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The North Texas Panhandle is a gathering of so many different elements. The rustic, time-weathered Palo Duro Canyon, commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of Texas, anchors not only the natural beauty of the region, but it stands as a reminder of everything that came before and how it leads to the present moment.

If you look closely, those arresting rock formations have taken thousands of years to look like they do today. That time-honored tradition can be said for the city of Amarillo itself. Amarillo Skyline

One iconic figure that is looked upon with reverence is that of the cowboy, who over two hundred years ago roamed this land to make a new life for himself and those he loved. The dual spirits of survival and pursuit of excellence are very much alive in Amarillo's always-vibrant business community, its multidimensional art and entertainment scene, and its outdoor attractions and natural beauty.

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