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1201 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 448-6000



4103 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223   Directions

(509) 448-2000

Body found in Spokane River
01/26/2016 11:37am

The Spokane Fire Department is currently involved in a water recovery mission near the Monroe Street Bridge.

Post Falls man sentenced to life for killing wife and child
01/26/2016 10:36am

A man will spend the rest of his life in prison for strangling his wife and her daughter in Post Falls.

What makes Spokane super to you?
01/19/2016 1:21pm

Tell us what makes Spokane SUPER to you

Police search for 2 men tied to desert shooting in Idaho
01/26/2016 9:47am

Police have arrested one person and are looking for two more connected to a shooting in the Idaho desert.

New Spokane Cryotherapy business freezes away your pain
01/26/2016 8:50am

A new business in Spokane is helping people freeze away their pain, one session at a time.



3911 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223   Directions

(504) 437-800



500 W Boone
Spokane, WA   Directions

(509) 324-4000

A good weekend to Netflix and Tidy Up!
01/18/2019 9:09pm

The world is going bonkers this meteorologist included over the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If youre itching to clean your closets, organize your sock drawer, or fold your shirts so they stand upright, it will be a good weekend to stay indoors and nest Or, you could do some binge watching if youre not that ambitious. Expect rain to start the day on Saturday. It will be a mild and breezy day with a chance of showers in the afternoon. Theres more wet weather on the way for Sunday, but we could see some snow mixing in with the rain, especially in the morning. Sunday will be cooler with highs in the mid 30s.

WSU students create robot to help dementia patients
01/18/2019 9:06pm

What if there was a robot created so people with dementia can live a life without a caregiver Thats what a group of Washington State University students are creating right now.The Robot Activity Support system, also called RAS, has been in the works for years. RAS stands several feet tall and can travel over flooring with a motor. Its also topped with a camera and has a tablet interface feature.The robot was created by WSU graduate students and lives in a smart apartment. The apartment looks no different from any other. Its fully furnished, it just has some technical additions that helps RAS do its job.Thats outfitted with a bunch of sensors. Theres sensors on the ceiling, theres video cameras in each room, said Nisha Roghunath, co-creator of RAS.Those sensors communicate with RAS to tell it where residents are in the home, and what they need. RAS works with the home to act as a caregiver for someone who deals with memory loss.It is actually designed to recognize the activity patterns in their home, as well as learn to recognize and intervene when a person makes a mistake, Roghunath said.What makes RAS unique is it adapts to your routines, and reminds you about the little things dementia patients may struggle with - something not available on the market yet.If I were to forget to take food with meds, I would start by just picking up my water cup, Roghunath said.Immediately, RAS knew shes forgetting something, and comes over. The tablet on RAS lights up and has several options. You can either watch a full video tutorial of the activity, or just the part you missed. You can also ask RAS to take you to the item or the part of the task you forgot.I could perhaps watch a video of the entire task, Roghunath said.In this scenario, the video walks you through the whole process of taking your meds to show you what youve forgotten.Now, I remember. Ive got to go get my snack. So I come over here, I grab my snack. Then I come over here to the tablet - and I get to say, I did it, Roghunath said.RAS can also help you with other everyday tasks, like watering the plants or walking the dog.RASs creators said the robots purpose is all about improving quality of life.We want them to be able to live independently in their homes and be able to do their daily activities without necessarily having to get a caregiver or having to move to a nursing home, said Bryan Minor, co-creator of RAS.You dont realize how much this could help someone until you put into the context of - yeah, this could be in someones home and thats going to be nuts, Roghunath said.RAS has been tested on nearly 60 research participants so far. RASs creators said the hope is that the robot eventually makes it to market. However, they have several more steps before they get to that point. They need to test on more participants, moreso people that fit the target audience. Theyd also like RAS to have a few adjustments, including adding an attachment - like an arm - to improve efficiency. Get your weather forecast from people that actually live in your community. We update with short, easy-to-use video forecasts you can watch on your phone every day. Download the iOS or Android app here.

'Sit-and-lie' ordinance to be reinforced again starting Feb. 8
01/18/2019 9:19pm

The previously suspended Sit and Lie ordinance is scheduled to be reinforced again starting Feb. 8.Sit and Lie, as stated in the Spokane municipal code, makes it so individuals cannot sit or lie on sidewalks in blankets, chairs, etc. It also states that individuals cannot lie in front of entrances to buildings, parking lots, etc. To read the full ordinance, click here.Spokane City Council originally suspended the ordinance in November, citing that there were not enough beds in Spokane to aid the homeless, therefore police should not be enforcing Sit and Lie unless the individuals have somewhere to go. Spokane police refuted the Councils claim, stating that officers do not enforce the ordinance if there is no shelter space.Spokane Mayor David Condon also voiced his concerns when the ordinance was first suspended. In a letter to the Council in December of 2018, he explained that although more individuals may be cited for violating Sit and Lie, they would be referred to the Community Court, which could lead them to services. Condon also said in the letter than the emergency suspension of the ordinance was unnecessary and in fact caused confusion to our most vulnerable citizens and our city staff.After more warming shelters were approved and opened this winter, the City announced that they would reinstate the ordinance at the beginning of February, since they had exceeded the additional 200 beds that were required.According to a letter from City Administrator Theresa Sanders, the city now has a total of 1,125 spaces to offer for emergency shelter. Get your weather forecast from people that actually live in your community. We update with short, easy-to-use video forecasts you can watch on your phone every day. Download the iOS or Android app here.

Road reopened after Coeur d'Alene funeral home fire
01/18/2019 8:49pm

UPDATE: The roadway is now clear.The Coeur dAlene Fire Department is reporting a fire at English Funeral Home, that is currently blocking 4th Street northbound, south of Harrison Avenue.They are warning residents to avoid the area. Get your weather forecast from people that actually live in your community. We update with short, easy-to-use video forecasts you can watch on your phone every day. Download the iOS or Android app here.

Bring your pooches for latest C.O.P.S. crime fighting venture
01/18/2019 8:36pm

Paws on Patrol, is the latest crime fighting venture from Spokanes Community Oriented Policing Services, or C.O.P.S.As you might have guessed, you get to fight crime with your pooch.If you are out walking around your neighborhood anyway, lets train you up for what to look out for and how to report it, said Patrick Striker, the Executive Director of C.O.P.S. So much of the crime that happens is stuff that people saw, but didnt know to be on the lookout for.Volunteers already working the program say the concept is simple.Less stuff tends to happen if people know you are watching, said Barb Silvey, who was out with her dog Dexter.She says when you are out and about with your dog, you can take the time and experience things in ways that uniformed officers cant. In this case, she is operating as the forces eyes and ears, in a location she knows well.She knows what cars in the neighborhood might be abandoned, which houses might be empty and shouldnt have people in and out of them, or just who is apart of the areas usual crowd.On Fridays trial with KXLY in the West Central neighborhood, she went by A.M. Cannon park to scan the slides and jungle gym for needles and other dangerous objects. It was clear someone had been sleeping underneath them.I would report this to code enforcement, she said.Big picture, it also just brings the neighborhood together, explained Striker.It empowers people, we want you to feel like you have the tools you need, he said.Volunteers would report anything the see out of the usual to a C.O.P.S. shops and then they would pass the information to the proper Spokane Police Department Neighborhood Resource Officer to get it handled or on the forces radar.Training involves an hour long orientation, and then a guided walk with a C.O.P.S. employee or experienced volunteer, and you can do walks as little or as often as you like.More information on the program can be found by clicking here. Get your weather forecast from people that actually live in your community. We update with short, easy-to-use video forecasts you can watch on your phone every day. Download the iOS or Android app here.

The Pacific Northwest Inlander

The Pacific Northwest Inlander

1227 W Summit Pkwy
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 325-0634

A WSU researcher lived with grizzly bears in Alaska. She came away convinced humans and grizzlies can coexist
01/17/2019 3:30am

A small seaplane drops her off and flies back toward civilization, leaving Joy Erlenbach there among the bears and the wild.

A guide to utilizing your leftover cannabis
01/17/2019 3:00am

The most common and easiest option for those looking to use up leftover cannabis say, stems or leftover shake, parts of flower that have broken off buds is to make some infused tea.

The visionary trying to reinvent the old Ridpath faces a criminal indictment; what that means for the project and the people already living there
01/10/2019 3:30am

One wouldnt exactly describe the exterior of the Ridpath the beat-up hotel in downtown Spokane thats being renovated into apartments as vibrant or appealing.

Hemp is getting legalized; why that's good for cannabis
12/27/2018 3:30am

It wasnt supposed to happen. No way cannabis supporters would advance their cause with Donald Trump in the White House and Jeff Sessions leading the Justice Department.

The unlikely resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons makes its way to the Inland Northwest
12/20/2018 3:30am

Nearly 45 years after its creation, a fantasy game played with paper, pencil and dice is having its biggest year yet in the Inland Northwest and around the globe On a late summer morning, the Adrian family is investigating a cultist hideout when a fight breaks out.

The Spokesman-Review

The Spokesman-Review

999 W Riverside Ave
Spokane, WA 99201   Directions

(509) 459-5000

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