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While Richmond is inextricably linked to the Civil War, the city actually balances that historic weight with some of its other inviting amenities. Richmond has developed into a cutting-edge, cosmopolitan center that offers an impressive array of cultural, business, entertainment and educational possibilities. And while all those facets of life in Richmond are significant, sometimes the city's natural charm wins out over all of them. A stroll along the James River will convince any naysayers of that fact in no time at all.

The shadows of the Civil War still loom large here, and nowhere is that more obvious than at the Richmond National Battlefield Park which attracts over 200,000 annual visitors. These avid history buffs show up for not only the reenactments of battles, but to walk on the same piece of land upon which this divisive war took place. Other popular attractions include the Hollywood Cemetery, Monument Avenue and the Museum of the Confederacy. In Richmond, it is plain to see that life does move forward despite its dramatic past, as the city prides itself in offering much more beyond the Civil War.

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