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The city of Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, and the heart of the Milwaukee-Racine-Waukesha Metropolitan area. Experience the unique blend of old-world charm and new-world vigor that has come to define Milwaukee. Originally inhabited by Algonquian tribes, this area was later settled by French missionaries and fur traders in 1818. Inhabitants of Milwaukee and Wisconsin have given the city a variety of nicknames including Brew City, Cream City, Mil Town, The City of Festivals and The Wauk.

Once a brewing and manufacturing powerhouse, nowadays this urban hub has grown into an economic and cultural center. Milwaukee and its suburbs house 14 Fortune 1,000 companies and rank fifth nationally in terms of Fortune 500 headquarters. Although Miller remains as the only major brewery in the city, the legacy as Brew City is visible in the popular beer halls and taverns.

Milwaukee is also home to a range of museums-art, science and history. The rich historical ties are reflected in many of the city's festivals. Due to the large amount of immigrants who settled in Milwaukee over the years, many of the festivals reflect certain ethnic, cultural and historical themes.

Mil Town has a high youth population, with over a dozen colleges. Ranked as the 6th largest college city in the US and Canada, there are plenty of activities and nightlife to keep these students entertained. Because it is located near Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is also popular among those looking for some cool outdoors summer fun. Count on snow and ice during the winter months, and bring out your parkas and ice skates.

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