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Welcome to the Capital City—Saint Paul, Minnesota—that is not only known as the "most livable city in America," but also serves as the state capital, although the adjoining Minneapolis is actually a bit larger. Together the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, known popularly as the Twin Cities, comprises the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America.

Saint Paul began as a trading and transportation center, but started developing as a city after Pierre "Pig’s Eye" Parrant set up the first tavern in the region. This Saintly City rose to prominence after being named the capital city of Minnesota in 1849, and remains the hub of political activity in the state to this day.

However, the economy of Saint Paul no longer relies on the trade of furs and transportation to other cities. Nowadays, Saint Paul specializes in the trade of wholesale and retail goods as well as manufacturing, services and government. Popular companies that have headquarters in Saint Paul include Ecolab, 3M Company, St. Jude Medical and the Ford Motor Company, among others. The State of Minnesota and the US Government contain the largest number of Saint Paul employees. The other biggest employers in the city include Target Corp, the University of Minnesota, Wells Fargo, Northwest Airlines, Fairview Health Services and Mayo Clinic.

Saint Paul has a unique tie to water. The lakes and rivers surrounding the urban landscape contributed to the city’s history and growth as a port and as a city. Be sure to also check out favorite parks located nea these bodies of water. Take advantage of the lovely summer weather before the snow rolls in winter—and then, break out your parka and sleds.

Aside from a rich history, economy and ties to nature, Saint Paul also offers a wide variety of culture and entertainment for residents and visitors. See unique art pieces, such as the ice sculptures at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, or watch an excellent performance by local acting troupes. And be sure to catch a hockey game before you leave—Saint Paul was declared Hockeytown USA by Sports Illustrated in 2007.

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