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Montgomery may be the second largest city in Alabama, but it is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to serving up some genuine southern hospitality! This is a place where people are always happy to welcome you with a smile as you are drawn into the city's unmistakable charm. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the area's various outdoor activities, recreational areas and parks that are the scenes of many get-togethers and celebrations.

But despite that good-natured vibe, Montgomery has been the scene of several pivotal moments in our nation's history. The battle cry that began the Civil War and Rosa Parks' defiant decision to not give up her seat on the bus that eventually led to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement are perhaps the two most significant historical events that have taken place here. Those events, as well as the various results of their occurrence, are preserved in great detail in the city's many museums, historical places and art galleries that offer visitors a chance to view this compelling history in new and different ways. In retrospect, the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement have made Montgomery a place where change, no matter how dramatically difficult, has led the way to a better quality of life. And the many lives that have been affected by those events here are countless.

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