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Spokane's detailed, historic architecture echoes with the pride and foresight of the Native Americans who settled in this area hundreds of years ago. Even though they didn't actually build the structures that are part of the city's stunning skyline, their pursuit of a better life is still very much in evidence in the city's forward-looking attitude. Those natives christened the city "Spokane," which translates to "Children of the Sun," and that is a highly appropriate name considering the beauty of all of the breathtaking outdoor activities that the area offers. From kayaking to fishing to golfing to hitting the many trails either on foot or on a bike, there is always a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in Spokane.

The city has also developed a very cosmopolitan reputation, as the many restaurants and shopping venues are considered to be some of the best in the country. That level of excellence also extends to the area's nightlife, which offers everything from laid-back sports bars to some of the glitziest nightclubs anywhere. So whether the sun is up or the sun is down, you'll never be at a loss to find something to do in Spokane, a highly distinguished jewel of a city in the Inland Northwest.

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Spokane, WA
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