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San Antonio's diverse population, rich cultural history and growing opportunities make it a great city to live in or relocate to. Downtown is bustling with well-known tourist attractions like the River Walk and the Alamo, and the city has a lively arts & entertainment community, including the Blue Star Arts Complex. San Antonio residents have a variety of housing options to choose from, including downtown lofts, historic San Antonio neighborhoods, or in one of the many new communities in the expanding region.

Living in San Antonio means you can take advantage of the small neighborhood vibe, while still enjoying all the amenities of living in a major city. With its close proximity to Mexico, San Antonio has a prolific infusion of Tex-Mex cultures and experesses its multiculturalism in art, cuisine and entertainment options.

If you're already a resident or thinking about moving here, check out this guide to information about schools, neighborhoods, local government and other important resources.

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