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RVA Magazine
RVA Magazine

Richmond, VA

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Richmond Free Press
Richmond Free Press

422 E Franklin St
Richmond, VA 23219   Directions

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Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch

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Style Weekly
Style Weekly

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The Roosevelt To Help Ocracoke Victims
10/18/2019 11:42am

Sometimes, drinking is part of the solution. The Federal Emergency Management Agency may have denied Ocracoke disaster victims assistance, but Richmonders can help.Forget Virginia Beach: When you ask locals where they spend their summer vacations, the answer is often the same: the Outer Banks of North Carolina.While everyone has a favorite destination along the barrier islands, none has quite the devoted following of Ocracoke. Most of us wouldnt recognize it right now, after a historic flood following Hurricane Dorian last month pushed waters from the Pamlico Sound into the village. Reaching as deep as 7 feet, the waters inundated homes and businesses, displacing roughly 400 people nearly half the islands population from their homes. More than 400 homes were damaged or destroyed and estimates for rebuilding start at $26 million. Sara Teaster worked as a server at the Roosevelt until August, when she got her dream job as a teacher at the 21st Century Learning Center afterschool program in Ocracoke and moved down to become part of the island community. Not long after her arrival, Dorian struck and her job was put on the back burner. But her heart was already committed to Ocracoke and now shes one of many volunteers helping rebuild the community.Its been an interesting time to be a new resident in a place of such turmoil, but even in the face of devastation, the villagers have been so welcoming and kind in helping me get settled, she writes. Im lucky, my rental house didnt flood, and my job, although delayed, will still happen. Many people on the island not only lost their homes, but their incomes as well.She also let everyone at the Roosevelt know just how bad things were. Theres a great need, she writes. Volunteer groups from all over have been helping tear out houses and feed people. While volunteers continue to help island residents with basic daily functions one group set up mobile showers, another does drop-off laundry services those of us in Richmond can lend a hand by eating and drinking closer to home.The Roosevelts owners Kendra Feather and Mark Herndon responded by creating Eat for Ocracoke, a fundraiser running through this Sunday, Oct. 20. Sit down to a meal at the Roosevelt and it will donate 15 of the proceeds from food and drink sales to the Outer Banks Disaster Relief Fund. The fund is managed by the Outer Banks Community Foundation and will be used to assist people and families affected by Dorians wrath. Every penny donated to the Outer Banks Disaster Relief will be used to help local disaster victims in need.In the spirit of Outer Banks history, the Roosevelts bar manager Cary Carpenter created a drink for the cause and, in a nod to a ship commandeered by the pirate Blackbeard, dubbed it La Concorde. The color of the ocean on a summer afternoon, La Concorde features Plantation 3 Stars rum, Giffard bleu Curaao, coconut cream, pineapple and lime, bitters, garnished with a skeleton head, a chunk of pineapple and a gummy shark.As for Teaster, shes hanging in there. Community members got together shortly after the storm to open a day care center. The school was so badly damaged that children missed a month of school before anyone came up with alternative solutions. She worked with other volunteers and teachers at the center to provide activities for the kids. We did some painting projects, making colorful shells and inspirational signs to place around the island to bring a bit of color and joy as people passed by, she writes. With the help of National Park Service rangers, we arranged a sea turtle nest excavation and beach cleanup day that was a really great experience.For Feather and the Roosevelt crew, being involved in the community has always been important, although the focus is usually East End groups or Church Hill schools. But I think seeing Sara persevere and still continue to pursue her mission down there is really heartwarming, she says. Most people would have given up, moved on and gone after their Plan B. But shes committed to Ocracoke and because we admire her so much, were committed to helping her and them.According to Teaster, the destruction is vast and the recovery process will be long. The beaches and the remoteness are beautiful beyond words, but its the people that I really fell in love with, she writes, citing their strength and resiliency. They still have square dances and everyone knows everyones name and in the darkest of hours for the community, their spirit has never shown so brightly.Already, the Roosevelt is in the beginning stages of organizing another fundraising event to aid the cause. This one will be with Outer Banks Distilling, who itself already has raised over $10,000 for Ocracoke relief. Stay tuned for details. Eat for Ocracoke is through Oct. 20 at the Roosevelt, 623 N. 25 St.

Williams & Sherrill Going Out Of Business Sale This Friday, Oct. 18
10/17/2019 3:00am

After 28 years, the popular Williams & Sherrill Interiors at 2003 Huguenot Road in Bon Air is closing and everything most go at 30 off. The big liquidation sale, which features everything from furniture and lighting to art and Christmas decor, starts this Friday, Oct. 18 and hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Heres info from the press release:After 28 years in business, Williams & Sherrill Interiors is now forced to close, unable to reach an agreement with their bank creditor. Appraise Sell LLC dba eBIDLOCAL.com and Motleys Asset Disposition Group are jointly handling the Liquidation Sale. Store Owner Patrick Williams says: It is a sad day. We have enjoyed the relationships developed over nearly 3 decades with our customers and the Richmond community as a whole. I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful, talented people here at Williams & Sherrill. Unfortunately, the tides of brick and mortar retailing have significantly changed, and left us behind in its wake. Located in the Huguenot Village shopping center at the intersection of Huguenot Rd and Robious Rd in Chesterfield County since 1991, Williams & Sherrills $1,000,000 home furnishings inventory includes furniture, art, lighting, rugs, bedding and other decorative accessories. Effective immediately, Williams & Sherrill is liquidating the entire inventory to all its loyal customers at huge discounts on a First Come, First Serve basis 30 OFF LIQUIDATION STARTS FRIDAY 10/18: Effective immediately, the entire retail inventory is included: Furniture, Art, Lighting, Rugs, Decorative Accessories, Christmas Dcor, Bedding, and more. Name-brand designer furnishings, in the latest decorating styles, is all available now at 30 OFF. Further discounts will come in the following weeks as the liquidation continues.

Week of October 16
10/16/2019 3:00am

Untitled DocumentARIES March 21-April 19We cant change anything until we get some fresh ideas, until we begin to see things differently, wrote Aries psychologist James Hillman. I agree. And thats very good news for you Aries people. In my view, you are more attracted to and excited by fresh ideas than any other sign of the zodiac. Thats why you have the potential to become master initiators of transformation. One of my favorite types of plot twists in your life story occurs when you seek out fresh ideas and initiate transformations not only in your own behalf, but also for those you care about. I bet the coming weeks will bring at least one of those plot twists.TAURUS April 20-May 20Metaphorically speaking, Taurus, you are now crossing a bridge. Behind you is the intriguing past in front of you, the even more intriguing future. You can still decide to return to where you came from. Or else you could pick up your pace, and race ahead at twice the speed. You might even make the choice to linger on the bridge for a while to survey the vast vistas that are visible and contemplate more leisurely the transition youre making. Only you know whats best for you, of course. But if you asked me, Id be in favor of lingering on the bridge for a while.GEMINI May 21-June 20As I write this, Im sitting in a caf near two women at another table. One sports a gold cashmere headscarf and pentagram necklace. The other wears a dark blue pantsuit and a silver broach thats the glyph for Gemini the Twins. HeadScarf shuffles a deck of Tarot cards and asks PantSuit what shed like to find out during the divination she is about to receive. I would very much like you to tell me what I really really want, PantSuit says with a chuckle. Im sure that once I find out that big secret, Ill be able to accomplish wonders. I hope the rest of you Geminis will be on a similar mission in the coming weeks. Do whatever it takes to get very clear about what you want most.CANCER June 21-July 22Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was meandering through an Athenian marketplace, gazing at the appealing and expensive items for sale. How many things there are in this world that I do not want, he exclaimed with satisfaction. I recommend you cultivate that liberated attitude. Now is a perfect time to celebrate the fact that there are countless treasures and pleasures you dont need in order to be charmed and cheerful about your life. For extra credit, add this nuance from Henry David Thoreau: People are rich in proportion to the number of things they can afford to let alone.LEO July 23-Aug. 22I invite you to try this exercise. Imagine that one springtime you grow a garden filled with flowers that rabbits like to nibble: petunias, marigolds, gazanias, and pansies. This is a place whose only purpose is to give gifts to a wild, sweet part of nature. Its blithely impractical. You do it for your own senseless, secret joy. It appeals to the dreamy lover of life in you. Got all that, Leo Now, in accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you actually try to fulfill a fantasy comparable to that one in the coming weeks.VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22My Virgo friend Lola got a text-message from her Scorpio buddy Tanya. Why dont you come over and chill with me and my demons Itll be entertaining, I promise My inner jerks are howlingly funny tonight. Heres what Lola texted back: Thanks but no thanks, sweetie. Ive been making big breakthroughs with my own demonsgiving them the attention they crave without caving in to their outrageous demandsand for now I need to work on stabilizing our new relationship. I cant risk bringing extra demons into the mix. I suspect this is an accurate description of what could be happening for you, Virgo.LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22In ancient holy texts from India, soma was said to be a drink that enhanced awareness and alertness. According to modern scholars, it may have been a blend of poppy, ephedra, and cannabis. In Norse mythology, the beverage called the Mead of Suttungr conferred poetic inspiration and the ability to solve any riddle. One of its ingredients was honey. In Slavic folklore, raskovnik is an herb with the magic power to unlock whats locked and uncover hidden treasures. Its not a four-leaf clover, but resembles it. I invite you Libras to fantasize about using these three marvels. To do so will potentize your imagination, thereby boosting the cosmic forces that will be working in your favor to enhance your awareness, confer inspiration, solve riddles, unlock whats locked, and find hidden treasures.SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21Inventor Buckminster Fuller 18951983 was a visionary genius in numerous fields, including architecture, design, engineering, and futurism. In the course of earning 40 honorary doctorates, he traveled widely. It was his custom to wear three watches, each set to a different time: one to the zone where he currently was, another to where he had recently departed, and a third to where he would journey next. I know that I am not a category, he wrote. I am not a thinga noun. I seem to be a verb. I recommend his approach to you in the coming weeks, Scorpio. Be a verb Allow your identity to be fluid, your plans adjustable, your ideas subject to constant revision.SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21Art is good for my soul precisely because it reminds me that we have souls in the first place, said actress Tilda Swinton. How about you, Sagittarius What reminds you that you have a soul in the first place Beloved animals Favorite music A stroll amidst natural wonders Unpredictable, fascinating sexual experiences The vivid and mysterious dreams you have at night Whatever stimuli bring you into visceral communion with your soul, I urge you to seek them out in abundance. Its Soul-Cherishing and Soul-Enhancing Time for you.CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19The coming weeks will be a favorable time to arrange a series of high-level meetings between your body, mind, and soul. You might even consider staging an extravagant conference-like festival and festival-like conference. The astrological omens suggest that your body, mind, and soul are now primed to reveal choice secrets and tips to each other. They are all more willing and eager than usual to come up with productive new synergies that will enable each to function with more panache and effectiveness.AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18I believe in inhabiting contradictions, writes Aquarian author and activist Angela Davis. I believe in making contradictions productive, not in having to choose one side or the other side. As opposed to choosing either or choosing both. I think Daviss approach will work well for you in the coming weeks. Its not just that the contradictions will be tolerable they will be downright fertile, generous, and beneficent. So welcome them honor them allow them to bless you with their tricky opportunities and unexpected solutions.PISCES Feb. 19-March 20Piscean pianist Frdric Chopin 18011849 was a poetic genius whose music was full of sweetness and grace. Without equal in his generation, said more than one critic. Today, more than 170 years after his death, his work remains popular. Recently an Italian sound designer named Remo de Vico created an original new Chopin piece that featured all 21 of the masters piano nocturnes being played simultaneously. You can hear it here: tinyurl.com/NewChopin. As you might imagine, its a gorgeous mess, too crammed with notes to truly be enjoyable, but interesting nevertheless. Ill counsel you to avoid a similar fate in the coming weeks, Pisces. Its fine to be extravagant and expansive and mulitfaceted just dont overdo it.

Virginia Museum of History & Culture and the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia Partnering to Share Resources
10/15/2019 3:00am

From the press release desk:Richmond, VA The Virginia Museum of History & Culture VMHC and the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia BHMVA are partnering to share collections and resources to connect more people to the story of Virginia. Under the agreement, select collections from the Black History Museum will be housed at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, which has expanded storage and conservation facilities as well as expert personnel for the preservation and storage of collections. While BHMVA artifacts are at the VMHC they will be digitized and made broadly accessible through their online public catalog as well as the BHMVA website. The partnering institutions will also share their collections with each other for use in research, programs, and exhibitions.Our institutions have much in common, said VMHC President Jamie Bosket. We are both committed to revitalizing our programming to preserve Virginias past and to using the power of history to inspire. This is a noble partnership for two museums devoted to voicing meaningful stories from our communities, and the public stands to benefit immensely from this collaboration.The Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia was founded in 1981 by Carroll Anderson, Sr., who led the effort to create the Bill Bojangles Robinson monument in Richmonds Jackson Ward neighborhood. The BHMVA was founded in 1981 and opened in 1991 at 00 Clay Street where it operated until 2016. The museum relocated to the Leigh Street Armory, which quartered Black troops in the mid-1890s, served as a recreation center for Black soldiers during World War II, and then became an extension of Richmond Public Schools for several years. The new museum features permanent galleries exploring Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Desegregation, Massive Resistance, and the Civil Rights Movement. Changing galleries feature exhibitions ranging from visionary artist Murry DePillars to the experience of Black soldiers during World War II. BHMVA executive director, Adele Johnson, says Our mission is to preserve stories that inspire. As we expand our collections and curate larger exhibitions, space has become a challenge. When VMHC offered to digitize and store items for us, we thought it was a valuable opportunity to continue growing while also sharing our stories with the broader community.The Virginia Historical Society was founded in 1831 and is the oldest cultural organization in the Commonwealth. Its collections total nearly nine million items chronicling 14,000 years of history from Pre-Contact Virginia to the present. In 2018 the historical society launched a new vision and name for its headquarters facilityThe Virginia Museum of History & Culture. This transformation was marked by expanded public programming and statewide outreach and a commitment to tell a more inclusive story of Virginia. The VMHCs current marquee exhibit is Determined: The 400 Year Struggle for Black Equality, which opened in June 2019 to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first captive Africans in English-speaking North America.

Art and Antiques
10/15/2019 12:00am

With new owners and a new philosophy, Current Art Fair looks to diversify. Dreading that holiday shopping list Contemporary art, which can be bought at a variety of prices, could be your next go-to gift this season. Instead of running around shopping at local galleries, pop-up craft fairs, online or in boutiques, buyers can peruse work by local and nationally recognized artists in one spot: Current Art Fair, which will be held at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Facility from Oct. 24 to 27. Touted as Central Virginias first, and only, art fair, Current returns for its third iteration after a one-year hiatus with 20 galleries hailing from Richmond, Williamsburg, and Washington. It also has new owners and operators: the husband-and wife team B.J. Kocen and Jennifer Glav, who picked up the baton last year from former director Sarah Irvin. The couple met in the late 1990s while Kocen, a self-described song and dance man, was working as a promotional manager at Ashland Coffee and Tea. With Glavs background in art history and fine art, they divided operations for Rentz Gallery in the early 2000s until they opened Glav Kocen Gallery in September 2007.The whole reason why we opened the Glav Kocen Gallery was because we felt there was a whole niche of people who maybe felt intimidated just even walking into a gallery, Kocen explains. Or maybe they just felt like it wasnt for them, it was just beyond them or because they didnt take any art history classes that they wouldnt be able to appreciate it. They hope to bring a similar mindset to Current. One way of making the fair accessible to a broader audience is to mimic amenities from popular events, like the midway of a state fair with its carnival games, exhibitions and other attractions. There will be nine exhibitors including art demonstrations by Studio Two Three and Art on Wheels as well as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Artmobile and food trucks. Organizers have converted a space into a theater that will show films selected by Afrikana Independent Film Festival founder Enjoli Moon as well as premiering a new documentary, The Builder, by Shockoe Artspace and screening the The Art Scene, the new show co-produced by VPM and 19Red about Central Virginias art scene. Another way to diversify the audience is through speakers. The Kocens have invited Antiques Roadshow appraiser Ken Farmer to give a talk, titled Tales from the Road. An antique specialist may seem out of place at a contemporary art fair, but Farmer explains: The most interesting homes I go in are the ones that have a mixture of art and styles. Anybody thats in the art and antique business who hasnt paid any attention to the contemporary side of things is pretty much getting left in the dust anyway, because especially younger people are more interested in contemporary things. At home, Farmer collects midcentury furniture and contemporary art. He admits Current will be his first contemporary art fair, but hes always on the lookout for new art to collect. We like mixing contemporary things with antiques, Farmer says. I think its a more interesting look. Were collectors of opportunity, so if we see something and like it then well try to figure out how to work it into what were doing.Returning this year as a sponsor is McKinnon & Harris, a furniture company in Scotts Addition. Its co-founder, Will Massie Jr., who notes his walls are filled with paintings made by the women in his family, explained by email his interest in the fair: Art has put Richmond on the map in a big way. Its one of the key reasons everyone wants to be here. For Kocen, Current is more than just a business venture, it comes with a mission.Were just trying to inspire and reach people on a personal, visceral level but we still want to wow them with gallerists they are familiar with, with this really hospitable space and making sure these gallerists are bringing their A game but also bringing in some new gallerists that maybe theyve never seen before. He laughs before continuing, Its like when you have a fantastic meal and you just have to say to someone, here taste this. Youve got to try this. You want to pass on that joy to somebody else and youre hoping that they can experience what youre experiencing. The Current Art Fair runs from Oct. 24 through 27 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. General admission tickets cost $10 and there are a variety of other prices. For information, see currentrichmond.com.


23 Sesame St
Richmond, VA 23235   Directions

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301 Arboretum Pl
Richmond, VA 23236   Directions

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Teen dies after shooting in Fulton Hill
10/20/2019 5:52pm

Richmond Police went to the 1200 block of Admiral Gravely Blvd around 4:51 pm Sunday Afternoon. Officers found a teenage boy suffering apparent gunshot wound.

Man identified in Glenway Court homicide
10/20/2019 6:03am

Police responded to Glenway Court for a report of a shooting at 2:19 a.m., early Sunday morning.

‘Help me find out who did this to my son’: Grieving mother asks witnesses in son’s murder to come forward
10/09/2019 11:38am

A 27-year-old man was found shot and killed in Gilpin Court on Wednesday morning, and police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

StormTracker 8: Clouds linger tonight and into Monday
10/20/2019 5:30pm

Clouds stick around tonight as winds are slow to decrease.

3 soldiers killed, 3 more injured in training accident in Georgia
10/20/2019 11:01am

Three 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team Soldiers were killed and three more were hospitalized during a training accident on Fort Stewart early Sunday morning.


1925 Westmoreland St
Richmond, VA 23230   Directions

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3301 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230   Directions

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Emmett Till memorial sign in Mississippi now protected by bulletproof glass
10/20/2019 6:13pm

A memorial sign marking Emmett Tills death that was riddled with bullet holes earlier this year was rededicated Saturday -- this time with bulletproof glass.

New photo shows Felicity Huffman in prison uniform as she serves 13 days in college cheating case
10/20/2019 5:55pm

Felicity Huffman apologized to the judge, her daughters and her husband, actor William H. Macy during her sentencing.

Police ID man killed in parking lot at Richmond apartments
10/20/2019 5:38pm

Police have released the name of a man killed in a shooting on Richmonds Southside early Sunday morning.

Teen killed in Richmond shooting
10/20/2019 5:15pm

A teenager was killed in a shooting on Richmonds East End Sunday afternoon.

3 soldiers killed, 3 injured in Georgia training accident
10/20/2019 12:50pm

The incident is under investigation and names of the soldiers involved in the accident are expected to be released after next-of-kin are notified.


5710 Midlothian Turnpike
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