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What Gives Concrete Its Strength in San Diego?

Concrete is everywhere in San Diego and is one of the most common construction materials in the world. But what gives concrete its strength?

By: Jamie Eden | Sep 2019

Mason working with concrete Mason working with concrete photo by csp_photovs

Concrete has become one of the most important construction materials of modern times. It is used to create everything from sidewalks to buildings and roads, and can be found in every city across the planet, including San Diego. It is known for its versatility and durability, but what gives it its strength?

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture between a binder and a filler. This composite material uses a cement paste as the binder which serves as a type of glue to hold all of the ingredients together. One of the ingredients used to produce concrete is cement. This material is comprised of burning and mixing limestone and clay together at a very high temperature. In order to create concrete, a mixture of cement, water and a rough aggregate such as rocks must be mixed together and then poured into a form. The aggregate can also be made from finer substances such as sand to give a variety of strength and textures for individual uses and projects. Once the concrete is poured, it must take time to dry, and once it’s dry, the form can be removed.

Creating a Stronger Finished Product

In most instances, concrete is poured into specific sections. Breaking the concrete down into sections increases its overall strength and resilience. An example is sidewalk sections. If one long section is poured, it will crack and break more easily. Over time, weather, moisture and pressure can weaken the concrete if it isn’t poured into sturdier, smaller sections that allow for expansion and displacement of pressure.

In addition to smaller sections, concrete is stronger when it is poured in thicker sections. Bunkers and shelters are made from concrete that is poured very thick. In some cases, it can be poured a few feet thick to help protect from impacts and other dangers. Many people who create hurricane-resilient homes choose to use thickly-poured concrete to reinforce the foundation and walls.

Concrete can vary in strength, which can be determined by the following factors:
- Type of adhesive
- Cement mix compound
- Type of aggregate and its consistency

When creating buildings and other construction that will house a residence, business, or office building in San Diego, greater care must be taken in the precise measurements and pour specifications to avoid fractures, crumbling and premature deterioration for the protection of individuals and property.

Individuals and businesses looking for more information about concrete and companies in San Diego that specialize in concrete-pouring services, check out this website for easy access to qualified professionals in your area. Get the finished product and strength needed to complete a project with durable, strong concrete.

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