, will be screened at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond on Friday, July 26, at 8 p.m. $7 admission.


23 Sesame St
Richmond, VA 23235   Directions

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301 Arboretum Pl
Richmond, VA 23236   Directions

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Traffic at a standstill after crash on I-95 South
07/20/2019 10:05pm

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. WRIC Traffic is at a standstill following a crash on Interstate-95 southbound near mile marker 56 in Colonial Heights. The south left shoulder, left lane and center lane are closed, according to VDOT. There is currently a one-mile backup. Motorists should expect delays. This is a developing story. Stay with 8News

‘It’s inhumane’: Extreme temperatures, lack of AC worry families of inmates in Va. jails
07/20/2019 6:02pm

The Virginia Department of Corrections says there are 18 facilities that were built without air conditioning that are still being utilized today.

Authorities investigating double shooting in Warsaw
07/20/2019 10:53am

Two people were found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds early Saturday morning.

StormTracker8: High heat again today
07/21/2019 4:00am

Expect a very hot Sunday with highs near 101 and heat index values close to 115.

Search ended for USS Abraham Lincoln sailor who went overboard
07/20/2019 5:17pm

PORTSMOUTH, Va. WAVY The search for a missing sailorwho went overboard Wednesday morningoff the Norfolk-based USS Abraham Lincoln has ended. The U.S. Navy made the announcement on Friday in a press release, saying multiple ships, including a Spanish frigate, extensively searched the area of the Arabian Sea where the sailor was reported missing, but


1925 Westmoreland St
Richmond, VA 23230   Directions

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3301 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230   Directions

(804) 254-3600


Chesterfield dad gets life-saving surprise at baseball game
07/20/2019 10:02pm

RICHMOND, Va. Life sent Kent Winter a curve ball two and a half years ago when his kidneys failed, putting him on dialysis and a wait list for a new kidney. Winter took his message about the importance of being an organ donor to the Flying Squirrels Game Saturday where he threw out the first pitch. CBS 6 Photojournalist Cole Pearson captured the magical moment that happened next. Watch CBS 6 News Sunday at 6:30 p.m. for Tracy Sears update

It’s so hot in Nebraska the National Weather Service was able to bake biscuits in a parked car
07/20/2019 9:36pm

The team placed four biscuits on a baking sheet on the dashboard of a car and left it to sit under the sun.

Colorado police officer donates liver lobe, panhandles to pay for recipient’s bills
07/20/2019 9:26pm

Im a police officer, but Im a regular person. Im fortunate enough to be healthy and had the support from my family to be able to do this.

Heartbroken Missouri woman who hit, killed 9-year-old boy apologizes to family
07/20/2019 9:18pm

I ran back to at least try to revive him and do CPR, but I couldnt do anything.


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