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1201 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 448-6000

Worker killed when Missouri public TV tower collapses
04/19/2018 3:54pm

Officials say a maintenance worker died when a Missouri television station tower collapsed and he became trapped under a tangle of metal and wires.

Army considers 15 cities for home of new Futures Command
04/19/2018 3:37pm

By The Associated Press

News Minute: Here is the latest Washington news from The Associated Press at 11:40 a.m. PDT
06/08/2017 1:45pm

The Washington State Patrol is investigating after a Washington State University student says she was sexually assaulted by a law enforcement officer in March. The Spokesman Review reports that two police sergeants are...

WSU, Pullman sergeants under investigation
04/19/2018 1:45pm

The Washington State Patrol is investigating after a Washington State University student says she was sexually assaulted by a law enforcement officer in March.

Democratic House candidate in 5th District releases taxes
04/19/2018 10:45am

Democratic U.S. House candidate Lisa Brown and her husband owed $69,487 in federal taxes last year.



4103 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223   Directions

(509) 448-2000

Body found in Spokane River
01/26/2016 11:37am

The Spokane Fire Department is currently involved in a water recovery mission near the Monroe Street Bridge.        

Post Falls man sentenced to life for killing wife and child
01/26/2016 10:36am

A man will spend the rest of his life in prison for strangling his wife and her daughter in Post Falls.        

What makes Spokane super to you?
01/19/2016 1:21pm

Tell us what makes Spokane SUPER to you!        

Police search for 2 men tied to desert shooting in Idaho
01/26/2016 9:47am

Police have arrested one person and are looking for two more connected to a shooting in the Idaho desert.        

New Spokane Cryotherapy business freezes away your pain
01/26/2016 8:50am

A new business in Spokane is helping people freeze away their pain, one session at a time.        



3911 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223   Directions

(504) 437-800



500 W Boone
Spokane, WA   Directions

(509) 324-4000

Army considers 15 cities for home of new Futures Command
04/19/2018 3:43pm

The Army says it's considering 15 cities for the headquarters of its planned Futures Command, which will keep track of emerging technology and innovations that could be used in warfighting.The Army notified the cities this week and asked for detailed information.The contenders are Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; Philadelphia; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Diego; San Francisco; and Seattle.The Army says the headquarters should be near universities and technology companies. It says the host city should have workforce expertise in biomedicine, chemistry, computer hardware and software, electronics, materials and mechanical systems.The Army hasn't said when it would choose a city.It would be the fourth command-level operation in the Army. Officials say it's the most significant reorganization since 1973. ]]>

Target launches same-day delivery service in Spokane
04/19/2018 3:08pm

Target launched Shipt, their same-day delivery service, in Spokane Thursday.Shipt is a membership-based delivery service that allows members to shop in-store products online. Target acquired the service last December. Residents in Spokane can now have their groceries, electronics, home goods, toys, and more delivered from Target within the Shipt app. Shipt also plans to add 1,150 Shipt shoppers to the Northwest area, who will help with selecting, bagging, and delivering each order.You can find more information on Shipt here. ]]>

Valley man killed in crash on SR395
04/19/2018 2:57pm

A Valley man was killed Thursday morning after his vehicle left the roadway on SR395, rolled, and landed in a creek.Gary V. Peck, 71, was driving northbound on SR395 at MP 223, four miles south of Colville, when his vehicle left the roadway, rolling to the west and landing in a creek.Peck was pronounced deceased at the scene. ]]>

Retirement readiness: Hitting the retirement preparation sweet spot
04/19/2018 2:21pm

(BPT) - A recent study by the Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College suggests an alarming state of awareness about retirement readiness: Of surveyed households, 33 percent realize they are not well prepared, 19 percent are not well prepared but don't know it, and 24 percent are well prepared but don't know it.For the Americans at risk of not being able to maintain an adequate retirement lifestyle, it's critical to take action. For the households that are well prepared and don't know it, they risk sacrificing a comfortable retirement. Understanding the behaviors associated with good retirement planning, in turn, can help you get a better sense of where you stand. Consider the following behaviors, which are more likely to be modeled by those who are well prepared for retirement.Asset accumulationA high-level approach to ensuring adequate retirement assets is to save a minimum of 10 percent of your gross income each year. You may need to save even more depending on your asset accumulation goals and how many years you have left to save before retirement.If you would rather have a dollar goal, multiply your annual income goal by 25 to arrive at the amount you should try to save. For example, if after considering Social Security and any pension payment, you want $30,000 more of annual income in retirement, you will need to save $750,000. Lower goals mean you need to withdraw at a faster rate and increase the risk you will deplete your assets too soon.BudgetingNot all budgets need to detail specific spending items. Rather, you can consider yourself working within a budget if you know that each year you are saving and not creating new debt (and paying off legacy debt for your education or home). If you want to squeeze out more savings, a line-by-line review of spending may well be fruitful.Personal debtMany of us are saddled with personal debt from college and graduate school. This debt has become so burdensome that the customary progression to home ownership has been delayed for many. The debt has also had a domino effect on the ability to save for retirement. Paying down personal debt should be job one. Other personal debt, such as for a car purchase, should be avoided, minimized or paid down as quickly as possible. Credit card debt, which carries high interest rates, should be avoided entirely. Remember, each dollar of debt limits your ability to save for the future.Mortgage debtIt used to be commonly accepted that you pay off your mortgage before retirement, but more and more retirees are entering retirement with mortgage debt. The old rule remains the best approach, since any indebtedness in retirement will limit your ability to react and adjust to poor investment return on your assets.Social SecurityWith traditional pension plans less commonly offered by employers, Social Security has become an even more important source of guaranteed lifetime retirement income. By waiting to age 70, you can increase the benefit payment significantly, which is also the base for annual Social Security cost-of-living increases for the rest of your life. That increased Social Security benefit may also increase the benefit that a surviving spouse will receive after you die. Unless you have a health care issue that could reduce your life expectancy and no spouse who might need a spousal benefit based on your earnings record, claiming Social Security early is the greatest retirement planning mistake made.Health careHealth care is the single greatest cost in retirement, and various studies estimate the cost to be $250,000 or more for a healthy 65-year-old couple. The cost of health care will be even greater to the extent one retires before age 65 and Medicare eligibility. Moreover, health care costs can vary and may come sooner than expected. The best plan, then, is to work until at least age 65 and understand that health care is a unique challenge in retirement. To the extent possible, utilize Health Savings Accounts and bank any unused amounts annually to build up a tax-free health care fund for retirement.Income planningNo later than 10 years before your planned retirement, you should be translating your retirement assets into an annual or monthly retirement income stream. Start with your Social Security and any pension plan payments as your income base, and then consider how much income your other assets can safely generate. Depending on this analysis, you may want to consider purchasing an annuity to make more of your retirement income guaranteed and avoid the twin risks of poor investment return and living longer than expected.Consider also that many of your retirement assets have an embedded tax liability. You will need to look through your retirement assets to determine after-tax income, since your food, rent and cable bills are paid with after-tax money. Only by seeing your after-tax income can you decide if you have enough to live on.Annual financial wellness check-upsDuring your early working years, you are likely to be focused on debt reduction and asset accumulation. As you get closer to retirement, you will need to focus on the strategies associated with Social Security, health care and income generation. At all times you should annually revisit your goals and make adjustments, as needed, to how much and where you are saving, how much you are spending, how aggressively you are investing, and when your target retirement date is.Modeling such behaviors will make it more likely you will be well prepared for retirement. By doing so you will also make it more likely that you are properly assessing the state of your retirement readiness and not over- or underestimating your financial health. Source: BrandPoint Content ]]>

Washington State Court of Appeals upholds felony assault convictions in two cases
04/19/2018 2:21pm

The Washington State Court of Appeals confirmed convictions in two different Felony Assault cases from Whitman County Thursday.In the first case, the defendant, Mark Nyutu, had hit a bouncer on the head with a broken beer bottle at a Pullman nightclub when the bouncer tried to get him to leave. The bouncer was seriously injured. Nyutu was convicted of the felony assault, but he argued to the court of appeals that he hadn't been given sufficient Miranda warnings when he was arrested.The court of appeals upheld the conviction.In the second case, Kye Allery had been convicted of felony assault for spitting on an officer after he was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. He argued on appeal that the judge had not properly instructed the jury on the law that applied to his case. The court of appeals also upheld Allery's conviction.Allery has been in prison since his conviction last year, and will continue to serve out his sentence. ]]>

The Pacific Northwest Inlander

The Pacific Northwest Inlander

1227 W Summit Pkwy
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 325-0634

As bongs improve, who can forget these three improv classics?
04/19/2018 3:30am

As the cannabis industry and community grow and mature, so do the ways we enjoy a smoke session.…

What is cross fading?
04/12/2018 3:30am

Now that the weather is warming up and you can tolerate being outside after sundown for more than five minutes, patio season welcomes a certain dilemma to those who partake in both the pleasures of libations and cannabis. At many a bar fire pit, you'll strike up an innocuous conversation with strangers and then, out of nowhere, the plastic tube comes out and they offer you a major variable to the rest of your evening: a pre-roll.…

Central Washington: epicenter of world-changing technology or ground zero for Bitcoin's epic fail
04/12/2018 3:30am

In a gray warehouse tucked behind a tavern off one of the main drags in downtown Wenatchee, Malachi Salcido gets settled in his office, where a wall of computer monitors allows him to split his attention between live feeds of construction sites, photos of his family and websites tracking the real-time value of cryptocurrencies and their exchanges.…

47 good, bad and ugly ideas to reduce gun violence and save lives
04/05/2018 3:30am

Here's the good news: America, overall, is a much less violent place than it used to be.…

Recipe: Weed-infused bacon banana muffins
04/05/2018 3:30am

What this recipe has going for it — bacon, banana, Blueberry Blast — could and probably should be emphasized with all the intensity of Jim from The Office pretending to be Dwight Schrute, coining the phrase, "Bears.…

The Spokesman-Review

The Spokesman-Review

999 W Riverside Ave
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 459-5000