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Outstanding Commercial Lending Company in 2021

When you need the right solution for commercial purchases, choosing a responsive, reliable, and fast commercial loan expert can result in a positive lending experience you can be sure of.

By: Sylvia Slezak | Jun 2021

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Whatever your commercial needs may include, finding a reputable commercial loan lender is the first step to a successful transaction. Because commercial loans come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important to hire an experienced professional to guide you through the process without causing additional long-term financial hardship.

Located in Roseville, CA, this outstanding local commercial lending company provides commercial loans and is being recognized for their contribution to their customers and their local community.

StoneTree Financial, Inc - Roseville, CA

Founder and CEO of StoneTree Financial, Inc., Frank L. Sanders, established the direct portfolio lender and real estate investment firm in 2007. The firm’s concentration is on principal protection, stable income, and high-yield investments. From extensive underwriting and lending experience, dedication to truthfulness, and outstanding customer service, StoneTree Financial provides borrowers with advantageous resolutions to their capital needs. When considering each individual loan request, StoneTree’s mindset is to “see what others have seen, but think what others have not.” StoneTree has never had to foreclose on a property and/or file a single notice of default. They specialize in financing commercial real estate loans in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

During his thirty plus years of real estate lending experience with companies like Commercial Bank of San Francisco and Pontes Financial Group, Frank L. Sanders, CEO, has participated in financing well over $300 million in real estate projects. With decades of experience in the mortgage banking and commercial real estate fields, he has been integral to StoneTree’s development as a company and implementation of strict underwriting standards. Frank Sanders is a member of the Bay Area Mortgage Bankers Association and the California Mortgage Bankers Association, and he holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration from Utah State University.

StoneTree’s commercial loan options include bridge loans, commercial purchase, commercial refinance, construction loans, equity financing, and non recourse loans (considered). They underwrite, structure and fund projects from $400,000 to $5 million dollars.

Property types that StoneTree Financial lends on include agricultural use, apartment (5-20 units and 21+ units), auto services, bed & breakfast, campground/RV park, carwash, church, condo conversion, convenience store with gas, day care center, development (residential and commercial), dry cleaner, educational center, equipment financing, funeral home, gas station, golf course, health care/assisted living, hospital, hotel condo, hotel/motel, investment condo, land, laundromat, light industrial, marina (lake and ocean access), marina with gas (lake and ocean access), mixed use, mobile home park, multi family (2-4 units and 5+ units), office, office condo, parking garage, restaurant, retail, rooming house, self storage, single family residence, townhome/residential condo, warehouse, warehouse condo, working capital. showcases thousands of incredible businesses in more than 300 industry categories that are located in over 100 major U.S. cities. The Outstanding Local Business Award (OLBA) is given to locally-owned and operated businesses in recognition of their services to the local community and have met all of the Criteria listed on

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