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550 KTSA - AM Radio

550 KTSA - AM Radio

4050 Eisenhauer Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218   Directions

(210) 654-5100

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Jenny Cavnar makes MLB history with Rockies-Padres play-by-play call
04/26/2018 9:33pm

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) —  Jenny Cavnar has had a long-running career in Major League Baseball, but […] The post Jenny Cavnar makes MLB history with Rockies-Padres play-by-play call appeared first on KTSA.

White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar improving
04/26/2018 7:33pm

David Banks/Getty Images(CHICAGO) — Chicago White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar is improving after undergoing surgery […] The post White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar improving appeared first on KTSA.

“Peeping Tom” loose in western Bexar Co.
04/26/2018 6:02pm

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office needs you help identifying a "peeping tom". The post “Peeping Tom” loose in western Bexar Co. appeared first on KTSA.

Serena Williams dishes on being a new mom and “being” herself in upcoming HBO docu-series, “Being Serena”
04/26/2018 6:00pm

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) — Thanks to her daughter Olympia, Tennis star Serena Williams says she’s […] The post Serena Williams dishes on being a new mom and “being” herself in upcoming HBO docu-series, “Being Serena” appeared first on KTSA.

Cuellar, Hurd withdraw amendment pushing for nonstop flights from San Antonio to DC
04/26/2018 5:26pm

San Antonio area congressmen Will Hurd and Henry Cuellar have withdrawn an amendment to allow flights from Reagan National Airport (DCA) in the Washington, DC, area to San Antonio and San Diego. The post Cuellar, Hurd withdraw amendment pushing for nonstop flights from San Antonio to DC appeared first on KTSA.



4335 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78229   Directions

Phone:(210) 366-1129

News Tipline:(210) 442-6397

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5400 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78229   Directions

Phone:(210) 366-5000

News Tipline:(210) 366-2002

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501 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX 78215   Directions

(210) 270-9000

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4335 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78229   Directions

(210) 366-1129

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1408 N St Mary's St
San Antonio, TX 78215   Directions

(210) 351-1200

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Chase involving DPS trooper leads to crash, arrest
04/27/2018 1:01am

A chase that involved a Texas DPS trooper ended with a crash and an arrest late Thursday night on the Northwest Side.Authorities said the chase started in the Boerne area and reached speeds of 100 miles per hour.A DPS trooper attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver fled.The trooper and the other vehicle crashed in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 at UTSA Boulevard.The DPS trooper was reportedly not injured. The driver and a female passenger were arrested and taken to the hospital.Authorities said the driver had warrants out of Kansas.

Leptospirosis death inspiring fight to create travel law
04/26/2018 10:46pm

It was the honeymoon of their dreams, but while swimming in the Blue Hole in Jamaica, Elizabeth McAninich says her husband Chris contracted Leptospirosis, a bacteria that can live in fresh water and is spread through animal waste.Less than two months after getting married, Chris was dead."His death was definitely not in vain, and I refuse to let it be." McAninch said. Since our story aired, it's reached others nationwide. Some who visited the Blue Hole and came back with the same flu-like symptoms caused by leptospirosis. Shawna Simmons' husband was one of them. "I've shared your story at least 1,000 times." Simmons said. Back in February, Simmons and her husband Teddy left Maryland to go to Jamaica with eight other couples. It was Teddy's 50th birthday celebration. "On our third day we went to the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios," Simmons said. When the couples returned home, six of the men including Teddy, were sick. "Fever started out with 104.5 everybody went to the doctor, you have the flu, you have the flu," Simmons said. But Flu treatment was unsuccessful. "My husband was having problems breathing. A few days later, they put him on some medicine, they thought it was pneumonia. His headache was so bad he couldn't lift his head off the pillow." Simmons said. Simmons searched online and came across our story. She showed it to the doctors.The doctors began treating the men for leptospirosis with the antibiotic Doxycycline.All six recovered. Now Simmons and McAninch have teamed up to spread awareness. "Every week I go on Trip Advisor and I warn anyone who's been in the Blue Hole, that this is what's happened." Simmons said."We're definitely going to keep going, the ultimate goal is to get the laws changed," McAninch said. McAninch is hoping to create Chris' law which would include mandatory alerts for travelers going to places where there have been reports of life-threatening pathogens.

Mother speaks out after daughter fatally shot by boyfriend at NE Side apartment
04/26/2018 10:39pm

A mother wants to raise awareness about domestic violence in relationships after her daughter was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend.Cameron Roby confessed to accidentally killing his girlfriend Adrienne Dameron.San Antonio police determined the shooting was not an accident and arrested him for murder.Dameron's mother, Gail Dameron, said she had no idea Roby could do something like that."We knew him," said Dameron. "He seemed like a good guy. He would always say 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am' and he was so polite."Neighbors at the Park on Goldfield Apartments where the shooting took place said they had a different perspective of Roby."They were always arguing on a daily basis," said a neighbor. "They would be screaming and it would be so loud. We always knew abuse was happening. We never saw it but we heard it all the time."That neighbor said she heard them arguing before she went to work Thursday morning.Now she said she is just sad nothing was done sooner to stop the shooting from happening."I feel bad because I should have done something," said the neighbor. "We all should have said something. That could have prevented all of this from happening. It just should have never gone that far." Police said an argument is what led to the shooting. Dameron said she was at work when she got the devastating news from her grandson."He told me he saw Cameron being walked down the stairs in handcuffs so he ran upstairs to the apartment and when he ran up the stairs he saw his mother dead in the living room bleeding from the head," said Dameron. "He told me he just started hitting Cameron before the police pulled him off of him. He is not in a good place right now."Before Thursday, Dameron said she never suspected Roby of being abusive but she realizes her daughter was trying to hide that from her."She had a black eye and she was always fighting but she just said she got into a fight with a girl. But her daughter told me that he hit her but she told us 'we couldn't tell you,'" said Dameron.She now believes the shooting was no accident at all."The guy that was in there when this all happened said he saw Cameron load a clip into a gun," said Dameron. "You don't load an automatic weapon with a clip and accidentally shoot somebody. That does not happen. I was in the military. Then she was holding his 5-month-old baby at the time when he shot her so how could that be an accident?"She said her daughter was on drugs for a while but was finally turning her life around. "She just got a job at the 7-Eleven," said Dameron. "She was even reconnecting with her kids. She had gotten real close to her 16-year-old helping her get through high school." Now that her daughter is gone, she wants her bruises to be a lesson to others."If you know somebody getting hurt," said Dameron. "Tell somebody. Call them anonymously but tell somebody."



12451 Network Blvd Ste 140
San Antonio, TX 78249   Directions

(210) 610-4141


San Antonio Business Journal

San Antonio Business Journal

200 E Grayson St Ste 110
San Antonio, TX 78215   Directions

(210) 341-3202

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Congressmen pull amendment that sought to enable SA-to-DC flights
04/26/2018 6:49pm

Two South Texas congressman behind proposed legislation to permit nonstop flights between San Antonio International Airport and Regan National Airport next to Washington, D.C., decided Thursday in the 11th hour to postpone their efforts. U.S. Reps. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, and Will Hurd, R-San Antonio, in the afternoon withdrew their amendment — to the Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act — that sought to remove a long-standing rule that has prevented such service from occurring. The lawmakers…

SA residential construction starts on a hot streak
04/26/2018 4:55pm

San Antonio residential construction starts in March were up 35 percent from the previous March, while nonresidential starts were down 24 percent over the same period. March 2018 saw $296.9 million in residential starts, up from $220.2 million a year ago, according to the latest construction starts report by Dodge Data & Analytics. Residential starts include single-family and multifamily developments. At the same time, nonresidential construction starts were down 24 percent in March, falling to…

Cullen/Frost sets sights on business loans under $10M
04/26/2018 4:43pm

Frost Bank's parent company leader told the Business Journal that the company continues its focus on smaller, more diverse loans for its growing portfolio, which was a factor for its double-digit profit increase this quarter.

Phil Green and the future of Frost Bank
04/26/2018 4:08pm

The bank is focused on staying independent and carving its own path in a market as more facets of banking lean toward decisions based on price, rather than relationships.

New Braunfels and Seguin team for workforce development
04/26/2018 1:42pm

As more communities in the San Antonio area seek to woo companies, they are also pursuing the training needed to develop more talent. The latest examples are New Braunfels and Seguin, two areas ripe for economic wins, which are teaming on such an effort. The Seguin Economic Development Corp. and the New Braunfels Industrial Development Corp. have joined with Workforce Solutions Alamo to fund more than $130,000 in equipment for computer numerical control training at the Central Texas Technology Center.…

San Antonio Current

San Antonio Current

915 Dallas St
San Antonio, TX 78215   Directions

(210) 227-0044

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Cullum's Attaboy Sees The Light, Moves to Southtown to Serve Lunch
04/26/2018 3:12pm

After three years of catering to the appetites of the St. Mary's Strips hungriest bar-goers, Cullum's Attaboy has moved south. Now found in front of Small Planet eBikes, Southtown's newest bike shop, Attaboy received a few upgrades and new shine, and with it new menu items. The truck joins Sweetpea trailer by Estate Coffee Co.…

Synth Pioneer Gary Numan to Land in San Antonio for September Date
04/26/2018 2:59pm

For many, Gary Numan's name dredges up memories of "Cars," his herky-jerky early '80s earworm. But the synth-rock trailblazer has a far deeper catalog, as he'll likely prove when he zooms into the Paper Tiger for a newly announced September 8 performance.…

Downtown Cocktail Bar Closes This Weekend, But Throwing Three Parties First
04/26/2018 2:12pm

It's the last hurrah for the Last Word. The Houston Street bar, opened by The Boulevardier Group in late 2014, will close out more than three years in business with three days' worth of parties.…

Southwest School of Art Unveils Collective Senior Thesis Exhibition
04/26/2018 12:44pm

With San Antonio’s Tricentennial inspiring deeper looks into myriad aspects of our city — from its multilayered history to its evolution and enduring landmarks — the Southwest School of Art stands out as a local treasure that’s adapted with changing times.…

Twitter Dogpiles a Trolling Brad Parscale Over His Anti-Nirenberg Rants
04/26/2018 12:04pm

Twitter just handed Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale a steaming shovelful of shit over his tweetstorm against Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Parscale — who appears to have a running bet with convicted felon Sen. Carlos Uresti over who can become the bigger embarrassment to the city — unleashed a two-day Twitter barrage taunting Nirenberg for not aggressively pursuing the 2020 Republican Convention. Naturally, there were plenty of tweets defending Parscale (replete with the requisite #MAGAs and predictable attacks on City Manager's Sheryl Sculley's paycheck).…