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2021 Christmas Message from President-CEO

Can Christmas be a season of great joy?

By: Jacqueline Romanczyk | Dec 2021

Jacqueline Romanczyk, President-CEO Jacqueline Romanczyk, President-CEO

What does Christmas mean to you?

For many of us, Christmas seems to be a time of sorrow. Maybe it's because we don't have the extra money to buy presents for all of our loved ones, children, family, and friends. Many of us experience sadness at Christmastime when we think of loved ones who will not be able to come home for various reasons or who may have passed away. Turkey dinners may be only a wish and not a reality.

I encourage everyone to consider Christmas as being a season of great joy. It CAN BE, because God has shown His great love for us, and this CAN BE a time of healing and renewed strength.

Christmas is when God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to be born. Jesus's birth brought great joy to the world. The prophets foretold of His coming hundreds of years before. Shepherds, wise men, and angels all knew that this was no ordinary baby.

Why did Jesus come to this sometimes cruel and hard world? God sent His Son to us so that one day we could be a part of His Story, that is one of truth, love, and hope. Jesus brought salvation to all of us. If we believe that Jesus died for our sins, we can ask Him to come into our hearts and forgive us. Then, we are clean, made whole, and have peace even in the most difficult times.

We can truly be happy at Christmas when we talk to God and ask Him to give us the grace to move through the challenges that are brought about during the holiday season. Some of those feelings include despair, greed, anxiety, selfishness, and many more that are not from our Loving and Heavenly Father. No matter what may be happening, let us have joy in our hearts, wisdom from above, gratitude for our blessings, and compassion for all. We are all children of God.

May the joy and peace last throughout the year as we look to God for all our needs to be met.

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season! Let us Rejoice!

Jacqueline Romanczyk, President-CEO

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